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  1. I knew about the issue with leaving it in suspend/rest mode. I haven't done that. I didn't know if OP was experiencing any other issues. At least they are looking to fix it.
  2. Which trophy bug? I have had no issues at all with trophies so far.
  3. I kind of figure it wasn't a automatic thing. I thought maybe it was going to be for the more popular series and that was it. I posted this thread because I didn't think it fits in with the thread posted above.
  4. I have noticed some franchises does not have the PlayStation series banner to click on. They may be some lesser known series but I was just wondering why all series isn't included. Duke Nukem is one that does not have it and the Heavy Fire games isn't included. Also I think there should be one with all Artifex Mundi games.
  5. I don't mind doing everything in SR3. It is such a fun game, so to me it does not seem like a grind. I will stick to my earlier statement in a pointless grind is Wolfenstein Youngblood. Leveling up all weapons long after you have completed the game is pointless. It just pads the time you play the game. A grind that helps with the game while still playing I don't mind.
  6. Director of the FBC Obtained March 18, 2020
  7. I am onboard with the progress tracker. I want them to bring back the option to put your game list in alphabetical order. I don't it in recent played but I want the option to put it in alphabetical order also. Like we had on PS3. Other than that I can't think of anything else.
  8. All Done #307 Sea of Solitude A much darker game than what I was expecting. Feeling lonely can be a terrible thing, especially if you think you are the cause of it. Yes, this game touches on some touchy subject matter, but turns out with a good ending. Gameplay wise it is really simple. Just some minimal task for trophies and 2 kind of collectible trophies. I should of had this platinum a lot faster but one of the collectibles glitched on me. I had to delete my old save file and start fresh to get all the bottle collectibles. I did enjoy my first time through. Really interesting game and story. It lost some of it's appeal having to go through almost 3 times for the platinum. The second time was checking every area where bottles are and that is how I determined one had glitched on me. It was my 3rd time through on a new save that I got them all.
  9. Platinum #307 Sea of Solitude.

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    2. snakebit10


      Thanks guys.


      @DamagingRobI don't know but collectible bottle number 8 was never there. When I found that other one I told you about I thought I was back on track. When I started back up the next night I was once again off by one.


      At least a new play through on a new save file fixed it. I am glad it was a short game. 

    3. Ala-Arska


      Congrats :yay:

    4. snakebit10


      Thank you.

  10. No, I'd rather play a game that is a lot of fun with a 30% rate and obtain the platinum in the mean time than grind something over and over and over and lose all the fun in it. Case in point is Wofenstein Youngblood. There was not enough content in the game to warrant some of the trophy requirements, thus had to play some missions over and over for kills.
  11. Has anyone else encountered collectibles not being where they are suppose to be. I believe I have a message bottle glitch. I have been through all areas with Message bottles twice and I am still missing one bottle. I believe it is the 8th bottle you can collect that glitched. Right at the beginning of the second chapter after the big bird fly's over you. Starting a new game does not reset collectibles. I guess I am going to have to delete my save file and play through again to see fi I can get it.
  12. I think I have glitched collectible in Sea of Solitude. I have been through every area with bottles twice and am still missing one bottle. 

    1. DamagingRob


      That's really weird. Did you try deleting and redownloading? I don't know what else might make it show up. That sucks if it's glitched, though. :(

    2. snakebit10


      @DamagingRob Yes, deleted game last night and reinstalled and still nothing. Starting a new game does not respawn collectibles, so I deleted save info and started a fresh play through. So far so good all bottles have been in place and I got up to #14 last night. Going to try and speed through the rest today since I remember were most are suppose to be. Will only use the guide on ones I am not sure about. I am glad I only have to play through chapter 7 and not the whole game.

  13. I am ready to jump back into SR the Third. This time I am going to do the dlc. I didn't bother with it on PS3.
  14. Bottle number 8 is not in the location shown in the video,
  15. I just bought it this morning, Not cool. Has anyone contacted them about the trophy bug? Maybe they will patch it.