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  1. Plat #64 Call Of Duty: World At War All I'm going to say is fuck you Treyarch.
  2. #64: Call Of Duty: World At War 


    Fuck you treyarch 

    Final Rating: ptsd/10

    1. DrBloodmoney


      aw man - I liked that game 😔


    2. MossyOakRcn42



    3. ihadalifeb4this



  3. New Fear Factory
  4. According to the wiki it's the European version and it seems to cost around 5 bucks going off of release articles. Also according to the dragon age wiki they allegedly fixed it in a rerelease. (Dont know how true that is)
  5. Return To Ostagar is included in the Ultimate Edition.
  6. Could this be a side effect of psn going down for a few days a while back?
  7. Probably because you're not at table flipping tier mad......
  8. They should as long as it wasn't an item that appeared in one store or the other to the best of my knowledge.
  9. That function barely works as it is anymore.
  10. No one knows since only one outlet (Polygon) attempted to do actual journalism and didn't receive a response.
  11. In light of the rumors surrounding the ps3 store I had a question How big is the download for yakuza 5? 


    The reason I ask everywhere I've looked has given conflicting answers.

  12. That's the same error as I'm getting.
  13. It might be acting up again as I find myself unable to sign it at the moment.