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  1. Its not working for everyone
  2. there is only one version of the game, even if its " The Fire Fades Edition " its just a game with dlc. Dark souls 2 was different because the game changed more than just including dlc.
  3. you can do both? just check the game, everything is in there. no, its not a fault of ps4, its just orc must die. Second game had the same problem with people. I played it on pc and i could never find any random person to play.
  4. Tried your trick to get trophies on ng+ and it didint work. I know i did all good because i managed to get trophies for the hardest difficulty. When i did it the same for ng + ( of course i played whole chapter) i didint get a trophy/trophies (i tried to get it with iron mode) . I got access to the final on this save yet trophies didint pop. I will play game normaly later after i clear dlc and platinum.
  5. Before the events i was missing around 10 crowns. Now i only need 2 crowns from viper and it will be done . I could do it with out events but i had enought after farming brute tigrex and silver rathiana. One tip from me: You can try join investigations with time almost running out. I got few crowns with this - maybe 2 for elder dragons. And i did nothing in them. Sometimes i didint have enought time to get to the corpse of the monster. Got mini lunastra like this. I reallly enjoy easy crowns from the events.
  6. Good luck. Anyway this kind of quest wont help you because its a clean up for platinum and you still need to do a lot. And this quest is for dlc. For Base game the crown quest are already avaible and rotating in events. Dont focus on this stuff until you finish base game. It will take some time.
  7. 1.Disadventage. And developers made dlc in a way that you want go to dlc, rather than grind base game. 2.This is One game with dlc. So Yes. I still get better "crown" from time to time in base game but playing dlc. If you plan to play this game and actualy turn it on you will see everything make sense. I actualy did the disadventage way but with some help from dlc. So i can say that its much faster to finish base and then dlc and then plat both.
  8. I know that your post is old, but one thing i can say is - its easier. I mean you got better weapons and armor so its making things faster at least
  9. I dont think they will actually add trophies. They were doing that when some part of the story was avaible. Of course you can say that second dlc had no story at all, but it came out with 1 dlc pack.
  10. Got 510k now. Taking brake for today - I have no problems with finding somebody to play.
  11. This is so annoying. And quiters. I am getting better and better players to play with - more they leave when they starting to lose.
  12. The higher you are the worst it's get. The "best thing" is soo many better players left game when they were looosing leaving me only with loosing points when i was playing to the end. I wanted to play my way to trophy but it's starting to getting ridiculus when you get 4 leavers in row...
  13. combos are not so hard - u dont need to do every combo for every character - there is more than 20 characters so its easy. Maybe about 50 h because of grind and rankeds.
  14. And me too. I was watching the fight when i got disconected. Nice that you got trophy
  15. Hi. Can anyone help me with dlc 6 and 7? For ps3 and ps vita. I can help with other games. Thx in advance. Just add me to friendlist if u have sometime. Edit: Need only "the end...again..." and " u need a mint"