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  1. Ultimate Hunter Earn all trophies and prove yourself as the ultimate Maverick Hunter. Alright, this is going to be a long one. I read that some people skipped this collection because after X4, everything went to the trash. Let me say you something: I pity you. This is the best collection of Mega Man X games ever released. I was introduced to the new Mega Man X (after X~X3) with X5, so that one has a speacial place for me. Sure, these games have a lot of flaws, like no voice acting in X5, terrible voice acting, bad maps, enemy design and poor execution in X7 and almost no cutscenes in X8 (were you expecting for me to say high difficulty level in X6? hahaha, nah, nothing like that). Now With the COOL stuff, well... Everything. It's the same Mega Man X in all games, the music and the conflict continues and the memorable stuff remains. Let's continue with X7. Sure the game is trash, but it has something that the other games don't have: cutscenes, enjoyable cutscenes with story! sure, X5 has 1 or 2, and X6 has some too with japanese voice acting (that thing blew my mind when I was a kid) but they were too short! So I have to be fair with this one. A great pro in the record. The removal of japanese opening and ending songs was... a terrible decision. X6 Ending and X8 Opening (I think this one was not available in US/EUR releases) were my favorites and now they are forever lost unless you have the original games for PS1 and PS2. I REALLY WANTED TO PLAY MEGAMAN X COMMAND MISSION IN THIS COLLECTION, I was a kid, I didn't know how to read english and all RPGs I played were Final Fantasy IX in spanish (my native language), so not much EXP in RPGs. I guess I'll have to get a PS2 or an emulator, idk. I really didn't want to finish the collection so soon, it was a nice journey through my childhood. Now it's time to move on. But before moving on...Ahem... MAKE MEGA MAN X9 YOU COWARDS! Thanks.
  2. Mega Man X Legacy Collection SA-Class Hunter Earn all trophies and prove yourself as the ultimate Maverick Hunter. One of my earliest dreams since the trophy feature was implemented: a platinum trophy related to Mega Man X. Never was a fan of Mega Man, but X, the X series is amazing from start to finish (with a couple exceptions). The music, the characters, the story, the conflict, the discussions they raise about the coexistence between robots and humans. This collection with the first 4 games took me to my childhood where I could spend weeks playing one single game, searching for every possible secret. The "no fun allowed" trophies were a bit annoying, like "no gold chip" in MMX3 (to be honest, I knew about the existence of this chip only a couple of years ago) and the "no Ultimate Armor allowed" in MMX4. The fight against Double and Iris + Colonel in X Challenge was, well, challenging, but also very very hard, not because of the difficulty, but because of what represents. 21 years later, it still hurts. And when the original seiyuu for Iris passed away some time ago, it felt like she died again. But not yet! It's not over yet, X!
  3. DJMAX RESPECT (Asian version) RESPECT You Collected all DJMAX RESPECT Trophies. Ahhh~ I earned this platinum in the NA version but when you love a game so much, you can never get enough. So I had to go for the asian version as well, and someday I will go for the EU version and JP version. Someday. God I love this series. Keep the DLCs coming! TECHNIKA 3 is waiting! As you can see, I chose my favorite tune in my life to celebrate this milestone: Dream of Winds by XeoN.
  4. Nah, too expensive. Besides, NISA doesn't deserve my money. Censoring the games even before the new policy.
  5. I can't believe this idiotic response is real. I don't buy it. I'm dreaming. Hope that guy gets fired and the tweet goes viral. Edit: success. Media is talking about it and a lot of comments in Twitter and Disqus.
  6. the only thing over the line here is your false moral, using the "I'm a parent" excuse. We are very pissed off because we have been fighting censorship since the 90's (I would say more.) True, you deserve respect, but you are denying the facts. The patience of the people is not unlimited. You know what I want? I want to be free to play whatever I want without censorship. Many of these games and anime originated from porn games, their core is sex, and then were toned down in works that people over a certain age could enjoy (14+), but that's not censorship, because it's just another work, the original work remains untouched. You would be surprised. I will, thank you.
  7. No one is molesting kids. For the 495th time: they are fictional characters. Please, leave the thread and take your false moral with you. Thanks.
  8. wouldn't hurt to put a warning in the site as announcement. mods? also, thanks for the heads up.
  9. I hate that all the discussions are reduced to Fortnite. What a shit game. GOD! but seriously, even if the discussion is political, if this bothers you, take action and express your opinion in all social media. When the debate is set, only then let's talk politics.
  10. Please, keep the politics out, we need to be united and organized in this matter. Politics on the other hand tends to divide people. So, let's concentrate our efforts on telling Sony that we're not happy. Thanks.
  11. It's confirmed by someone in XSEED that this is a new policy from Sony.
  12. This is a major issue about someone else deciding for you what YOU can see and what you can't. I hate that. We don't know what this policy say about other stuff like gore and violence. I would be alarmed if I were you. Now, guys, I made up my mind, I'm not going down without put a fight against this shitshow, so that's why I ask @fisty123 to update the OP with the following information that has been posted in the comments of Gematsu:
  13. I'm seriously thinking in drop PlayStation for the first time in my life in the next gen. This can't go on. I'm against any kind of censorship and Steam and Nintendo did a whole 180° about these games. I stayed on PS for the comfort of pay once and never upgrade again (until a new gen at least) but the idea of build a PC for gaming or buy a gaming laptop is getting stronger as Sony fuck everything up month by month. Someone would say I'm too fatalist, but I don't like how Sony is handling shit since PS3 so thank you very much but this is how I feel.
  14. Nintendo is going for boobs and hardcore yaoi. Steam is going for uncensored games. Sony? being stupid with erotic stuff. XSEED should put on hold this blasphemy and ask their clients for support to ask Sony to stop their shit. Sony confirmed as guilty.
  15. check you email to see if you received 3 months of netflix for being a PS Plus user. The code can be used in other regions.

    1. MidnightDragon


      I got it, but my mom just lets me use her Netflix account, so I don't really need it.

    2. Katt


      then use the code in that account and save a couple bucks in the credit card.