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  1. I dont think they will actually add trophies. They were doing that when some part of the story was avaible. Of course you can say that second dlc had no story at all, but it came out with 1 dlc pack.
  2. Got 510k now. Taking brake for today - I have no problems with finding somebody to play.
  3. This is so annoying. And quiters. I am getting better and better players to play with - more they leave when they starting to lose.
  4. The higher you are the worst it's get. The "best thing" is soo many better players left game when they were looosing leaving me only with loosing points when i was playing to the end. I wanted to play my way to trophy but it's starting to getting ridiculus when you get 4 leavers in row...
  5. combos are not so hard - u dont need to do every combo for every character - there is more than 20 characters so its easy. Maybe about 50 h because of grind and rankeds.
  6. And me too. I was watching the fight when i got disconected. Nice that you got trophy
  7. Hi. Can anyone help me with dlc 6 and 7? For ps3 and ps vita. I can help with other games. Thx in advance. Just add me to friendlist if u have sometime. Edit: Need only "the end...again..." and " u need a mint"
  8. Good news, I just obtained that trophy I am so happy!
  9. Hi Xx_Weasle_xX I need some help with 3 trophies from new expansion pack on ps3. When you have some time Could you help me? My psn Hanashiteru
  10. mk III tower after u beat third enemy u can get secret fight ( of course u need one frawless victory and fatality or brutality on enemy)
  11. Hello I need the two last trophies the end? and the end. If somebody have some time and can help please add me PSN Hanashiteru