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  1. For those of you that don't currently have it downloaded, you may want to go ahead and do so. The next update drops in 3 days. This new map sounds cool and they have added some new gameplay elements in it. I am sure there will be at least one new trophy. Hopefully more. I wish they would do something other than collectible trophies like they have done for a majority of the trophies.
  2. If you want to take advantage of the increase in friends on pS4 and add some more people to your friends list. Post your name and maybe the games you will be playing so we can pair up and maybe play the same games and the MP if the game has it. When sending the FR mention that you are from this site. PSN ID: snakebit10 Games I'll have at launch. Battlefield 4 Killzone ShadowFall Madden 25 NBA 2K14
  3. 319 So this has been almost 3 years in the making and honestly didn't think I would return to it to get the platinum. Recently I seen @DamagingRob playing and asked if he wanted to boost the one online trophy. It is a tricky one because we would only pair up once every 24 hours, so we had to use a mess of dummy accounts to get it done in one night. That only left the conquest mode trophy. I struggled mightily with it and thankfully @DamagingRob found a good video that explained it in simple terms and I was able to finally get the platinum.
  4. Looking at the user above you pick a plat they have that you don't see on to many peoples platinum list. It dosen't have to be the rarest plat on someones list. It could be a lesser know game or a obscure game also. Of course it could be a ultra rare plat. I know I have looked through peoples profiles on here before and been like oh I don't see that one to often. Just thought up this idea and hope it turns out.
  5. #318 Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince These games are always beautiful look at and have good platforming and puzzle solving. Honestly some of the puzzles really make you think. I think this was a good bounce back from Trine 3. This felt more like a complete game. Trophy wise it is straight forward. Complete the levels and collect the collectibles. If your a fan of the series I would recommend it.
  6. Shadwen is the only game I have on that list that I haven't completed. At this point I really don't care if I do. It was frustrating, clunky and boring. It is nice to know I will be to trade in my PS4. I would have to to have room. I have such a small place for my gaming.
  7. I was just going to post this about Shadwen. I still don't understand why Hitman Go doesn't work on PS5 but Lara Croft Go does. It is great that only 10 games out of all the PS4 games doesn't work.
  8. I started this game on another site and someone has asked me to start it here also. For those who are not familliar with how it goes you look at the users platinum's above you and you pick one that you are jealous of. It can be a game that maybe you started and quit on it or a game that you don't own yet and want to eventually. Lets have some fun with it here.
  9. Already a thread.
  10. Spider Man is the most platinumed game now and Assassins Creed II has dropped to 4th. I remember that being number 1 for so long.


  11. I wonder what some of these features on PS4 that may not be available on PS5 are. Also when you look up the games that are on the list of non compatible Like Hitman Go, it says PS4 only.
  12. If anyone is interested Maneater is $19.99 on Amazon right now. Just ordered a copy. Most likely will wait to play it on PS5 though.

  13. Don't look to bad at all. At least the drinking game is much easier this time. Some collectibles and upgrading stuff may be the most time consuming. Looks like a typical Ubisoft list. Surprised no online this time.
  14. On PS3 it was just me and a friend that boosted. The rank 60 trophy is tedious. I remember falling asleep a few times when we boosted. Other than that it is a good game story wise. The mp felt tacked on. I haven't bought it again on PS4 for the simple fact of not wanting to go through the boost again.
  15. I like the look of everything except the in game video of a friend playing. I think that would be distracting. Doubt I would use that feature much. Every thing else looks cool.
  16. It seems there is a G.I. Joe game coming to current gen consoles and next gen. At least the Xbox covers confirms next gen. I was a huge G.I. Joe fan as a kid. I had the toys, watched the show and read the comics. I never played the PS3 game. If this is indeed decent I would be interested in it.
  17. It has been announced that Maneater is getting the free next-gen upgrade treatment. I am somewhat interested in this game and now knowing this may wait to play it on PS5.
  18. I have heard good things about it. I am not real familiar with souls type games. I have a couple and Bloodborne but haven't got around to them yet.
  19. I grabbed Mummy Demastered also. Don't know the last time I seen that on sale.
  20. Most fun platinum's: 1 - Infamous 2 - Uncharted 2 3 - Horizon Zero Dawn Most grindy platinum's: 1 - Killzone Shadow Fall 2 - Wolfenstein Youngblood 3 - Borderlands 2 Highest skill based platinum's: 1 - Killzone 2 2 - Mirror's Edge Catalyst 3 - Little Big Planet Most boring / tedious platinum's I earned: 1 - Orc Slayer 2 - Albedo 3 - Game of Thrones (Telltale game) Platinums that I did not achieve, but I wanted 1. Mirror's Edge 2. Resistance 2 3. GTA IV
  21. Yeah, I know that. I loved Until Dawn, I have held off on it because of the Co op trophy. I am sure I'll find some one on PSN profiles that can help.
  22. I just bought the first game in The Dark Pictures anthology last night. If I like it I will keep an eye out on this one also.
  23. I think in the Dead Space series Dead Space Extraction should be stage 1 and not listed as no stage. It is based on the events leading up to Dead Space.