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  1. While your design is very good and cute, what I need to improve my mobile experience is a way to read guides without rotating my phone. That would be the best improvement to the site.
  2. Just got Kingdom Hearts All-In-One instead Senran Kagura PBS and Ys VIII.

    Rate my choice (I'll get the others eventually, but the KH deal was... unmissable)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DamagingRob


      I usually go for the cheapest option, myself. Doesn't matter if that's physical or digital. Still can't find Ys here in the States for even $30, so it isn't a bad buy. Annoys me that the EU Store had it for closer to $20 not that long ago, though..

    3. The Titan

      The Titan

      Senran Kagura PBS was great choice. Too bad online is dead.

    4. Katt


      pretty much like every niche game. But that's fine, I like my games without multiplayer (with some exceptions). I'll get it the next time it goes on sale, althought it's pretty cheap without a discount.

  3. good, but not great. Fatal Bullet is the best of them. But you need to play the other games in order to understand a few things. Now, regarding the sale itself: it sucks, nothing for me. PBS on sale when? I just got my rewards and I want to buy more.
  4. A surprise. No, really. I have high hopes on this month. Because otherwise, bye bye membership until something good comes on.
  5. ACE COMBAT 5: THE UNSUNG WAR ACE MASTER Obtain all trophies and become a true ace pilot! This is President Harling of the Osean Federation. Attention, all Osean and Yuktobanian officers and soldiers currently on the battlefield. Let us put down our guns and come out of the trenches. The Osean capital of Oured has been freed of the people who took advantage of my abscence to usurp control of the country. Once robbed of my freedom, and of my ability to do the right thing, I now stand again under the light of the golden sun, and I do so with the honorable Yuktobanian Prime Minister Nikanor by my side. We have resolve our terrible and unfortunate misunderstandings, and the war is now over. This is Prime Minister Nikanor, head of government for the Union of Yuktobanian Republics. Attention, all officers and soldiers of Osea and Yuktobania currently on the battlefield. Please watch as President Harling and I stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand. President Harling's words are true. The war is over, but there is one more battle that still needs to be fought. We believe that those who have tried to stir hatred between us, are now preparing a weapon that could wipe out half of all metropolitan areas in either one of our countries. Our comrades are in flight as I speak, determined to stop this plan dead in its tracks. Which country is under the threat mass destruction? That we do not know. However, that is no longer important. No matter which country is hit, it would be a severe blow to all of us. So now I ask you, members of the military; If you see it in your hearts, please utilize the resources available to you and help out our brave pilots. Right now they are flying east, to meet the enemy. To those who still dare to hide behind the power of their hateful weapons: Bring yourself before the light of peace, and harmony!
  6. Detroit: Become Human DETROIT MASTER Collected all trophies! To sum it up: Bad endings: good. Good endings: bad. I know, it's weird. The good endings are kinda incomplete. Well, the bad ones too, but the sadness is a plus that gives the ending something else. Ah yes, the latinamerican dub is flawless: great voice actors from a lot of legendary shows and movies. Just know this: the VA for Hank is the same for Buzz Lightyear and Lord Voldemort, kek. I want more games with latinamerican dubs.
  7. Here's mine: GXP7K-GH26G-JC943-H3FPJ-FD29Z Enjoy.
  8. Not this again. Damn.
  9. Oooof, the backslash was hard this month. Is this the beginning of BETTER TIMES™?
  10. Latin America drops to 40 USD per year. It's time to create another account. https://latam.ign.com/m/playstation-plus/60873/news/playstation-plus-disminuye-su-costo-en-latinoamerica?fbclid=IwAR1V-JTLmAFvkmu6u8f79yVmBisRGyNYi7z280LpG10c4eBbW_v43SkZUw4
  11. My thoughts for PES2019: Horizon Chase is ok I guess.
  12. This is another of my favorite tweets



  13. I've seen some arguments stating that the Unreal Engine was not appropriate for a game like Tony Hawk's PS (I can't remember, just that part), but I know nothing about those technical details. If someone can explain why it would be nice.
  14. yeah but, where is Parasite Eve remastered?

    1. BG_painter


      I think we will never see our beautiful blondie again 💔