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  1. The mechanics of the game are almost identical to the first so yes I'm used to the gameplay. No carry over since the first episode. (No data transferable) if only the new Game + allows to keep all the stuff, skills and other.
  2. 82th platinum The Undisputed God...Is You! You obtained every last trophy! Truly YOU are the undisputed god of this game! MSZ is typically everything I like in a jrpg... even the grind does not scare me, and no! My experience on Mugen souls allowed me to start the adventure in good condition. Unlike its predecessor the Platinum Trophy is more accessible. The most: less than Shampuru to collect (presence of free DLC which is not luxury) the challenges of the world Redux/the ultimate absurdity by being equiped with the appropriate conditionals skills allow to survive the clashes without having to use the fusion Peons to increase the stats. The least: disappointed and perplexed that we offer paid DLC to boost some trophies. I hated doing the missions of the challenge world some have upset me. A little advice, the mission of the challenge world which requires to make 77 hits is made easy by captivating the small crystals, just arrange for the enemies present to be in the zone of impact. The Battle of undisputed Ragnarok is great if you want to have high-level shamp of Grade 14 (I think about the president) rather than a minimum bet of 1,000,001 points in assault battle. It helps a lot to mount the G-Castle stats. The 999 hits can easily be obtained on the boss of the rest stop 10, with the skill wait saving s. These 19 days spent on 🎮 have been intense but oh how entertaining, with the only regret that the adventure is so short, and does not benefit from the same aura as the first. All this would not have been possible without the help advised find on the net
  3. 81th - Symphonia Master You have obtained all trophies. You have mastered Symphonia! Difficulty: 6 Enjoyment/Fun: 4 My second 'Tales of' after the Vesperia. 4 playthrough while initially I target three. I made the fatal mistake of saving on the part of Zélos, before the night in Flanoir, trying to raise/lower the affinities of the other characters. Result of the facts a part of lost for nothing, and no way to make up the shot. Raghhh these titles... (I advise against keeping the level of affinity of the characters of a party to a new one) The game is not bad in itself, some scenes/key moments of the adventure have particularly moved me.
  4. 80 th Thou Art God! Obtain all trophies and you shall be awarded with this. I replayed the game that recently after a long break... without suspended save it is obvious that the difficulty is any another level. The martial art: ex-advanced dungeon is not hard in itself, everything is matter of farm, mixed 6 * gears on the master item (exhausting but glad to have finished) - a big thank you to those who have written the trophy guide.
  5. 79th STAR OCEAN 5 全てのトロフィーを獲得した
  6. 78th Got All Trophies Obtain all trophies.
  7. 77th - Mugen Souls The Undisputed God Unlocked all trophies. Are you an undisputed god now, too!?
  8. trinity souls of zill o'll 200%
  9. New update Record of Agarest War 2 Platinum
  10. yeah! choose my nickname back a few years, well before the release of the PS3, it was following a friendly comment from a member of a site which I participated, and since that day I lug around wherever the day 'go. I also hi in passing And thank you for having me put in the top 50. by cons, you forgot to count me 200% on last rebellion.
  11. my little list: Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel 100% Cross Edge 200% (us and eur) Demon's souls 100% Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice 100% Final Fantasy XIII 100% Final Fantasy XIII-2 100% Hyperdimension Neptunia 100% Last Rebellion 200% (eur and jp) NIER: 100% Record of Agarest War 100% Resonance of Fate 100% Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel 100% Star ocean 4 100% Trinity Universe 100% Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll 100% Venetica 100% White knight Chronicles 200% (us and jp) - and my wkc2 (jp) that permanently remains at 0%, not the courage to go through with
  12. 第2次スーパーロボット大戦OG Dai-2-Ji Super Robot Taisen Original Generations
  13. Record of Agarest War
  14. My 57th platinum
  15. i'm working on Ar tonelico Qoga: knell of Ar Ciel, a rpg and this is everything I like