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  1. Why do people want a crash bash remake? It's a party game. CTR I can see, but why crash bash? That's like remaking mario party. Pointless.
  2. Alright I'll probably just go buy the legendary edition then. Thanks for the info!
  3. So I bought this awhile back as a greatest hits. I am finally going to start playing it and realized that the DLC is still $20 each. I was wondering if anyone knew of any DLC bundle? I know I could always just go buy the legendary edition that has all DLC included. Also I saw amazon used to have a bundle for $20 with all of them included in it, but they no longer sell it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I wonder if they'll change the requirements in the first Crash Bandicoot game for getting all the boxes. As I'm sure all of you know in the first game not only do you have to get all the boxes in a level, but you also must complete the level without dying (however I do believe you can die as long as you haven't hit a checkpoint box yet). In the games following that, the requirements change as you only need to break all of the boxes and you can die as much as you want. So I wonder if they'll change the requirements of Crash Bandicoot to follow the suit with Crash 2 and 3 or vise versa. My guess is no but just a thought.
  5. I found this website but don't know how legit it is. https://getgrover.com/usa/products/playstation-vita-2378
  6. Does anyone know if there is a website where you can rent a Vita for like a month? People have suggested to me to just buy one and return within the return policy, but that defeats the whole purpose. If I had money to waste on a Vita I'd just keep it. I just need it to finish up some things. So if anyone has any information about renting a vita please let me know.
  7. Anyone know if there is a work around to play this without a vita? Really don't want to purchase a vita just for this DLC. I heard if you hearted the levels it'll let you play them online, but I haven't tried it yet.
  8. Does anyone have a trophy world on ps4? Getting bored with this game.
  9. Anyone have a trophy world?
  10. I got the game from a friend a year ago and have not played it yet. I was wondering if people are still playing this? I don't want to start this if I can't finish the online trophies. If people are still playing this I will probably start this sometime next week
  11. It sort of depends on what the game is and what I am playing online. I love cooperative games, things that take a lot of thinking and communication, but I hate multiplayer games. If I had to choose I would say offline. I buy games looking for good story not online features.
  12. Can anyone confirm that RDR is going offline for certain? I have had it downloaded on my hard drive for over a year and was sort of saving it for a rainy day. If so I guess I will drop what I am currently playing and start it immediately or a waste of $.