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  1. From what I have seen, this is an improvement this year. Plus Lindor is on the cover. However, I'll be getting it on the Switch, because a portable competent baseball game is something I have been waiting for since I would bring my GameCube with me to play All Star Baseball 2003 on the road.
  2. Can't wait for this to be fully announced and available. Will buy day 1.
  3. Does this version increase your money while offline like the tablet version?
  4. I'll probably just get all 4 games in one fell swoop on the XBOX One this December.
  5. Okay, bye then! Go sit in a corner hoping for a sequel to a game that only came out a year ago.
  6. Would this be the first major WW1 game, if true?
  7. New region. New Pokemon. Hype intensifies.
  8. Once I found this website, I got really into trophy collecting and fell out of favor with achievement collecting. There simply isn't a site like this for achievements. Want to know how many trophies you have unlocked on a Tuesday? It's there. Want to know how many trophies you unlocked in the 2 o'clock hour? It's there. So basically, I like seeing the numbers go up.
  9. Yeah, this game is a blast. I can see how some people are getting Far Cry fatigue, but I only played 4 before this one, so I'm ready for my second romp in the Far Cry world.
  10. Good news, Ant Sim was already released! In 1991 as Sim Ant.
  11. Pre-ordered "Infernal Devices" and "Doom Coalition 2", both are Doctor Who audios from Big Finish.
  12. Before the devs screwed up by alienating the community, Payday 2 was just a fun little game about pulling off heists. And when this song came on, oh baby, you knew shit was about to get real.
  13. Seems like you can begin to pre-load Far Cry: Primal, for those interested.

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Cool, but waiting for mine to be delivered in the mail.

  14. Just got on and was surprised to see I could start pre-loading. Nice!
  15. A song, after hearing it so many times, I finally figured out who sung it. Stevie Nicks "Edge Of Seventeen"