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  1. Looks awful. Would be acceptable 12 years ago.
  2. Are there any Uplay features in this game? Sometimes they put games on this list because you will no longer be able to get some rewards from them like wallpapers, skins and stuff.
  3. Not sure about 15 mins one, but no fall can be cheated probably. When you exit the game it saves your current progress so just make some progress, exit, upload save file, fail, download, repeat...
  4. Yup, that's because PS4 can't play PS3 games. If you download a game it runs on your local hardware so your PS4.
  5. You can't download PS3 games.
  6. No one has been ever banned for account sharing by Sony. Don't spread misinformation. Yes, it's theoretically against TOS, but that's just a soft rule.
  7. If you won't be able to overcome sickness, you can play it like a normal game on your tv. Put your headset in front of camera and cover the sensor with anything, can be a tissue for example. That's how I earned platinum.
  8. It does not violate anything in practice. You'll still use offical software downloaded from Sony's servers.
  9. Problem isn't with graphics per se, this game is very heavy on physics, more advanced in that regard than i.e. infamous second son or maybe even anything we have seen so far on consoles. I don't think stable 30 fps is possible at this point. But it's true that there is no reason for worse performance on base ps4 than one/one s.
  10. Metal Gear Solid games use analog functional buttons (, etc.) so no converter can emulate that, no other controller has this feature and so you can't perform actions assigned to light press on these. Edit: For the exact same reason MGS HD Collection recently released on PS Now seems to be broken:
  11. Unforutnately rear sticker isn't the best indication anymore, I've already seen knock-offs with genuine-looking stickers. So sticker is just one thing you should look at in the first place, if it's legit then you also need to look thoroughly at all the prints on the controller (Dualshock 3/Sixaxis/Sony). If they are all aligned perfectly, then you can be 99% sure it's genuine (unless the controller was previously broken and the seller repaired it inside with counterfeit parts, but that's something you can't avoid...). And by perfectly I mean like not even 1 mm differences. Oh, and EU controllers sold separetely never had a usb cable inside. 1.5 year ago I imported brand new one, newest revision from japanese Amazon and it also didn't come with cable.
  12. No, I believe it's fine, here at least.
  13. You need to buy either russian or polish version on disc. I found one russian version on ebay but its $35 + shipping. Digital versions available on polish/russian PS Store are different and will give you the same trophy list as english version.
  14. Nope, from what I remember most people dislike this one because it's different from the 1 & 2. It didn't try to imitate anything, instead it has it's own identity that IMO feels great. That's why it has 87 on metacritic from game reviewers and 77 from users. There were probably many fanboys who blindly gave this game 0 only because it wants to show something new.
  15. Problem solved, I just reloaded an older save file made somewhere near the end of the main questline. I didn't explore much at that time so most of the areas were still undiscovered. Visited everything listed in the guide, got rid of the fog around the lake map and the trophy popped no problem. Took me like 10-15 mins so not a hassle. I guess the lesson is to make manual saves from time to time, as they may come in handy.