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  1. Never liked Star Wars. And I'm not going to start changing that now. Awful month.
  2. Since this comment adds nothing to the discussion, I'll just post this here: I hate that thread about late sync flagging so much. Just delete leaderboards. Thanks.

  3. I tried everything on the internet, but nothing seemed to work, not even deleting my savedata except my most recent save. So I decided to start again from scratch just like @Spinosaurus Rex suggested, offline and without linking my 2K account. Trophy unlocked without any problem, and it seems it counted some kills I did in a failed attempt. So if you need an infallible method, that's the way. I'll try to keep playing this run to unlock the rest of the DLC trophies.
  4. Thanks! but... *reads the part where it says: "you can't get the platinum in a month* but no thanks. I'll stick with Tera, eventually.
  5. I hope I'm not the only one, but I did received messages of people asking me to lend them my malaysian account lol Ah, if someone is wondering, the game supports spanish language, but it's weird. You have English voice + Spanish subs if you system language is Spanish (Latin America) and Spanish text + Spanish voice if the system language is Spanish (Spain). The same happened with Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. PS3 version has just one Spanish language so this never happened there.
  6. A mod locked the thread in the minute they pulled the game from the store, and now a lot of people are asking in other threads. But yeah, it was free in Malaysia store. It was. Now on topic, yeah, this version is awful. I will wait for a patch. I don't remember any major issues in the PS3 version. I just remember my joy when I played it.
  7. I haven't finished the download yet, but I can confirm this version has spanish too, but just text for now. The subs are so damn small tho.
  8. Already downloading. It's not fair that Steam users get the definitive editon for free when I have the original in my PS3. So I'm pretty happy with this.
  10. Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight Dancing in Starlight Obtained all trophies. why does this game have to be so short!?
  11. It took me 9 years to get my first PS3. Don't test my patience 😎
  12. I loved the first game (not the multiplayer though) but I really think it's a waste of money when it's a game that will go on PS Plus between 1 and 3 years, a time I can certainly wait. My decisions after all.
  13. yes, just checked. $44.99, bad deal for remastered games. I'll wait a little more.
  14. Yakuza and that's it. I don't recommend to buy any of these separately. Wait another sale and you will eventually get the collection for much less.
  15. Yes, but from the 24 games they give in a year, I play like 3 to the end. If I could pause this thing, I would activate it for months with decent games. I would save a lot of money and my 1 year membership would be infinite if they keep this nonsense. But dreaming is free and garbage is $60/year.