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  1. Absolutely, you know it I'll go for 100% 🙂. I'm aware that there were many glitched trophies before, I saw players mentioning that their counters reset if update got released etc. Luckily I'm almost done with two main game maps and no updates were released during that time. Getting Pilgrim trophy is "easy", 10 locations to visit on a map. You can just back up main save, start new game to pop that one. I'm really enjoying this game, its very relaxing. It does require ton of patience and time, but enjoyment of beautiful nature, its sounds and animals overweight the difficulty for me.
  2. Finally after couple of hours of strictly searching spots from the map i have found rabbits. They are super small and hard to spot in the grass compared to Jackrabbit from Layton Lake reserve. Thanks for the maps again @det_gittes, they will come handy going to my next maps now.
  3. Strange indeed. Coming from Layton Lake Reserve I had them on every corner, hearing them, seeing them and everything... then coming to this almost made me think they are not part of the reserve. Thanks for the maps, I see good concentrated area in southeast section of the map, so will visit during those times and hopefully find some.
  4. I have spent approximately 30 hours in Hirschfelden Reserve, completed almost all missions, but I havent seen, heard (warning call, mating call), or found single set of tracks of European Rabbit anywhere. I did found several boroughs and sat there waited at different times of the day and nothing comes out. Was careful to sneak form at least 150m distance and observe, but no luck, not a single spotted one. Anyone has similar issues? It makes me worried something glitched as I need to identify their call, take photo and spot them for a trophy.
  5. Your best bet at this time is to create video like I did and tell them you are unable to play the game. There is no guarantee after reset that it wont glitch again as one player who reached out to me regarding this issue, he ended up creating video (few months ago), they reset his save, but The Extra mile bugged for him again.
  6. @ThatDrunkGuy Not sure how much of a help will be to you but I will share the screenshot of communication once they reset my save file back in 2017. This is when they supported the game. Here is the screenshot: Also here is my video I created making it appear game wouldn't load my save, which forced them to reset my save 2nd time:
  7. Story mode, finish 100 online races, 2 player career run. Not too bad. Looking forward to see what is the story mode all about.
  8. Yes! So happy to see them back with plats.
  9. Not sure how can I provide proof of my account being reset. If they can look up their ticket history from 2017 they can find out I contacted them multiple times. One thing I can show you what I did so they can reset my profile 2nd time is this: I did some video editing and created what appears to be game "not loading" my Save Profile by combining different videos and adding music which made it appear I had the issue and couldn't play the game. I was of course, but they didnt know that and they did reset my account right away. PS if you look closely the loading circle you will see imperfection of video clip transitions.
  10. Like @OBSTINATIO mentioned its totally skill dependent. I managed to complete all 40 events in about 2 weeks completing several events per day, some more some less. Probably took me around 30-40h, cant tell for sure.
  11. Thanks. As I mentioned above, check the "Input Reporting" for R2 button and make sure its at 100% when you press all the way. Turn off all assists except ABS set to 3 and increase the Steering sensitivity to what works best for you, I set it to 100 on gravel and 75 on tarmac.
  12. Just completed ...Flatout trophy today! Thank you @Alexgaara for putting together times and guide which helped immensely where otherwise we would be just going in blind. I was mostly struggling in the beginning until I learned the stages' layout and gotta say that Scenario 3 and 4 I completed lot faster than I originally thought, I am not saying it was easy but once you know the stage its definitely easier. Found myself in the beginning trying to perfect each corner and then barely ever finishing the stage/event, this way I wasted so much time retying, so I changed a bit and took it slower to learn the stage really well and then go for time improvement. One very IMPORTANT TIP I can give to everyone before even starting for DLC is go to your settings and check "Input Reporting" under controls and test your R2 (throttle) responsiveness. I was getting MAX 92% and I found this after I was in middle of Scenario 2 (was very furious). After I switched to new controller I immediately improved times/speed. Only assists I used are ABS set on 3 and Steering sensitivity to 100 on gravel and 75 on tarmac, everything else was OFF. TCS and Stability just slows you down. Here is my take on last event, I crashed then backed out on track and made multiple mistakes in 2nd half of the stage but still made it: Good luck guys!
  13. Current available Daily Challenge for "Fire Up That Car... Again" trophy is today and its Delta Daily which is very rare to come by and super easy to achieve as you need to be only in top 50% on leaderboard. Stage is Czarny Las in Poland and fairly easy and short stage. Good luck!
  14. Would someone who already completed daily challenge required for "Fire Up That Car... Again" (B group, Audi Quattro) give us an update what stage it is so rest of us can practice before attempting it?
  15. Everything looks easy except 10k miles which is going to be big grind. Since its short list I can already see lot of dlcs coming for it.