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  1. Wonder if it’ll have cheats as well. Regardless Just finished the original last year and really enjoyed it. Will be picking it up.
  2. So I lose my plus in November because I didn't have the money to renew it. In my opinion we had some great months that I missed and I was pretty bummed out about it. I just get it back (I already owned uncharted 4 so i don't need it and hate racing games) and this is what comes out. So disappointed but it is what it is. I guess i should be positive about it and say at least i don't get a gamed tacked on to my backlog.
  3. I've never bought one day one, but since my ps4 just died a few weeks ago I've been leaning towards yes. I just need a new hard drive for my ps4 but it's pretty old and I don't seem to trust it anymore. So, instead of buying a new console and the ps5 is compatible with ps4 digital games, I'll probably pick up something day 1 if I find a bundle I like. Before my ps4 died I literally had no interest in the ps5 at all.
  4. You are the first person I have ever seen mention Heavenly Sword. It’s so underrated and what a fun game it was. Always wanted them to patch in a trophy list along with tools of destruction and quest for booty.
  5. Bioshock as mentioned by many would be a premier vr game imo. Dead space anyone? My god that may be terrifying but I'd still love to see it.
  6. The Evil WIthin. I would say it is one that I am most proud of given the difficulty of Akumu. Overall it was a very fun game to play and plat and not once did I ever get discouraged away or bored of it.
  7. No love for a wrath of cortex remaster? In all seriousness I'd rather have a brand new game than anything else. Enough reliving the past. Give me something new.
  8. Yeah that's unfortunate, but it's ok to be a little cautiously optimistic about something even remotely close to those games right? I mean who knows, what if it turns out to be something amazing. We really don't know, but it could also turn out to be trash. I'm just going to enjoy the fact that I know a new game is being made, and leave it at that until further notice.
  9. Don't know if anyone has started this topic yet, but I will leave this here. Saw it on Twitter but here is a link to the article. Article The Tweet
  10. So can I get the platinum off the free to play version then?
  11. If you look at the statement that the single player campaign is enormous and it's the most ambitious for Naughty Dog to date, does it make you think the game could play a little differently in the case that it's not as linear as all Naughty Dog games tend to be. I mean I still haven't played Uncharted 4 so I don't know if it's any different than the other games, but I wonder if this means that they'll have side missions or it's a more open world concept. Don't know if they revealed any of that stuff since I don't follow game updates or anything like that; I just buy them and see for myself when I play them. Any thoughts on that matter?
  12. Free game this month for playstation plus.
  13. Force gun. Just upgrade the damage and you'll do the drill ride as well as the elevator easily. It is your best friend if you aren't exactly an very accurate shooter.
  14. I have not read through this entire thread so forgive me if someone has already mentioned this. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has some glitches you can use on the disc version 1.00 only (digital version won't work). They are all over YouTube if you are interested. These glitches will make the "20/20" trophy as well as the "Flip Flop" Trophy cake. As I said there are a ton of YouTube tutorials on how to use these glitches as long as you are running the downgraded disc version.
  15. Not sure but what I did is play on peaceful and block myself in a corner so nothing can get to me. Then I just left and did chores or ran errands or whatever. I got it within a few days of doing that for a few hours.