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  1. Monster Hunter World. Really looking forward to play this game
  2. I Need a very rare item, i'm willing to trade a Crate- Player's Choice for one or a painted item. or we can trade, and after i get the trophy for using it in an arena i promise i will give you back. Edit: just got it
  3. Hey everyone, i'm trying to get the trophy for collecting all the stuff from the gallery, but i'm missing the last 3 BGM's on the game and i don't know what to do. Could someone help? EDIT: Never mind, just found out that is just the 3 new BGM's from update 2.00 lol
  4. its cumulative, i got my trophy with 253k. Go nuts on the store
  5. WOW, i was gonna wait until all dlc comes out and buy the whole thing, but at this price is a steal!! i'm buying this right now, thanks for the tip
  6. Yep, check it out : https://steamcommunity.com/stats/265930/achievements The Waste of Space achievements are the light blue ones
  7. I think this is gonna be the last DLC with trophies for Goat Simulator, because Steam doesnt have any more left besides this and the others already released.
  8. Awesome!! thank you for the tips =D
  9. Thanks man, cant wait to play this game Thanks , nice to know, i'll keep an eye on that when i play
  10. Hey everyone, i'm about to start playing this game and i would like to know if there is any missable trophies or something that i should keep a eye on while playing. Can i play the game until the end and then start the trophy hunt? Thanks in advance
  11. Hopefully, with people complaining they will patch it to make it easier, or is that just wishful thinking? lol
  12. hey guys i have a tip for those going for ability ace on a second playtrough, before starting the game on proud, create at least 4 more ducky gooses (easy acess for treasure magnet and support boost), and 2 more chef kyroos (air combo plus). Ursa circus is also good for damage syphon. sell all your dream pieces (you wont need them) and buy some candy googles for some fast LP. for the link gates on a spirit linkboard you can let the gauge fill once and link with the spirit and immediately cancel it, it still counts as 1.
  13. Hi mate,

    i'm trying to understand the ability ace trophy of kh dream drop distance,

    i've already unlocked all abilities but the trophy wouldn't pop out, how can be possible ?

    excuse the disorder 
    1. Leonheartbr


      Are you playing on proud mode? do you have ''EXP zero'' active?

    2. The_Phoenix_1998


      Thanks a lot mate , i had got the platinum *-*

    3. Leonheartbr


      wow , nice man xD 

  14. Hey guys i'm just missing this section. i cannot find what im missing here Meow Wounce Roll Call Whirling Bronco Fly-By-Knight Hammer-Throw Flame Thrower Decussation Poison Dash Water Blaster Bubble Blaster Paw Groove Equestrian Raid Swing Fling Belly Raid Target Shot Trap Shot Cure Sun Vacuum Ghost Berserker Bronco Lucky Dice Fire Blaster Poison Rain Flame Raid Ice Raid Tail Groove Aura Raid Dual Link: Whomperstomp Comet Union Rush Chaos Snake Prism Light Trinity Limit Ragnarok EDIT : i was missing the Unwind link attack (Tubguin Ace), looks like its new, i was comparing my list with the 3ds guide and it wasnt there
  15. It's true, to achieve 100% story you need to complete the story (obviously haha), you need to collect every spirit and unlock the secret ending.