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  1. Ghost of Tsushima (PS4) Living Legend Obtain all trophies. OH my god. That would be my review at the end of the journey. Everything in this game is beautiful. From the traditional landscapes to the ancient customs to the diverse combat system. I played with the latin american dub and it was not a mistake at all. My new game plus will be with japanese dub for sure. I really don't have words to describe how much I loved this game. I want to talk about certain moments of the game, but I don't want to use the spoiler tool just to ruin the experience for someone curious, so just play it. GOTTA PAT ALL THE FOXES.
  2. Metro Exodus (PS4) Platinum Trophy Get all Trophies. Well, that's it. The end of the line. The world of Metro is a fantasy one, but it's based on something that could happen, and that's the part where we should be scared. I'm going to read the books now. Now, the bad things: my god this game is so badly optimized. It's nuts. In the previous Metro games I would sip from my drink and the load's done. Now I can prepare a whole menu before it loads. But considering what's happening over there, I hope everyone is safe before I can ask for more.
  3. Dumbest shit ever. Sorry for the spam post but holy fuck this is stupid.
  4. Never play Metro Exodus then. That thing is worse than GTA V on PS3.
  5. I read about this yesterday and said "no way". I guess I was wrong. What the hell, Sony?
  6. speaking facts here, but here's something that could be impossible and I hope I'm wrong:
  7. Oh god. Oh fuck. Please be fake. Edit: damn.
  8. Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition Radical Dreamer Acquire all trophies. Finally a dream come true. The game has a lot of issues for a remastered version, but it doesn't kill experience at all. The same awesome game, and for the first time with multiple languages, including spanish. There's a fan translation out there that is, in my opinion, far more superior than the original spanish translation. Thank you Square Enix for this. Really.
  9. funny story; I had exactly 497 battles when I decided to automate the process with a program to auto push buttons.
  10. yeah, but also make an ad game like Pepsiman instead. At least it was fun. And I love Pepsi.
  11. Persona 5 Strikers True Phantom Thief Earned all trophies. The proof that you can do another game without ruining everything. Though... there are several similarities with P5 Royal elements, plot specific elements to be clear. But... oh well. Gameplay is fun as hell and the new music, bosses and locations are refreshing. The grind at the end for BOND points was a fucking nightmare. Why they do this? Anime when?
  12. Classic mode with zoom mode, zero issues. I'm not really interested in HD graphics. It's a PS1 game after all. But this may be a fix for those interested in "smooth gameplay", at least until SE fix the HD mode.
  13. "I was in a remake of a computer game. Funny as hell, it was the most horrible thing I could think of."
  14. Bold of you to think that it's going to be replaced 🤣 but hey, I hope you are right.
  15. God damn those prices, what the hell.