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  1. I'll give a little update, Sinc I've started I have gone from 4 trophies to 27 in Dreamfall Chapters. So I am working to have it done by the end of the month. @Gretchen27 Do I have to just stick to the games I have listed. If one month I get one of my games done early in the month and I decide to work on something I didn't list can I still post it here?
  2. I have often wondered this also. I'd love to see it implemented.
  3. Looking at my trophy log and noticed out of my last 4 trophies I earned 3 of them are time stamped 10:27 P.M., 11:27 P.M., and 12:27 A.M. I couldn't of planned that if I wanted to. 

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    2. ResoluteRock


      @snakebit10 Just imagine if you got your 11th platinum on November 11, 2011. :o

    3. snakebit10


      @ResoluteRock Yeah that would of been neat and imagine if it was at 11:11.

    4. ee28max


      Wow, that's really interesting and it wasn't even planned. With time I will go through my log and see if I'll find something strange too. 

  4. Couldn't have said it any better. Took me almost 2 weeks of casual playing to get the plat because I couldn't playing it for to long.
  5. Grand Theft Auto 4
  6. I've seen this thread just haven't responded to it. I have 12 games listed and plan on working on for the backlog challenge I am in. I won't list them here. Instead I am going to list 10 other games I would love to plat this year. 1. Spider-Man: Already have started this and am really enjoying it so far. 2. God of War: Got this during the holiday sales and am really looking forward to it. 3. Detroit: Become Human, Have been a fan of David Cage games and really hope this is as good 4. Battlefield Hardline: Have this one a while and haven't started it yet. 5. Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Another one I have had a while but never started. 6. Oceanhorn. Looks really cool and want to get to it this year 7. Agents of Mayhem: Love the Saints Row games and hope this is good 8. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 1 & 2: I have had these for a long time and hope to get to them this year 9. Spyro 2&3 10. At least the first Crash Bandicoot game Honorable mention and possible Star Wars Battlefront, L.A. Noire (ps4), and RDR2
  7. I understand were you are coming from. I have also bought so many of these easy games I have played them instead of the bigger games. I have a mess of the big releases from last year I haven't even touched. I have some of the best PS3 games released I haven't played and so many of the plus games I haven't played. I also say I am going to avoid the sales and then I cave and buy more games.
  8. I really don't care about leaderboards. I do check were I am at once in a while but not my biggest concern. I enjoy games and earning trophies for myself.
  9. PS4 Pro Is totally worth it in my opinion. I got it when my launch day PS4 was sounding like a airplane taking off. I also have a 4k HDR tv and I do notice a difference in the games that do support it. I also have a PS3 super slim model.
  10. I have done some of these quick and easy plats. Don't get me wrong nothing wrong once in a while. This year though I am trying to play some of the games I have that take a little more effort. Not really the most difficult platinums but some that do take effort to complete. I often look back on my older platinum's from PS3 days and most of them did take effort to complete. Never did PS3 have these quick platinum's. As much as I love gaming and going for trophies I think this gen has lessoned the value of earning a platinum. Even the movie tie in games from PS3 which was considered the trophy whore games took a little more effort then some of these games we are getting now. I am sure I will still play some of the easy ones but want to concentrate on some of the better games I have. One other thing I don't understand is having a account to so you can get all the stacks of a game. Only games I stack are remasters of games I really enjoyed from PS3 and don't mind playing again.
  11. For anyone who likes looking at graphic comparison videos here is one showing the differences between the original and the Enhanced version.
  12. Yes, your account is connected to both consoles. On the Ps3 you have to put your trophies to online mode to see your ps4 trophies.
  13. I'm thinking what Sony has in store for this year. They didn't have the PS experience in December and they are skipping E3 this year. They don't have as many first party title on the cards for this year. We still don't know a release for TLOU Part II and Ghost of Tsushima. Days Gone is coming in April, still not sold on this one and Dreams is coming. So what is in store for other first party studios as far as possible announcements. I'm sure Guerilla Games, Santa Monica and Insomniac have something in store.

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    2. ruffedgz


      Im guessing Sony will make their own E3-ish conference just for Playstation and announce PS5 and other things there.. I dont see any other reason to leave E3 if they think this can do better and do most focused content that would help them more in the long run. But this is just a thought, no real evidence to say :P

    3. kingdrake2


      console sales are always good. kinda hoping they got something going strong after the holiday sale is over. usually it starts up pretty well after the middle of January. 

    4. Spaz


      Personally I don’t care for the PlayStation 5. If this generation told us anything it’s better to wait. 


      Had I waited another year I would of jumped on the PS4 Pro/Slim bandwagon. But the Batman Arkham Knight bundle was just too good to pass up.