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  1. Several sites are saying the game will be available on X1 and Switch too. Others are saying the opposite. I'm confused.
  2. ah, yes, the "no, thanks" sale. Well... no, thanks.
  3. Quote me or @ to me when it comes to the west, thanks 👌
  4. excuse me, but that part doesn't make any sense. It is a rhythm game (minigame), a really weird rhythm game. If you don't follow the rhythm in some parts, it's super easy to mess things up because if you play without sound, one line goes slower and the next line goes faster, but if you follow the... rhythm, it's easy.
  5. Unreal Tournament development halted because of Fortnite. Thanks for nothing, Epic!


    ...I guess.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Katt
    3. Spyro


      They would ruin UT eventually, so it's a mercy.

    4. KingGuy420


      With how charitable Epic has been with their new found success, it's hard to look at anything they do negatively.


      Not to mention, after carrying the industry on their backs for almost two decades, they deserve more than anyone to stop and enjoy their success for a minute lol.

  6. Jeez guys, how do you play rhythm games? I know it's a difficult pattern, but it's totally doable considering there are harder rhythm games out there. Keep retrying the song will not help you. Just like mahjong or shogi where you need to learn how to play a game before going any further, here it's the same.
  7. Man, I thought I was a bad person for holding a grudge against someone for so long, but this man is a total legend. I can't beat him in his hatred crusade. ...god, what the hell is wrong with this dude.
  8. Oh? I want to know.
  9. The censorship policy.
  10. today in "what's wrong with Sony?"



    1. Phil
    2. AlchemistWer
    3. Spyro


      So why did they bother with that?

  11. Now Tumblr is going down too. What's wrong with the world? If they say they don't like porn or erotic content, that would be the most blatant lie of this whole year.

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    2. Spyro


      Fun fact: you can’t look at porn on Starbucks WiFi anymore.

    3. Katt


      why would you do that in the first place, lol

      go to starbucks I mean.

    4. Spyro


      To get yuppie coffee.



  13. This is the worst timeline. Meet global standards? By making everyone angry? That man is a fucking coward and shouldn't be working for PlayStation. I just want this nightmare to end.
  14. Agreed, but I just want to backup my PS Vita savedata, also discounts, PS Plus games on the other hand... I rarely play 1 every 4 or 6 months and almost never play MP, just when a trophy requires to play MP (I hate that with all my existence)
  15. Whoa, the only game worth of my time is a VN on PS3.