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  1. I have on a few titles but it mostly was because of MP. I have played Killzone Shadow Fall and BF4 since I got the platinums and I have played the MLB the Show games after platinum. Most the time they don't require to play franchise or season mode for trophies and I enjoy that so they still have replayability after the plat has popped.
  2. Two other threads all ready discussing it.
  3. All 8 DLC packs is included and it is going to cost $39.99
  4. If that was the case maybe I could use the money towards a game.
  5. I still have my PS3 camera but I doubt it would work on PS4 if they keep this trophy. I don't want to spend 50 dollars on a PS4 camera.
  6. Sad to say but yeah, I will gladly play this again. I really enjoyed it. I just hope they drop the need for the camera and the wildcat trophy.
  7. So the Burnout Paradise remaster has been made official. EA has decided to join the remaster after all. Maybe one day we will get a Dead Space remaster.

    1. Precision-Playyy


      Fuck dead space, all about that underground 2 remaster 😍

    2. snakebit10


      Never played Underground 2 so I guess that would be something I would be interested in. I said Dead Space because it is one of my all time favorites and would love to see it on new hardware with HDR and 4k support.

  8. It is official. Coming March 16.
  9. #240 RIME The End is a new beginning Like many others I got this through Plus this month. I enjoyed it somewhat. With no voices you have to try to piece together the story throughout the 4 levels you play. The platforming was okay but not great. Visually the game looks good. It does have some frame pacing issues. Especially chapter 2 were it was most notable for me. This is one I am glad I tried through plus instead of purchasing full price.
  10. Should have the RIME plat latter on this evening. Missed a couple of things in my play through that I have to go back and do. Overall I enjoyed it but I am glad I got it through plus

    1. PermaFox


      Agreed.  I'm halfway through and a bit wiser.  Will need to play again to get the collectibles in the first chapter.  Will be ready to move onto another game when I'm done.

  11. I seen a video on YouTube last night that Tomb Raider 2 is getting a remake on PC. I wonder if that will make it to consoles.

    1. snakebit10


      Never Mind. After searching a little more it is a fan remake. It does have a playable demo though.

  12. Not anytime soon. I don't play it PS3 that often but I still have games I want to clean up and I have some I still want to start on PS3. Most notably the Star Wars Force Unleashed games and Vanquish.
  13. I don't know if I am ready for 100 hour platinums but 40 to 60 hours is plenty for me. I will still play the easy ones to break up harder or longer plats. I just am trying to refrain from buying every easy game that comes out.
  14. I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone. I just enjoy games. I have done my fair share of those stupid easy ones also and some of them I have enjoyed and some I haven't. I have also do some harder stuff also. I am trying to limit how many of the easy one's I buy now. That is just a personal choice. I have alslo been in the same line of thought about longer games. Putting them off because of how long it would take. Trying to change that also.