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  1. 60 is just too much for this. I'll try to finish my PS2 classics.
  2. I would buy it, but man, the coins. Afwul mechanic good lord.
  3. cool, but no one asked. Please, just direct your attention to OP's question.
  4. If you got bored with Berseria which is a masterpiece, don't play the other "Tales of" games.
  5. I'm only having issues with web browser but, who even uses it? Everything else is fine: trophy sync, PS Store, downloads and even online play. If you can't update because you can't connect to internet, just download the firmware file from PS web page and you should be good.
  6. Do you have a deal for free PS plus memberships? Damn, tell me how so I can't complain on the internet.
  7. "buy PS now or something, we don't care lol" — Jim Sony, PlayStation CEO. But seriously, imagine defending this lineup.
  8. a "this time we did it just like the original" would be enough to convince everyone. sadly, that's not the case, so... no thanks.
  9. piracy, unfortunately.
  10. thank you based max payne for this remaster 🙏
  11. Well, good. I'll have more time for my backlog, because these picks are horrible.
  12. *me looking at my DJMAX DLC collection* uhm... i don't know.
  13. Persona 5 Royal The Phenomenal Phantom Thief Obtained all trophies. Please, do NOT open the following spoiler if you haven't reached the end of this game.
  14. I would want my premium membership money back.
  15. Thanks for the warning. Small text is a massive red flag for me.