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  1. Mmmhhhh, nope. Nothing. Not a bad sale but... I'm saving for Death Stranding, this doesn't tell me "go for it, you can save more later".
  2. I'm confused, what I need to do to enter? only vote? or post here too? I'm surprised for the results. I totally expected that most people would want to get RE2 instead a $30 code. Thanks for the chance.
  3. yeah, but where's Vita 2? if this thing is PS Now compatible, it would be nice if you could use the feature free of charge with games you already own digitally. I mean... right? It would fix that BC issue if games are not fully compatible natively.
  4. What the hell are you thinking!? Spotify is a bliss from the grinding god to prevent players going insane with stupid grinding and repetitive tasks. Tony Hawk's and GTA playlists are god tier for farming.
  5. god, I did this legit on PS3 without getting the platinum because fuck MP trophies but I'll use this glitch without feeling guilty.
  6. How is it that nobody has posted this meme yet? just change the logo in it to ACTIVISION and it should be ok.
  7. There are three things that could drive you insane: - The infamous car chase on LEGEND. - Climax Battles - Mahjong Everything else is perfectly doable.
  8. for the record: I'm south american and I don't like neither PES nor "Oh! That's a Baseball!". But it's clear that EU is the most triggered people. The video on youtube has 200 more dislikes and all the comments are disapproval ones. I had to scroll a lot just to see a "good month" comment. Sports games are not for everyone. Every region has their own favorite. That's why they should: 1- See what is the most loved one in a region and throw a game based on that sport in that region and only in that region. 2- Avoid sports games at all (yeah, this one is better)
  9. I don't know how it works but it works. It works! The sea neon trick in the follow-up video did not work for me and ended up doing the old way. It didn't took long, after I tried the trick for 7 hours. So it's not perfect.
  10. Nope, you play as Aqua against SPOILER and it's not a bad fight but it's really hard. Brace yourself. That's why it's recommended to play in order. The thing makes sense when you play as Aqua in your final run after playing as Terra and Ventus.
  11. I don't have TLoU and I don't want it. I played a lot on PS3. There's no need to do another run. But I will do it anyway because reasons. But yeah, I understand your frustrations, a lot of people got this game with their PS4. I have absolutely ZERO interest in "Oh! That's a Baseball!". So yeah, a bad month with an awesome game. They did the impossible.
  12. This. I have the fat model and never had any issue with it. If you have battery glitch (when the system shows less battery after charging it) just unplug and plug the battery from the board for 5 minutes. It's really simple. Watch a video if you don't want to break anything. If you are from the states, try searching in pawn shops. There are some really cheap Vitas on display sometimes. If you are from another country, try ebay or play asia or any other site that other members suggest here. Any Falcom game.
  13. Love japanese games? Go for it.
  14. Metal Gear Solid 2 (MGS2) and Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake are two different games. The first one has a platinum. The second is a bonus game inside Metal Gear Solid 3 (MGS3).
  15. Kingdom Hearts KINGDOM HEARTS Master Obtain all trophies. That was tough. My hands are destroyed.