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  1. Ev-ery-thang. Ev-ery-thang? Ev-ery-thang!
  2. Konami at the group meeting for this game. CEO: With Kojima gone we gotta do something spectacular to show fans we're still here. Guy 1: Like what. Guy 2: Maybe we can revive Silent Hills and make it more awesome than anyone could have imagined. Guy 1: Are you mad? Everyone has seen the trailer and played the demo? We will butcher it and expose ourselves as frauds. Guy 3: Maybe we can bring Pachinko machines to the rest of the world. CEO: Fantastic idea. Guy 1: Yeah, really fantastic idea. Guy 2 (envious): Yeah, great idea man. CEO: But no. We need something a bit more. Something that will but us back on the map. Something that will make us a big company again. Guy 1: What can possibly be better than Pachinko machines? CEO: Get me Dean Hall.
  3. Left toe on right analog, right earlobe on square, eyeball on the power button and left pinky inside dickhole for added comfort and control during FPS note: I switch to right middle finger in the anus for puzzle games. Everything else other than that is pretty standard.
  4. Still the same stupid interface, just looks a bit different. PS3 is still superior in every regard.
  5. The only thing I mentioned that Facebook uses is the status update. PSNProfiles has the same thing and it works.
  6. Does anyone else feel like the interface needs a complete overhaul? Everything is all over the place and lacks any sort of personality and little customization/interaction. I'd like them to add country flags beside your name somewhere, a reputation system, longer bios, show how many likes you have on your activities in total, a status update bar your friends can comment on and just an overall more in depth, compact and neat player card that oozes of personality with customizable avatars, themes and sub groups such as membered communities. Sometimes I wish Sony would just buy PSNProfiles and copy+paste it onto the consoles interface and go from there.
  7. I wonder what the rarity would be if not for auto popping.
  8. I do pretty much everything most video games I play have to offer anyway. I wouldn't consider myself a trophy hunter, but if I'm enjoying the game and see that I'm missing a few trophies towards the platinum/100%, why not eh?
  9. The platinum was ultra rare before Big Leagues became unachievable, and there's nothing in Giant Accomplishment that gave me any problems, so it's just hard for me too see where people struggled. But off course, I forgot about the whole servers issue, perhaps that contributed to it being even rarer than it was otherwise.
  10. To this day I don't understand how Black Ops II is so ultra rare.
  11. GTA4. I didn't even need to reach #1 position on every leaderboard.
  12. August 1st was the last time I could update my profile. It doesn't give me an error when I try update it or anything, still the same "Success" message, but nothing changes. Something is wrong here as it seems no one else has this issue. EDIT: Thanks for the help. It appears that not publicizing your trophies doesn't allow PSNProfiles to keep track of them. Thanks everyone for the help!
  13. So, I created a new YouTube account and apparently I need 100 subscribers to change my URL. Sub for Sub? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKyxoWZ5iRFYcsT9sNi7ZA