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  1. My Ubisoft platinum trophies are Assassins Creed II ,

    Assassins Creed Black Flag ,, Assassins Creed Syndicate and now Watch Dogs :-)

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    2. johnnyjh


      My Patience with those collectibles was God tier lol . Thank you it was . Thank you everyone . 294 chests in unity . The loading screens , the game freezing , my ps3 and ps4 being loud the whole time. All these platinum requirements are driving me nuts. It takes so long im too dedicated lol

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Out of the three, I unfortunately only played Watch Dogs. One of the best games I've ever played. I also wrote the trophy guide. I have a long way to go with the Assassin's Creed franchise - only played III. 

    4. johnnyjh


      NICE , thats incredible writing a guide . To help people. That must have been extremely tough . i Used so many guides for that game for the songs and everything else. I played Watch Dogs for 17 Straight Hours One day. i am so addicted i also made Aiden $800,000 while hacking all the pedestrians for the final songs lol . The story was really good, its really sad when his family is forced to leave because of him.