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  1. Had the ever been a topic of this game getting a remake? Loved this game, but unsure if this is the right place.
  2. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/95-super-street-fighter-iv/34-from-c-to-shining-c Not sure if I linked right for the pic and trophy description. But C to C for Super Street Fighter 4
  3. Level 15 cleared every floor, and can't even damage the final boss. Has anyone ran into a skull key in the shop, or is it a boss drop only?
  4. This game is simply becoming a lost hope.
  5. I've died hundreds of times. I have yet to come across a ghost from the past.
  6. As the topic says. Is there one boss per floor, or could there be none? I've been through 2 floors completely. No boss, and one locked door and no key found or to purchase.
  7. After playing for about a half hour. I would agree with the fatal labyrinth comparison. It is quite fun. Being an older gamer it's nice when you run across a game that has simple intuitive controls, and addictive gameplay. To often it seems to focus on graphics and dlc. With little to the actual gameplay. And that's for a premium title at $59.99.
  8. Neverwintwr is as well. It is a huge grind fest street level 60, but still enjoyable.
  9. You make it sound good. I'm going to research it a little further.
  10. The minimum to get the platinum. I just couldn't get into this like previous games.
  11. I have a boost partner. I was just trying to get them faster while he wasn't online. I can do it in VA cpu, but that takes time as well. Thank you.
  12. Can these be done local multi-player?
  13. I can't say if it's faster or not. I was doing this online. I didn't keep track of time. Maybe an hour or more I logged 5000+ steps.
  14. EST

    I'm blind, I'm dumb, but I cannot find the EST in the settings time zone list. Is it there, if not which one is right. Thanks in advance.
  15. I never noticed the games tab. Been lurking here for a while, just recently started being active.