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  1. The amount of complaints in that tweet was glorious. Also, a lot of japanese people are reporting in their language that we are so pissed off with these changes as well.
  2. AWACS Long Caster « Good work Trigger, return to base. » SKIES UNKNOWN Obtained all Trophies. Such a good game, such a good story (except the ending), NOW WITH 99% MORE CURSE WORDS! such good music, battle with Mister X top tier, god, I remember when I saw the announcement in the E3 2015, I felt the joy of destroying 100 SOLGs at the same time. Nice surprise at the ending of the game with a familiar face. Now turn the MP into Ace Combat Infinity and we are good, I'm tired of dogfighting, I NEED to destroy the Stonehenge, I NEED to destroy the Excalibur, I REALLY NEED to destroy the SOLG. ______________________________________________________ Oh yeah, this one is double. Heroine Achieve all possible trophies. GOD this RPG is so damn good! The music is UBER TIER, I cannot comprehend how the guys behind the soundtrack aren't working in bigger projects. Lauren's concert cinematic is by far the best one in the game and the battle music is so catchy! And the best part: double platinum! You will see another post in the future. PLAY THIS ONE!
  3. more like Flash Meh.
  4. The Long Reach (PS Vita) Platnum (wha...?) Get all the trophies An awesome game, ruined by bad optimization work. Quite confusing too. But it is impressive. Play it on PS4.
  5. go here and create a session, it may take a while to find someone to help you but you can just keep editing the date until someone shows up. I would help you, but right now I don't have much time. Good luck.
  6. Gravity Rush 2 Ultimate Shifter Collected every trophy. God... how do I start this one...? This post will contain spoilers. If you haven't played the game or haven't reached the end, don't open these spoilers. Well, this was one hell of a ride. All my questions from the first game were answered, all of them. I loved how in the first ending... I'll go to cry in a corner. Bye.
  7. I thought they would end PS3 and PS Vita with a bang, but I was wrong. This line up is disgusting. The only non-PS4 game that is worth your time is MGS4. Maybe I'll try For Honor. But the Vita list, what the hell!?
  8. Ah yes, the "Please! B-buy our VR headset! We are starving since all that SJW policies were implemented" sale.
  9. will you share with us how to do mission Bunker Buster using only the machine gun, please? I'm curious.
  10. just confirmed: 25 medals: 21 campaign medals + 4 multiplayer medals = The Highest Achiever No need to break your hands doing the No Damage Run and Machine Gun Only run.
  11. Alright, this info might help someone: Mission 09: 15000 points, less than 12 minutes for S rank. If you get over 15000 points but over 12 or 13 minutes, the S rank is negated. I'm not sure about over 12 minutes, but I did a run with 13 minutes and was an A rank. My time was 11:09 in the S rank run. Try to shoot down all enemy aircraft in the last part of the mission fast because your team could shoot down some of these and get less points.
  12. Indeed. When I found it out, I was relieved and disappointed at the same time. Weird. One the differences between difficulties is how aggressive the enemies are.
  13. what was that mission... Bunker Buster? that one where you locate silos. I did the mission super fast, targeting only real silos and getting the Clairvoyant medal, Rank A everytime. Mhhhh... I guess you need to combine kills with speed on this one.
  14. I had to use a VPN because the world doesn't exists outside NA. - 160 different games - Top Games: Accel World VS. SAO (189 hours) | MGSV:TPP (172 hours) | Yakuza Kiwami (118 hours) - Top Genre: Action-Adventure | 56 games, 741 trophies, 803 hours - 2120 hours of gameplay up from last year - 2116 hours local VS 4 hours online (looooooooooool) - Longest gaming streak: 14 hours | Days played in 2018: 182 out of 365 - Prime gaming hours: late night on saturday - Trophies earned: 1963 up from last year | 45 platinum, 253 gold, 425 silver and 1240 bronze. - next stats I don't care blah blah blah... - Thank you for playing Masterful Adventurer.
  15. https://projectnemo.net/ My thoughts about this game... It's amazing. The music, the gameplay, the story (hold on, I have something to say here), everything is amazing. After you play the game, you will understand why it came with Ace Combat 5 as pre-order bonus. Now, I have something to say about the story. There are no spoilers here, but I didn't like the ending. Something is missing. This game needs a story DLC. Now I need more multiplayer content, I don't like PVP much. I'm not good but I'm not bad, the thing is... ahhh... Come back Infinity! Also, I freaking loved that multiplayer has old OST from previous games. I set up a 1v1 with my buddy and... ZERO. [[[[[HERE COMES THE SNOW INTENSIFIES]]]]