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  1. The 2K games aren't made or published by EA.
  2. He just replied to my DM 20 mins ago, he said its around 50gbs with a 3gb patch.
  3. Yeah, that's the joke. Cheers @MyAssStretched, any chance you could get an image of the map and tell us the install size? Thanks regardless.
  4. What even is this game?!
  5. I'd suggest you all either wait until it's patched or (under some miracle) somebody finds a fix. It popped naturally when it should've.
  6. Just for the record, the trophy didn't glitch for me, I'm currently the last person to earn it and the only after the patch. I keep getting messages on PSN asking me how I got it after the patch. So, for the record I was playing HvV on Jakku as Vader, and unlocked the trophy during the match, I had been grinding all day. I didn't do anything special to unlock it, I guess I just got lucky. EDIT: I just saw that I'm not the only one anymore, though I'm sure that this March 1st guy didn't do anything special either.
  7. Fuck, any idea as of what I should do?
  8. So I've downloaded the updated not glitchy version of Far Harbor and yet the glitched trophies persist! Just Add Saltwater and New England Vactioner still won't pop! I've reloaded my saves multiple times and to no prevail! what do i do?!
  9. Just was wondering if some of the more common Skyrim glitches still worked in this remaster. The Oghma Infinium glitch? The Dawnguard and Whiterun chests? If you take the time to test these glitches (or others) in the remaster it'd be highly appreciated by me (and I'm sure others). Thanks in advance! Picking up the game tomorrow and I can't wait to jump back in the amazing world of Skyrim!
  10. They aren't making the Crash remasters and TLL is only a standalone DLC. That being said though, a 2019 date is still accurate.
  11. Markrath and College chests still work. Sadly, Oghma Infinium doesn't. Went through that annoying, boring and slow quest for nothing . (The Elder Scrool is pretty cool though).
  12. Whiterun chest works
  13. Anybody know if this trophy is accumulative? and if not, are there any money exploits? I've completed the game and from what I can tell, the only way to make money now is to wait for kickbacks or grind the associate side missions.
  14. Complete each underboss' side missions and make sure to split the districts equally.
  15. No, I meant the 2nd didn't let you free roam after you completed the game. You'd have to start the game again.
  16. The 2nd was like that. So they're not wrong for asking...
  17. No. Saves wont work on any patch lower than what it originally came from
  18. PS I Love You XOXO boiiiiiiiiii
  19. Use first person on the slingshot and slowly peek out of the pillars when you have an opening to take a shot.
  20. Just so you know, Hangar 13 confirmed the Playboys are returning.
  21. Ultimate Rapture Ed came with the difficulty change glitch patched out as default so yeah, oops!
  22. And as I said before, why complain about something but when given a solution you say no!? I can't understand how hiding it would be an issue but deleting it is fine to you. Kinda broken logic if you ask me, They're almost the same thing.
  23. It isn't an issue, you can hide them. I just told you how to.
  24. Yeah I get you, they work as two different entities meaning deleting/hiding one won't get rid of the other. It's kinda weird and seems unnecessary.
  25. Yeah you can. If you go to the Games section on your profile hidden games will have a lock with "Hidden from other players" next to it. Go to the games section and press the options button, there's literally a function to hide it from other players in that section.