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  1. So the first trophy you can earn in Rise of the Tomb Raider has glitched on me. Just found out this is a known problem. 

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    2. snakebit10


      @BB-BakkerJ It is the one for surviving the avalanche. After checking @DamagingRob trophies and the most recent earner they both Got it after entering the Syrian tomb. Either I am misreading the guide or it is wrong. I am under the impression that Surviving the Avalanche is suppose to be the first trophy. I was going to replay from the start tonight if that is the case.

    3. The Tick

      The Tick

      Yeah, I had the same thoughts as you back when I played it. Just keep playing, that one will unlock a bit later. 

    4. snakebit10


      Thanks for clearing this up for me @BB-BakkerJ.

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