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  1. Because it's a AAA and it's untouchable, and to be honest, that's fucking ridiculous. The hypocrisy here with Sony is beyond any comprehension.
  2. PS5 is dead already. Let's move to another topic. Seriously what the hell...!?
  3. this game could easily be a good PS Plus game (the full game) instead the trash we are getting in april, but yeah, let's shut it down.
  4. Today we got the version 1.03 which adds more than 20 songs, but it erases all your progress. If you are close to the platinum, get the platinum first and then update the game.
  5. Suitable for april, because this is a joke. Seriously, I make this joke every damn year. They manage to throw the worst lineup in April.
  6. I don't care if the story remains the same, I'm sure they will add more. Hype. Persona 5 PC version maybe in 2027 lol.
  7. since nobody will click on the link: good news! the mission will be available in Europe via EP!C rewards and it's free. Now if you are interested, you should click the link for more info.
  8. "Friendship with PlayStation ended, now Epic Games is my best friend"
  9. nuke this, thanks.
  10. I'm heartbroken and happy at the same time. Heartbroken because this was a Vita game. When someone asked for a Vita version for the west, PQube replied with a "never going to happen". And of course, even if they wanted to do it, I doubt they could. Besides, I bet they are still mad about the Omega Labyrinth Z incident. And happy because if this keeps up, Sony will have to do something at some point. People is more aggressive towards censorship nowadays, thank god. I hope it does not take them 20 years to realize their mistake like Nintendo did. Sadly, I'm staying here. The Switch is not for me.
  11. Nah, fake as hell. That "Atencion" is missing an accent mark. "Atención" is the correct word. An announcement like that wouldn't have such stupid spelling mistakes. Probably someone bored modified the source code, added that line and took the photo. A really bad photo by the way. Also, these announcements are done with much anticipation. Edit: here, this is the original web page: https://www.playstation.com/es-cl/explore/ps3/
  12. Stop responding to the trolls, you will only get this thread closed.
  13. Now you can't even post comments on the PS Blog. For The Players.
  14. I'm going to need two ropes for this month.
  15. disappointment confirmed.