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  1. I have played and 100% some of those you have mentioned also. I just didn't list them all out. I have some of them also but haven't played them yet. Great list of games. I'll add the Monkey Island games also. I liked them.
  2. Absolutely. There has been some amazing games I have played that didn't have a platinum. A few of my favorites without a platinum Infamous Festival of Blood Far Cry Blood Dragon Child of Light A Way Out Abzu Inside Valiant Hearts Firewatch Contrast.
  3. Platinum #422 and 100% completion Toem. Such a unique game. Really enjoyed it.

  4. I guess the vikings holiday trophy glitched for me. Last thing I needed was one dry season and turn in one quest to the boy who couldn't go out at night. I got the flower pot and it said 11/11 but it is still in my book not complete. Any suggestions without playing the whole game again? Nevermind i got it. I had to talk to the guy again that gave me the quest.
  5. It cost me $4.99 to upgrade.
  6. Sorry if I disappointed you. I like statistics and so it wasn't to bad to do. If I was one these that has thousands of platinum's I may have skipped out on counting.
  7. Not really talking about trophies by time. That is the other thread in my OP. I am interested to see peoples platinum's by the hour. I had to manually calculate as this site does not provide that statistic. American time there is 24 hours in a day.
  8. This idea came to me and is loosely based off of this thread. I took it upon myself to count up how many platinum's I have earned in each hour. All 421 of them. 12 AM 55 1 AM 38 2 AM 10 3 AM 0 4 AM 1 5 AM 0 6 AM 0 7 AM 1 8 AM 3 9 AM 3 10 AM 4 11 AM 7 12 PM 3 1 PM 4 2 PM 5 3 PM 4 4 PM 8 5 PM 9 6 PM 19 7 PM 29 8 PM 44 9 PM 40 10 PM 55 11 PM 79 It makes since that most of my platinum's are in the evening, considering that is when I play mostly.
  9. No. 421 platinums and never had one of them on my birthday. I have one the day before. Since it is in a couple weeks I may try to line one up.
  10. Platinum #421 Medievil


    Came back to it after starting it 2 years ago. Enjoyed much more this time around.

  11. Happened to me last night while I was searching for something.
  12. The PS5 version is available and it is a free upgrade. I had bought the game a while ago. I don't know if it's free upgrade for those who played it through PS Plus. It is now available for me here in the US.
  13. I just checked my stats I don't think they are completely accurate. 4 AM 0 I know for a fact this is not right. I got the platinum in Spec Ops the Line at 4:11 AM in 2012 5 AM 0 Not correct either. Got the trophy in Uncharted collection On Porpoise at 5:39 AM earlier this year 6 AM 0 7 AM 46 8 AM 213 9 AM 184 Not in the time slot OP was asking for but it also says o for 3 AM and I just got one in House of Ashes this summer and I know several others I have gotten in the 3 AM hour. I do have my time zone set correctly and have only played in one time zone.
  14. This is what I posted back in July when it seemed like they were going to fix it.
  15. I've told others there is no need to go looking up guides. The hints and activity cards will lead you to the platinum. They are so useful.