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  1. Ones that come to mind that I do intend to play are, Devil May Cry (own the reboot) Yakuza (have one that was free on plus) Kingdom Hearts (recently got the ones on PS4)
  2. What a joke. For the Uncharted trilogy they want $199.52 in USD. I just don't know about this. You can be a whole lot of new games to play for that price. Couldn't this be reported to Sony? Would Sony shut this type of service down since it requires you giving your log in details?
  3. #270 Shenmue Full Cabinet This is my first time playing the series. Just like on PS3, a lot of the remasters of older games I missed out on. I was so into Madden back in the older generation of consoles I missed a lot of these series that have been remastered. I can see why Shenmue was considered to be revolutionary I started back in October but got kind of bored of how slow time passed in the game. I wanted to finish off a game seeing it is the middle of March and hadn't got a platinum this month. So yesterday I decided to give this another try and finished it in less than a days time. I'll play the second game soon and I will be interested to see how the 3rd game will turn out.
  4. Platinum #270 Shenmue. Why did I wait 5 months to finish this off? The last portion of the game was the best part. Like a good action flick, it starts slow and builds up to an explosive end. 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Nice work! Still good after all these years? Will have to check them out, eventually.

    3. Condemned09
    4. snakebit10


      Thanks everyone.


      @DamagingRob This is my first experience with it. I can see why it is loved by so many. I will play the second game eventually, but now I am curious as to what they will do with the 3rd game.

  5. If I do get one it would give me 4 controllers. I have the black one, a Silver one, and one of the clear ones.
  6. I like it. I think the Green and White mix together quite nicely.
  7. Wow, the PlayStation blog has a nice new clean look to it.



      I hope I wont get banned for talking crap with my comments. hahahaha

  8. Any Tyler Perry/Madea fans here?

  9. Nice guide. One thing I found though is you couldn't always count on the same enemy placement. Heck, my successful run I hardly had any enemies and my friendly AI actually did something for me. I even flashed bang myself before the final hall way and still made it. When I was going for it I seen a lot of randomness from the enemies.
  10. This may open a can of worms, but here goes. I was one of the ones hoping the Modern Warfare remaster percentage would go down this month but it has gone up. I see people talking about glitching through the campaign and Mile High Club. I feel better knowing I didn't use glitches. Took me longer than what I wanted to plat it 2 years ago but I struggled quite a bit on certain parts of the campaign and Mile High Club. 


    To each there own I guess. 

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    2. kidson2004


      Eh, I beat the campaign on veteran on the PS3 so I can do it again on the PS4, so I’m not worried. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      lol I did the exploit way back for the mile high club. Echoing Rob's sentiment, I didn't really care that much doing it legit or not legit. Didn't feel like spending hours on one part of the game but each to their own.

      And I also got my challenge from playing veteran in the campaign which was enough. I mean this image I captured summarizes my whole experience with veteran :P 


    4. Shiganshina


      There's nothing to brag about doing things legit, it's more a matter of personal satisfaction. I personally don't see the point in using a glitch to get a trophy but I understand the majority of players just care about their trophies and they'd do almost anything to unlock them 😅

  11. Not hard using a guide but like @Einigkeit mentioned above, I had some trouble remembering how to get back to some places.
  12. Just Continue. I got plat last month and never used New game plus.
  13. In the thread for this trophy I posted my video on using just the pistol. It was the only way I could get the full accuracy bonus. As for sprinting I don't really remember.
  14. Others are saying it is easy, but I would hardly call it easy. I am pretty good with FPS and struggled at quite a few parts in the campaign on veteran difficulty. Than there is the Best of the Best trophy and Mile High Club. Who ever says it takes 20 hours I would beg to differ. It took me close to if not more than 20 hours on just those 2 trophies alone. I did Mile High Club legit though. There are glitches that make Mile High Club easier but I didn't use them.