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  1. THQ Nordic and Feld Entertainment Unveil Monster Jam Steel Titans 2! | THQ Nordic GmbH Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 - Announcement Trailer - YouTube
  2. I see it has been on previous systems, but it seems they have added a trophy and changed the values. What is the game like trophy wise? Never really looked into it. It seems 10tons is trying to get all their games on PS5.
  3. I change up once in a while. Right now I have some that mean something to me like My first platinum overall and my first PS4 platinum. I also have some of my favorite platinum's and also my rarest trophy I have earned. Before I had a lot of my rarest platinum's in there.
  4. I never played the first game but recently bought this and I am playing it now and having a blast. Not necessarily. You can test drive it and get the trophy, that is what I did.
  5. Dead Island Definitive Edition now at 100%. Once again thanks to @DamagingRob for the help on the last DLC trophy we needed.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      Really enjoyed those games on PS3


      Congrats on that

    2. Asuna Yuuki

      Asuna Yuuki

      Well done Jason. How's your back buddy? :)

    3. snakebit10


      @Dr_Mayus Cool, I never got them on PS3. probably will wait a little while before playing Riptide.


      @Asuna Yuuki It is getting better.

  6. Since I never played Hitman 1&2 on PS4 this will be great for me. This is one time I will play and finish DLC before starting the main game.
  7. The Whole World Went Away #333 I bought this way back. I don't even remember how long ago. Always did interest me but never started it. Back in December I really started thinking about playing it. I had asked @DamagingRob what Co Op/Mp games he had and I told him what I had. He said he was interested in this and bought it on one of the holiday sales. SO there you have it. Most know the story by now. You are on a Island when an outbreak of Zombies start and you play as one of 4 characters trying to escape the island. Honestly to me the story was kind of underwhelming. On the plus side is was a ton of fun playing it in Co op. If I had to play alone for most the game I don't know if I would of finished. Trophy wise it is a lot of grinding mostly but not to difficult. A couple trophies seemed intimidating at first but there are easy ways to obtain them. It was a good romp and happy to have the platinum. Oh yeah, I want to thank the different randoms whose game we joined just so we could get those trophies. If you find you a good Co op partner give a go. Just 1 DLC trophy left and it will be at 100% Thanks again to @DamagingRob for the help along the way, and being a great Co OP partner.
  8. Platinum #333 Dead Island: Definitive Edition. Thanks to @DamagingRob for playing the whole game in Co op with me. It was a blast.

  9. I have had my PS5 since the end of November and have had my external plugged in ever since and had no issues.
  10. I never got that trophy as I didn't do the DLC. I wasn't aware of that. For the platinum though it shouldn't affect anything.
  11. I don't know about Mercenaries but for Shadow Fall in won't affect any trophies. There are no clan related trophies.
  12. It's been almost a year since I did it and I don't recall having any issues. Like mentioned above, make sure you have the best fishing rod.
  13. Didn't start this day right. I turned the wrong way and pulled a muscle in my lower back. I just mentioned to @Kristen Danielle last week it don't take much to pull a muscle. Next time I'll keep my mouth shut. LOL.

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    2. Sofa King

      Sofa King

      Oh man do I know that feeling all too well. A few months ago I sneezed and my whole back started to spasm. Kept me home from work that day. Getting older sucks.

      Get better soon!

    3. snakebit10


      @Sofa King Ouch! That sucks.


      Well I went to the ER, they have diagnosed me with a strained back. Gave me a shot and a back batch.

    4. Ala-Arska


      I always feel weird giving a "like" to updates such as this, as if I'm liking that you got injured :blush:

      Best of recoveries to you mate, hope you'll be up and about in no time :awesome:

  14. I wonder why The Bit. Trip platinum rarity is much higher on PSN than it is on PSNprofiles. It is usually the other way around for games.

    1. pot1414


      Vita cheating probably

  15. Bugsnax Master #332 What you see isn't always what you get. When Bugsnax was first reveled it was kinda cutesy looking and really didn't know what it was. I was a fan of Octodad and wanted to check this out also. It helped that it was the first PS5 game to be a plus game. I started it back at the beginning of December only for it to give way to Miles Morales. I came back to it at the end of December and here we are. It is darker in tone than what the looks of the game presents. It has it's funny moments but some of the story is darker. It was fun for it's time and glad I was able to catch them all.