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  1. BEYOND: TWO SOULS (PS4) BEYOND: TWO SOULS™ MASTER Collected all trophies! Well, this game is somehow special to me. It was my first platinum trophy on PSN. And now I earned it again, this time for PS4. But that's not all, because I love David Cage's games. You could say anything you want about them but it's not going to change my mind. I was so devastated when Normand Corbeil passed away, but I know he keeps composing magnificent melodies in the Infraworld. There is one little thing I cannot forgive in this game, and maybe no one will care, but this game has a latin american dub and I wanted the dub on the PS4 version, but it wasn't available, and I think it's not available on digital copies of the LATAM store either. So please Sony, make one big version of your first party games, include all languages available in a region. Latin american dubs in video games are so rare and I love them so much, we had the LATAM dub for Uncharted 3 on PS3, while the first two games had only spanish dub, it was fine, but... Now the collection has LATAM dub for all 3 games. But, I'm going a little off topic. I'll never forget Beyond: Two Souls, my very first platinum trophy. Now I'll wait for a chance to grab Detroit: Become Human and continue my love for these amazing games.
  2. When I was a kid, I managed to rescue all reploids and get all the power ups in X6. If a kid without skills but with determination could, it should be a breeze for you. We can agree in one thing: X7 is a fucking disaster, but everything else is beautiful. You just need time to get used to it. I see a lot of complains for little things. If Megaman X Corrupted is ever released, do not even try to play it, because is 10 times harder than official games. dude, you even read?
  3. If someone has a problem with the trophy, read carefully the following, read the whole thing BEFORE attempting to get the trophy again. Taken from http://heavyrain.wikia.com/wiki/Happy_Birthday_Trophy_Guide After several attempts, I followed these steps and worked perfectly. The trophy unlocks after at least for me.
  4. Thank you very much! You should put some minimum requirements like PSN Lv. 5 at least or something similar to prevent unfair advantage, but it's up to you.
  5. Before PSone, I was full Nintendo, well, not really full Nintendo, but I had my SNES and I was happy. Then I got my PSone and never went back. While on PSone everything was new, on Nintendo was all about Marios. 20 years later nothing has changed on Nintendo, so I'm sticking to PS forever I guess. I don't need a Switch, I have a Vita, thanks.
  6. I purchased Criminal Girls 2. I think I made a terrible mistake. I can feel the censorship already. Fucking NISA.
  7. VALKYRIA CHRONICLES Valkyrie of the Battlefield Obtain all decorations. Well, I made a terrible mistake. I did played the second game way back on the PSP and I didn't liked because it was not a "real shooter". I just want to kick my own ass to my past self for skipping this masterpiece because some stupid reason like that. Now a friend of mine recommended me to play it, and I got it from the Humble Bundle, so... I gave it a shot. An amazing and bittersweet story about how a little country stands against an empire. Full of emotive moments, full of happiness and fun, but also full of sorrow. This game was super difficult to play, not only because of the difficulty of the game, but as I said, because of the tragedy immersed in its story. I can not describe how much I liked the soundtrack, which filled every moment with a tension that made it difficult to think about strategies for the next turn.
  8. Around 5 hours from now, that's for US at least, I think UK games are available a bit earlier.
  9. DJMAX RESPECT RESPECT You Collected all DJMAX RESPECT Trophies. After a long time of waiting a NA release, but even more, after a LONG time waiting a proper classic DJMAX game, I managed to achieve the platinum trophy for a game in my most beloved series in life: DJMAX. DJMAX RESPECT was indeed an amazing journey through all the series, with tons of nostalgia and good memories. Starting in 2008 when I knew about this series with Clazziquai Edition, my love for it was at first sight. Great DLC packages with fun trophies, lot of hidden content to explore only for the most fanatics. When I watched the Glory Day MV I was bursting with joy and tears, like something you believed it was dead, now comes back to life 10 times more powerful. A true act of RESPECT. RESPECT YOUR MEMORIES RESPECT YOUR NOSTALGIA
  10. I'm broke right now, but I'll get it someday. Although trophies is not the main reason I want this collection, seeing PSone games with trophy support warms my heart
  11. No, stop. Don't turn RE4 into Skyrim.
  12. I wanted to play Mafia III, so I'll just shut up. Weak games for Vita tho. Draw Slasher has been on sale several times for almost nothing (PS+: $0.29)
  13. I want Dream of Winds to finally say good bye to my hands for good. Like Thor but way harder.