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  1. dude. CHILL. seriously. I was joking, Ok? just joking. jeez. I don't even finished the first Trails in the Sky because I hate playing on PC 😂😂😂😂😂😂 You are absolutely right. But there are 2 things: 1. I do not speak moonrunes and certainly not many people here do it. 2. If you assume that everyone played the game already and everyone knows what's going on, you will end up ruining the fun for someone sooner or later. I didn't read the first post to avoid spoilers, just a few things that are already public in Falcom's FB page. So please, stop right there and don't ruin the fun for those who love the series and only played the localized games. See? I can be a passionate fan too.
  2. speak for yourself Bestelle is Bestelle. false Estelle. chill out, man. I don't even care, but it was kinda bait to begin with, their silhouettes are super similar.
  3. tsk, let me dream, killjoy. Here is your false Estelle.
  4. I'm hyped for Yakuza 4 Finale in 1080p 60FPS and this music blowing up my head again and again: Also for Yakuza 3 which I couldn't play beause I couldn't find a copy. Now my BD is broken ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. So, Steam is killing VNs and games with sexual content, but only indie titles.

    Gaben, you never learn.

    1. DaivRules


      All of them? That's a slippery slope. 

  6. I'm going to watch the PS conference and I'll complain after it, as usual. Everything else is irrelevant. Man, I want ACE COMBAT 7 release date...
  7. How is it that none of you has posted this yet?
  8. or maybe at TGS this year.
  9. Vita 2, dammit. Do it, you cowards! It's the only way now. You don't put all the eggs in one basket.
  10. I never heard about it, not even pirated which is... weird. on the other hand, Ehrgeiz for PS4 when?!
  11. If you can't return them, and it's doable, it's a way to not feel like you completely wasted your money. Also, you can't make a valid opinion without playing the game first. So, if someone is going to talk shit about something, who better than someone who platted the game?
  12. Show us some Death Stranding gameplay, Kojambles.
  13. Daaaamn, from this: to this: Glad to see a dedicated trophy for Chile Cup
  14. I successfully fixed that problem by openning up my Vita, disconnecting the battery from the board, waiting 5 minutes (IMPORTANT) and then reconnect the battery. It's simple, just watch a video where someone opens a Vita and just watch until the battery removal to know how to properly disconnect the battery from the board. If this doesn't work, well, only then you can order a new battery, but try this first.
  15. Criminal Girls: Invite Only Trophy Complete Obtained all trophies. Ughh... ok, let's begin with the bad things: NISA. And that's all. lol just kidding (half kidding because NISA is always bad news). Well, the localization for this game is terrible. When I read Kisaragi saying "Oh Emm Geee" I totally lost it, I just wanted to stop playing and burn my Vita. But I didn't. I went through the unbalanced enemies and almost not-rewarding bosses that made me think "why I'm still here? just to suffer?" But HELL, I kept going, my quest through HELL, and oh my god, CENSORSHIP! pink censorship. -sigh- at this point I really didn't knew why I bought this game. Now, this is my opinion but the design of the girls is very poor and there is almost 0 CG when it comes to story, just for the endings and that's it. Everything else is just plain text. The story it's not interesting, until you arrive to the Frost Block and everything you did until that point doesn't matter. Then there is this Persona rip-off with Shadows and accept yourself and your sins and blah blah blah, but that is the interesting part, because of the girls' backstories, damn, I'm still thinking in what Tomoe did to end up in hell. You can only infer according to how little they say. To be honest, I'm hesitant in buying more NISA games in the future. First: they don't support Vita anymore -coughmetalmaxxenocough-. Second: the localization work is absolute trash, with all the censorship and delays lately. I'll go for Danganronpa V3 and Ys VIII, after that, I just can pray to keep NISA away from Kiseki. Ahh~ now I feel good.