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  1. Next time I dislike a game, I'll keep it to myself. This toxic behavior is unacceptable. I wasn't picking a fight with no one when I stated my disapproval.
  2. Less players, and those players actually finish the game. But it is easier in certain ways. Still you'll need a solid resolve to even get the 100% since this one is a bitch with clear data.
  3. I've seen multiple trustworthy ™ (no kidding) individuals reacting to this rumor and it's a bit concerning.
  4. Yes it is. And I love wasting time.
  5. It's a visual glitch that happens sometimes. I can confirm that disconnecting the battery for at least 5 minutes and then reconnecting everything solves the problem. Watch a video to know how to proceed, especially when you're pulling the cable from the board. Almost fucked it up there.
  6. I really want to get out of my home with this list. It was a good idea to buy a lot of stuff from past sales to fill the backlog for this year.
  7. I play, therefore I am. (I really don't care)
  8. After the DLC on PBS, it was only natural that something like this could happen. Ah yes, please don't be censored indeed.
  9. So, they are building the coffin to bury the PS4. It's not even April ... It's not like I care much about communities, but it's always one thing removed and nothing added. It's PS Vita again.
  10. Here is a simple and short answer: Claim the PS Plus version. You can still get the PS5 upgrade later with another digital version and/or physical PS4 version.
  11. My favorite part of the recent State of Play was... "feel the suck" and that's it.

  12. Hello, I came... to share my opinion: Trash. That could have been an article on PS Blog. bye.
  13. Never used that word. I was thinking of something that hadn't been on PS Plus before so everyone™ could enjoy/hate.
  14. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzz good for people without Plus I guess... but something for everyone™ would be nice.