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  1. Hell, we're trying to find a cure for cancer, not make it stronger.
  2. Nothing new. The whole "my playstation" thing was already there, almost no one knew about it. I used it in the past to chat with some people, you can type faster with a keyboard. The "hidden function" to change your avatar, personal info and privacy was already there too. The ability to delete games with 0% is not there yet and it was disabled on the PS App. to sum it up: thanks for nothing, Sony.
  3. To be honest, wasting money on something intangible such as digital games or downloadable content and then get banned for something like using an offensive username and lose all your content without the possibility to negotiate or even get a refund, I think that is an abusive clause and you all should be concerned. This could happen to anyone, and that's not funny. This is something that should be addressed and modified in some way the user could solve this problem without getting banned in the first place. "shoot and ask later" - Sony
  4. This is old news but... Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/djmax/comments/6lw5uw/djmax_respect_interview_translated_to_english/ I hope this changes later.
  5. but hey, dreaming is free. our best alternative right now is play the PS2 games.
  6. well guys, it's happening at last, DJMAX RESPECT is coming to NA, EU, Russia and Brazil on 3/6.
  7. DJMAX RESPECT coming to North America on March 6th ‼️



  8. I'm trying to prove to myself that spending money on videogames means something. Maybe that's why I stay away from Nintendo consoles: no achievements/trophies, too much marios.
  9. who cares, multiplayer garbage. Konami needs a big slap in the face, this is our chance to do it. Just don't buy this.
  10. 3 freaking games for Vita ffs. even the PS3 has more games on sale. ahhhh..... I'll just grab Fairy Fencer F for PS3.
  11. any Yakuza game and DJMAX RESPECT.
  12. Well, the sliding glitch happened to me as well last night in the PS4 version. So I got a couple trophies when I shouldn't. Still, no cheats involved. I could have had a faster time, but I had to answer a call
  13. woah, I didn't knew I share my birthday with best girl™



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      Sama for the legal lolis

      Tan for the best ones.



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      go watch a real elves show, like kuroinu.

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      Yuck, dark elves.

  14. Disgusting. It's all I can say to express how I feel about this situation.
  15. my ultimate goal in PSN: play and get platinums until I die (no kidding)