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  1. 100% God Of War PS4 

    1. johnnyjh


      i already earned platinum but i just got 100% i had to find some chests in the Witch's Woods 

  2. Slipknot 8/27/19 they were touring with Behemoth , Volbeat ,Gojira , It Was my first Knot Concert. The Bands were incredible it was also my first time seeing all 4 lol . When Slipknot came on they tour the roof off, it was so loud and i was headbanging the whole set, us fans were singing louder than Corey lol. I sang to every song , even the new ones.
  3. Ghost Of Tsushima Platinum Number 101
  4. hi
  5. Assassins Creed II on PS4 . 79th Platinum Trophy I also got the platinum on the ps3 version
  6. Grand Theft Auto III - Platinum Number 77 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Platinum Number 78 PlayStation 4 By The Way
  7. Ether One Platinum Platinum Number 75 Ratchet and Clank PS4 Version Platinum Number 76
  8. Assassins creed unity
  9. For me, its tied between Watch Dogs 1 and Assassins Creed IV Black Flag. Watch Dogs because for so long I was dreading the RNG OF the songs you have to randomly find off random civilians . Assassins Creed because I was stuck on sequence 11 between the ships battles and Rogue waves and the forts shooting at me I was having an impossible time . I was stuck just trying to finish the story. Both games took me 4 years and 7 months to platinum
  10. Slipknot- Purity
  11. The Heretic Anthem- Slipknot on Spotify
  12. I watched Agents Of Shield Season 6 Premiere . Im Obsessed watched all 111 Episodes so far
  13. #61 Burnout Paradise #62 One Word By Powgi