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  1. :platinum:67: You're THE Driver, baby


    So I've been eyeing up this game for quite a while but never went for it as I found other driving games to put my attention into which was mainly Forza Horizon 4/5 but my partner convinced me to give it shot with the new 60fps patch and I'm glad I did it was alot fun to for the platinum (expect for the race against Sofia that can go straight in the bin) though it's a shame it doesn't have the Lexus LFA as part of it's roster of vehicles as that is my favourite car 😶

  2. :platinum:66: Ghostwire Tokyoite


    Well it's a been a hot minute since my last platinum and my playthrough of Ghostwire Tokyo took way longer than I planned as I kept getting distracted with other things but I finally beat this game. Overall I enjoyed it, I love anything that is influenced by Japanese myth and folklore and the trophy hunt itself wasn't too bad expect for the pulling the Daikyo omikuji that took well over 100 attempts to pull that for my final trophy for this game 🙄

  3. :platinum:65: Director of the FBC


    Just finished Control and I throughly enjoyed it, I loved the destruction physics and the setting of the Bureau with that brualist architecture which for some reason I find fascinating it was my first game by Remedy so I didn't know what to expect but I will now put Alan Wake on my list of games to play now. Just need play the DLC and I will see what I will tackle next

  4. :platinum:64: Bunny Titan


    Not normally a game I would touch with a ten foot barge pole as I don't usually go for games that only exist for easy plats but my partner wanted to play it and he wanted my help in the coop mode so we did it together but yeah it's the first time I haven't been happy to acheive a platinum but it's a platinum and it feels wrong not to document it like every other platinum I've earned since using the forum 😐

    1. DeadOrAlive4


      Congrats! ^_^

      Don't worry too much, a plat is a plat.

      You can make the next one a more "traditional" game.

    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. The Arizona Ranger
  5. :platinum:63: All Trophies Obtained


    Super late to the party but I just beat Horizon: Zero Dawn I've been putting this game off for ages and kinda regret doing so but at least I was able to get the most of the it by playing it on my PS5 with the extra boost in power. I won't take so long to the sequel but I will move onto the Frozen Wilds DLC and get as many of the remaining trophies as I can and then I will have a look at what's next on my playlist

  6. :platinum:62: Demigod


    First platinum of the year, though I had initially planned it to be the last platinum of 2021 however a bug for a collectible made me have to go through a whole second playthrough just to get the last trophy. It was a good thing I quite liked it, I am always fond of these types of games. Anyway I think I will be moving onto Returnal now

  7. Welp today has been a good day, first a bug ruins a seemingly good platinum run for my playthrough of Chorus and me trying to install Returnal for my next game to play has somehow messed up my PS5

  8. :platinum:61: Father and son


    Hey everyone, It's been a while I took an unplanned hiatus... for reasons. But I have now come back and finally completed God of War, all ready for the new one next year which I am now looking forward to. Now I just need to do the same for Horizon Zero Dawn in the near future

  9. :platinum:60: Trophy of Zeus


    So I started playing through the God of War series and I have being enjoying the games quite a lot. I've played through the main trilogy and just gone back and finished the original which wasn't so bad except for the challenge of the gods trophy that was a massive pain but I managed to beat them all. 

  10. :platinum:59 :A Symphony of Horror Trophies


    I have been sitiing on sitting on Until Dawn for years as I got it from PS plus way back when and always wanted to save it for the spooky season but have only now got around to it this year and it was an enjoyable ride, though for me the scariest horror game I have played and I haven't played many is Alien: Isolation that shit made me close the game instantly when things got too intense.

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    2. Huxian


      Thanks I don't usually play them either, I tend to stick to horror movies as horror games can be a bit intense for my liking but movies not so much strangely, but I though this was just the right time for spookiness as I continue through my backlog 😄

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. ihadalifeb4this
  11. Just earned my 6000th trophy 😄

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    2. Baranov_925


      Congrats, wish 60000 more

    3. ronin_leon


      What a milestone! Great work!

    4. The Arizona Ranger

      The Arizona Ranger

      Congrats on the milestone!

  12. Just finished my playthrough of Tokyo Xanadu eX+. I throughly enjoyed it and got a good portion of the trophies on the way though it needs a 2nd playthrough to get them all and I want to move on to something else so I will have a look at what's next in my back log but I may return to it another time for that 2nd playthough

  13. Hooray my internet has been activated by my new provider... A week later than they said they would but at least I have a connection now which is lucky, I nearly ran out of my 4g data from my mobile

  14. Welp I no longer have internet. I decided to switch from one provider to another due to cost and the new provider was meant to activate the connection yesterday but they haven't. Apparently there is an issue but they won't tell me what exactly or when it will be fixed which is a great start to my contract with them. Luckily I have a large (but limited) 4G bundle with my mobile provider so I guess I will be using my phone as a mobile hotspot for the forseeable future

    1. kindajustin


      Aww, hope it gets sorted out real soon Huxian.

    2. Huxian


      Thanks luckily I am not completely disconnected thanks to my phone contract so I should be ok for a few days. The worst thing is that I was reasonably happy with my old provider but it was just getting too expensive so the new provider being cheaper is the only reason I jumped ship but I am already regretting it

  15. Just saw there is a trailer for a new wipEout game coming out called wipEpout Rush and and let's just say if anyone needs me I will be in the angry dome.

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    2. MomentsInTime


      Aww damn, I've loved WipEout since I first played 2097! Such a shame to see a great series come to this. 

    3. MidnightDragon


      Well, for better or worse, mobile is good business.

    4. Godo Fwar

      Godo Fwar

      Absolute disgrace to Wipeout fans and the series as a whole