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  1. The trophy requirements are pretty much copy>paste from NFS Payback. I have a feeling the whole game will be as well. This should NOT be full price game.
  2. I played both of them and I liked them. Only on disc available but fairly cheap to purchase on ebay. If you are a fan of the movies you will like them. Very easy plats btw.
  3. Cloud gaming is cool and all that (Stadia & PS Now), but I hate relaying on the internet connection to game. Will always prefer to have physical console and play offline when router or internet craps on me.
  4. Far Cry 2 - 0.56% Trackmania Turbo - 0.62% COD Black Ops 3 - 0.80% COD Black Ops 4 - 0.82% COD Black Ops 2 - 0.91%
  5. Nice! I am very exited to hear about this news 😍. I cant wait to get my hands on this game. Wish there is good deal on bundle with all dlcs.
  6. Completed this back in 2016. Had 2 PS3s, 4 controllers and played COOP Arena to get common treasures out of the way and then Hunter Arena. It was most efficient way and I don’t think that certain map or variety of players have any effect on treasure drop.
  7. I have been reading and following forum on this game for a while now in hope to hear its fixed. I have sent email to Dovetail Games few months back asking if they are aware of the issues and if its going to be fixed, but no reply yet. Really sad though as the game looks awesome. ____πŸš… πŸš†
  8. Why and why would they add Hitman 1 list over again in Hitman 2??? Now when I want to play Hitman 2 I have to replay Hitman 1 again 😫
  9. Its coming!
  10. Did you keep track yourself or there is a way to check it?
  11. The guide says that Turn/Battle is 6h long, but timer in the game is 12h. Anyone can confirm which is correct?
  12. Last mission, 2 people, kill few enemies on distance (including gatling gun guys) and then just run up to them and execute R2 (make sure to equip split ammo) after each kill you get 30xp. The rough estimate is that one run takes about 4-5 minutes and you get about 700xp. So far the fastest way to level up.
  13. I'm having same trouble. Spent probably 10h total on looking for woodpecker in different areas including ones mentioned above. I do find the 3 star bird from time to time but Varmint rifle degrades it and with damn Bow you gotta be very close to make a kill.
  14. I'm having the same issue. Not sure if we are doing something wrong or its glitched. Kid just keeps killing himself and I'm unable to draw the gun out.
  15. Just to make sure, it looks like if I start now I will be able to make it since there are about 25 more events available. Will all the events listed be released for sure? Just installed the game and they are all lined up. Awesome, Off to start working towards this then.