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  1. ended up downloading an APK from some trusted mirror site and it's pretty nice. Finally with a dark UI and great design. The integration with the store is really good, you don't need to use a web browser anymore. It seems you need to pair your PS5 with some sort of code just like Remote Play. weird.
  2. A bit off topic eeeehh, but I always wanted to record the trophy popping with the built-in record function instead of using a video capture device. I wonder if they could add that to PS4.
  3. meh/10 I guess I'll continue playing Yakuza Remastered Collection 🤷‍♂️
  4. why not custom sounds for each game and let the devs choose? shit's boring AF
  5. I thought my life was fucked up, but after looking at the new store, I'm not so sure anymore.

  6. The master tip from someone who has almost every platinum (I'll come for you now Y3!) is never spend more than a couple hours doing the same thing. Every game is rich in a lot of ways, so you could just go finish a couple substories and play some karaoke which is one of my favorite minigames. If you have trouble with ultimate/climax battles, first, search a video guide, then if you don't make it, play another game for a couple days. Your brain will search ways to implement those visual references with your skills and that takes time. But my ultimate tip is never give up. It's likely that something will give you trouble but never be discouraged! Ranting on the internet will just increase your frustration, so never do that until you finally got what you want. It's possible that once you achieve your goal, your rant is not necessary anymore. Finally, it's shame the other thread was closed. I wanted to say that I agree with the last take: catfight minigame is trash because it's RNG based with little strategy. But it doesn't matter now.
  7. poor dude, went full "opinions are facts" and now he closed the thread. just use twitter, or here in your personal feed, but don't create threads for your personal bullshit.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. PermaFox


      Damn, walk away and miss all of the excitement :facepalm:

    3. PooPooBlast


      This xD. OP just sucks at the minigames or has different tastes in terms of what constitutes as fun which I understand and I respect but he goes on and blames the game saying it's not fun/yata yata.. to his defence the only thing I agree with are catfights which suck. 


    4. Katt


      Well, the catfight minigame is 10% strategy and 90% luck. That's why it sucks ass, so I agree. The trophy could have been "win once" and that's it. But in stuff like mahjong it's the total opposite: it's mostly all about skill.

      Or you can just press Square every turn and hope you have something. But that's super boring.

  8. I just quoted it. Just a tip though. If you are having trouble with some minigames, give it a rest and come back another day. It really helps to ease your mind. If you don't, you end up bitching about games on internet and that.... is really sad.
  9. This is an opinion. So this is not true. This is a fact. Cheers.
  10. There are some takes here that are very sad to read, so... guys, these minigames, substories and all those extras combined is the charm of the Yakuza series. If you don't want to play them, it's fine. But bitching about it about how "the devs failed" at something and not being able to get the 100%, the only one who failed is you. Cheers.
  11. I should update this meme with "all my friends are level 1". Seriously, this update's brokenjsjsjsjs.
  12. Here's my tip: play more rhythm games, they are super fun and once you get on them, minigames like karaoke and disco will mean nothing. You could even beat Miracle Johnson if you try! (no, you can't)
  13. I came to the conclusion about this matter: these games suck ass. I can live without them. So I'm stuck here. I'll have a powerful PC eventually and I'll spend 20 minutes playing this shit game and think "fuck, I was right".
  14. I don't mind using the PS3 and Vita store to buy stuff, but I use the wishlist a lot. Every time there's a big sale, I check that first to see if something is discounted. I always can use a third party but, why? fucking ridiculous.