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  1. starlight inception has a great amount dowload

  2. wipeout 2048!! haaaaa
  3. vita is for real playstation gamers im addicted
  4. 2001: A Space Odyssy
  5. blazblue chronosoaurssaur
  6. way to get it in. the corners and everything. gravity badgers is a great game. the way i have to make moves is the best its very interesting dealing on space. the ins and outs, my spot#19
  7. play spy hunter(or gravity badgers, nice games though
  8. ! great!
  9. exophase maybe work. you can check
  10. trophy list is allways on the account, if the system is vita or ps3, its the account.
  11. ok my favorite for psvita is, resistance burning skies, spy hunter, and freedom wars injustice and soul sacrifice is least on my playtime
  12. some content difficulty may be blocking my friend list and the messages some may not make to the players. i sometime start the friends list then delete it then i would start it over.
  13. my assessory ( freedom wars) got to keep neat and buy from tge clothes i want from the packs.
  14. my greatest trophy was the welcome park slide piece game . the 14 piece was surprising and i thought was tough to get the done.