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  1. There's a glitch that causes several random trophies to pop simultaneously, from what I've heard you can repeat the glitch until every trophy for the game has popped, giving you the platinum. Seeing as the online trophies are no longer obtainable I'm definitely interested in exploiting this. My OCD can deal with leaving Warhawk as my only non-platinumed game, hoping Buzz Quiz TV doesn't have to become one too. The glitch is detailed in the link below. It doesn't involve hacking your PS3, which is obviously forbidden, involves deleting the game data, refusing the first update, playing a match in game, exiting to XMB then replaying the game but accepting the update, for some reason this triggers a glitch that pops trophies at complete random. Although it doesn't involve jailbreaking your PS3 I'm still uncertain whether or not this would be a flaggable offense.
  2. Not sure where to ask this, but I decided to start working on GTA V's online. Within a matter of two or three hours I reached level 12 and I saw those rank trophies popping back to back, obviously in a hacked lobby. I signed out immediately so they haven't been synced. So I understand backing up the save files onto a USB stick then recreating your PS3 account, but what good will that do me if my character is level 100+? If I attempt to play GTA V again wont those trophies just pop automatically? Or is it only when I attempt to go onto GTA Online? Do I have any options aside from biting the bullet and abandoning the GTA V platinum?