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  1. My thoughts for PES2019: Horizon Chase is ok I guess.
  2. This is another of my favorite tweets



  3. I've seen some arguments stating that the Unreal Engine was not appropriate for a game like Tony Hawk's PS (I can't remember, just that part), but I know nothing about those technical details. If someone can explain why it would be nice.
  4. yeah but, where is Parasite Eve remastered?

    1. BG_painter


      I think we will never see our beautiful blondie again 💔

  5. quote me when PS4 confirmed. thanks. also, please, use another source. Kotaku is not trustworthy. Source: Kotaku, lol.
  6. I want DJMAX RESPECT avatars and themes, but NEOWIZ is too lazy to bring them here from the KR/HK store. Ahhh.... NEOWIZ, I love you but I hate you.
  7. whoever that has the will and the time to moderate this drama show needs to be praised. welcome and do not impose any of your personal values. thank.
  8. God damn, good picks at last.
  9. Last time I had a problem like that, it was a hardware issue, a really weird issue with the board (according to tech support). Played GTA V from start to end without issues but with Uncharted, Beyond and TLoU refused to load at all. Tech support could not fix the problem and they ended up giving me a new console since the warranty was ok.
  10. Played the tutorial after days of trying to get in. The game fucking sucks. not because it doesn't has a platinum, it sucks because the gameplay is so damn boring. I'll just buy MH or GE3 someday. I'm so glad that I didn't earned a trophy, I deleted this trash from the HDD and my trophy list. OH! and call me when Epic goes back to Unreal Tournament. I'm sick of this. fortnite visuals lol
  11. Tales of Berseria crashed after 2 hours of grinding.

    RIP me.

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    2. Katt


      It happened in Celestial Steppes (I think that is how it's called in english) in the big green map. I talked to the Katz after getting all the chests and the game crashed. Be careful if someone read this and is playing the game.

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      Have a sympathy upvote.  Sorry you lost all that progress. :(

    4. Dragon-Archon


      Ah ok, I just started that dungeon, so will be more careful. It's actually called Heavenly Steppes in English, but Celestial sounds better.

  12. Tokyo Xanadu eX+ The Legend of the X.R.C. Obtain all trophies. Falcom did it again: deliver a cool story with tons of mistery and great plot. Ahhhh the music... the music... When you play a Falcom game, you must have high expectation on the soundtrack. At first it was really normal music. But when the battle started, OOF... (here, another one) and yeah, the boss battle (1:24)! And let's not forget the After Story that it's basically the TRUE true ending. Just listen this (and don't read comments to avoid spoilers, really, the spoilers here are PRETTY heavy). And the last one, UUUMMMMFFFF.... Now I'll be very critic with the localization work: it sucks. Seriously, what the hell was that about? the amount of ball jokes is insane. It seemed like it was a work of teenager that tried to be a clown in a serious matter. They gave Shio the look of a chauvinist. And then in the After Story, Kou goes for that way too. If this game had had english voices, I can't imagine the result. But thanks to my little knowledge in japanese, I know what they really said in those lines. And now, the important: Tokyo Xanadu 2 when?
  13. That's a nice suggestion, but what I really want is that people I add to my ignored users list couldn't see my forum profile because there is some creep that has been stalking me since last year :^)
  14. This is my favorite tweet:



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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      It's poetic justice. 👌

    3. DaivRules


      Confirmation bias is a very powerful thing.

    4. ShonenCat