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  1. I got thinking yester day what game series/IP can be played in any order and still be fine with knowing what's going on. Only ones I've played that could be partially is Call of Duty, unless it's the black ops or Modern Warfare games and Assassin Creed games to a point. Any others anyone knows of.

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    2. Waffle-Sensei


      Persona games are always standalone unless in reference to the 2 duology. 

    3. Crispy_Oglop


      @Dreakon13- Agree with you there, I don't really consider the off-shoot sequels to be traditional FF games in context with what @snakebit10 was mentioning. Standalone, non-offshoot FF games you could definitely play out of order. But if you incorporate the filler sequels you'd 100% have to play FF X and FF X-2 in sequence.

      Not sure about FF XIII-2 and Lightning Returns. I played them pretty much sequentially, and I seem to remember thinking they could all be standalone experiences enjoyable in any order.

      Other games - I reckon alot of Nintendo franchise titles could be played out of sequence - Zelda / Mario etc, although I could be wrong there.

      Borderlands 1, 2, Pre-sequel and the Tales from the Borderlands could all be played out of sequence imo. Darksiders 1 - 3 also could be played out of sequence i reckon as they all take place pretty much in and around each other in terms of timeline.

    4. snakebit10


      After I have thought some more today the Far Cry games could be played out of order as they all stand on their own. Not sure if the new one coming out would require you to play 5 first being it is set after the events of 5 in the future.