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  1. Thanks for suggestion. The times and speed in corners are about the same as with KTM, but I can bet Mazda is easier to handle than KTM.
  2. Nice! Just looked up the video, its more XP because group of KTM X-Bow car is N300 and its super light and fast for that category which makes cornering breeze. Race lasts about the same as with Porsche 12 min, but with X Bow you get extra 650 xp per race, that's big difference in long run as you need to run this race hundreds of times to reach lvl 50. Will definitely give it a try tonight. Thanks!
  3. Which race gives you 8200xp? I am doing "Premium Sports Lounge Race 1" by using Porsche group N400. With clean race this gets me 7590xp per race , about 12min.
  4. When new events comes on Monday pick a race and car you most comfortable with and practice. You can also see top 10 times and their replays which can help you improve. Before I started the game I was worried about online wins, but its actually not too bad, currently sitting at 75 races, 24 poles and 36 wins and started only week and a half ago. Now I'm worried about lvl 50 (2353000xp) 😬 I find it hardest to start from pole as people slipstream, bunch up behind you, get close and on first turn bump you out of the race. If you play clean you will stay in S rank, which doesn't grant you no bumping tough. Penalty system is sometimes broken as if you get bumped from the side off the track YOU get penalty and lose several positions... happened to me few times.
  5. One thing I found out that is SUPER useful on Death March playthrough is Ability from General tree called "Gourmet". Once you equip this ability every time you eat food or drink water it will regenerate your health for 20 minutes and not in game time, but real-life time, thus making your health regenerate constantly during a boss fight. 😉
  6. I can confirm this as well. No matter what shows on your post game results, after you restart the game only 1500xp per match will be saved. When I boosted I realized this way too late, so I have completed ALL the manuals and was level 18, after I had to play for xp additional like 10-15 hours. Also, to answer your question about kills. They do get saved, as this is the reason I ended up completing manuals way before lvl 20.
  7. Confirming as well that after dying over 10 different ways AND finishing level trophy does not unlock. Just start the level The Haunted Ruins, let timer run out and trophy will unlock.
  8. This is great thread! I wish I can participate because for the past few years I managed to keep my account at 99%-100% completion.
  9. 2013 - 9 Rarest: GTA 4 (0.95%) 2014 - 15 Rarest: NFS Shift Unleashed (1.06%) 2015 - 19 Rarest: Call of Duty Black Ops 2 (1.04%) 2016 - 38 Rarest: Far Cry 2 (0.56%) 2017 - 57 Rarest: Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (0.78%) 2018 - 30 Rarest: Trackmania Turbo (0.60%) 2019 - 23 Rarest: Call of Duty Black Ops 4 (0.80%) 100% Account
  10. If you do start you will have high chance of experiencing a bug that will lock you out of several trophies. I personally had issue with Extra Mile trophy progress being stuck twice and had to push very hard Ubisoft support to reset my account/delete my game save so I can give it another shot. I was lucky enough for it work properly the third time thus unlocking trophy and platinum. Game is designed that way that your save data is located on Ubisoft servers and not on your PS4. To make things even worse, game does not have option to start a New Game from scratch, so in case anything goes wrong (and trust me a lot does) you are permanently stuck with unobtainable Trophy/Platinum. Furthermore, The Crew support has ended mid 2018 or so and it will not be patched or fixed ever at this point. If you don't care about completion too much, play it as the game is awesome, fun, enjoyable... but if you do care avoid it at any cost on your main account.
  11. I had the same problem back in 2016/2017 but I pushed very hard on their support and luckily got my account reset not once but twice because I was stuck at 97%/98% respectively for The Extra Mile trophy. Eventually third playthrough it worked and unlocked the trophy. I am all for it to be reported to Better Business Bureau since too many players are affected and locked out due to their stupid design of not having New Game option. If I can be of any help providing proof, evidence or signing a petition, I'm here.
  12. What else is new, this is expected twice a year at least? 😁
  13. The trophy requirements are pretty much copy>paste from NFS Payback. I have a feeling the whole game will be as well. This should NOT be full price game.
  14. I played both of them and I liked them. Only on disc available but fairly cheap to purchase on ebay. If you are a fan of the movies you will like them. Very easy plats btw.
  15. Cloud gaming is cool and all that (Stadia & PS Now), but I hate relaying on the internet connection to game. Will always prefer to have physical console and play offline when router or internet craps on me.