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  1. I'm planning on getting all 4 platinums for the Metal Gear Solid games before MGSV gets released on PS3. I have already Peace Walker and MGS2's platinum. I guess MGS4 will be pretty diffcult. I'm guessing the order of difficulty for these games beginning with the easiest: MGS3, MGSPW, MGS4 and finally MGS2. Does anyone think this is a fair guess?
  2. #40 The Last Of Us Remastered It can't be for nothing Platinum Trophy This was a slow burn for me, but I got really into the game, I was hooked. I first played on normal and then via glitch played straight on Survivor plus! Oh boy, this mode is a complete nightmare and a very big jump up in difficulty. Despite the difficulty, I really enjoyed the game and now I can understand the hype around this game and the forthcoming sequel. I really enjoyed the multiplayer game and was not that hard getting all the online trophies. I wish I could play longer but I had to move on and clear my PS3 backlog. Overall, this is a really fun and challenging game where you will have to use your mind a lot. Why? Well, you have to manage resources such as medikits and ammo much more than the usual "zombie" game. By the way the story is really, really good.
  3. PS2 games I like to see remastered is Rygar and SOS: The Final Escape/ Disaster Report and maybe this game called Hungry Ghosts on PS2, currently the game is only available as a Japanese exclusive, I would like to see this get an English translated release and remastered as well. This game looks so interesting to me but I've never played it. Oh I forgot, I would like to see a remastered version of Sega Dreamcast's Zombie Revenge too!
  4. Earth's Dawn Earth Reclaimed Nice 2D action game, easy but can be a bit of a grind near the end. Really good artwork though.
  5. Wow! One the best movies I've seen in recent times. Does it top the original? Not quite, but pretty close. A fantastic slow-burn cyberpunk neo-noir science-fiction film. 5 stars
  6. Titanfall 2 Mark of the Advocate A very polished single player game and super fun online multiplayer game. This was fun and challenging in equal measures. The only real hard trophy is the "...Becomes the Master" trophy, which takes lots of practice and focus. The next difficult trophy is beat the campaign on Master difficulty and all I can write is play safe and smart, use stealth where possible and get to next checkpoint without fighting where possible again. Even though platted to game, I still play on multiplayer online because it is so fun. If you like mechs and FPS games, then maybe this game is for you.
  7. I agree, Black Flag is the best pirate game I've ever played after thinking about it. Maybe Ubisoft could make a "Black Flag 2" or some sort of spin off series. Well done for getting the platinum!
  8. Really good film with a great soundtrack. Five stars *****
  9. Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Prize, Plunder, and Adventure! Win every trophy. I have to give respect to the developers for putting so much work and research in bringing the story alive. Regarding this game, the story was really good and you can learn about real pirate history. Playing this game made me feel like researching wikipedia on Pirates and I even watch a documentary on Blackbeard. A few criticisms are, there is a bit of repetition in attacking ships, boarding ships and collecting materials to upgrade your own ship. Getting the platinum was not too difficult and I can't think of any trophies that gave me trouble even the online trophies were a piece of cake and I did them on my own. The DLC trophies for the 1st pack were easy as well and the only one that was difficult was the "Sacred Land", fortunately I used for the 1st time one of the boosting sessions set up from this website, which is fantastic, thanks to all those players that help me get this Sacred Land" trophy. Again the rest of the DLC trophies of the 1st pack I did on my own and were easy. The final DLC pack "Freedom Cry" was fun and easy but a bit short. This is the 2nd Assassin's Creed I've played after AC2 which I played a long time ago. I really enjoyed this game and can now understand the hype these games generate. It's franchise I would like to revisit once I've cleared my backlog of PS3 and PS4 games I've got already (and other system games like Wii/Wii U). I'll be definitely be playing another Assassin Creed game in future, maybe Rogue, Syndicate. Thumbs up from me.
  10. Strike Vector EX Ace of Aces Unlock all Trophies. A surprisingly fun game. Reminded me a bit of Zone of Ender but without the mechs. A fairly easy game to get platinum with a few difficult parts in campaign mode. One big bonus is that all online trophies can be earn on your own as the computer fill the other players' spaces with bots. Online can a bit boring though, so be prepared listen to music or surf the web on your phone. Difficulty rating for the platinum is I think for the average player is 5 to 6. Good fun if you are into these types of games.
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