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  1. Like Steam? With porn games!? ...no? Oh. A shame.
  2. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture This Pattern is Mine You got them all. You got them all. Haha, backtracker trophy glitched. But seriously, I didn't understand a damn thing. I have so many questions now.
  3. Meanwhile playstation eating hot glue. Give me Vita 2 already.
  4. lol
  5. me, who lost all interest in the first weeks with no crossplay: "haha nice"
  6. On NA (in the PS4 store) it shows the button to buy it and a button to try the free demo. This after claiming the PS5 version. So no free game after all. Huh.
  7. Deemo Reborn Reborn Collect all Trophies in DEEMO -Reborn- It's the third time I played this, first on Android, then on Vita, and now on PS4 and it's always the same ending: me crying. I'd love to play the DJMAX songs for the mobile version on this one.
  8. zzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzzzz
  9. Finally, Windows 11.
  10. Ouch oof, my wallet.
  11. Yakuza: Like A Dragon The New Dragon Obtained all trophies. I'm not really in the mood to write some thoughts about this game, just two things: awesome game and fucking true millenium tower.
  12. I hope this version comes without coins. So annoying mechanics.
  13. we are in a trophy tracker lol of course people care about trophies.
  14. When there's no rewards for winning, people will go AFK and ZzzZZzzzzz 😴