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  1. Has anyone been able to purchase the free upgrade for this? I can't redeem it.
  2. I have the retail version for ps5, patched to version 1.000.035. How do i progress to get the invested in the future trophy and do i need to patch the game to the latest patch for other trophies? Update: version 1.000.035 is v1.6 apparantly. Back to the drawing board...
  3. Bought the retail ps5 version. Blocked internet access after installing. Version number is 1.000.035... how do i boost equipment? Is there a point in the campaign i need to reach or a specific equipment level? Playing on an alt account i finished the campaign up to the part where i can play H.A.R.M. training missions. It's at 23%. UPDATE: Apparantly version 1.000.035 is the same as v1.60... guess i'm uninstalling the game. How do i download the 1.03 patch from the link on the other page? Use a browser on my ps5 or download it on a thumb drive on pc and copy the file to my ps5 from there? Sorry for my long post and dumb questions...
  4. Thanks! Saves me the hassle of playing it twice! 😁👍🏻
  5. I might do the same eventually, i have the physical release of the ps4 version and don't want to use the software mentioned in the other posts to fiddle with my home network. Might wait for a sale on that physical ps5 version though...
  6. Was this fixed by any chance?
  7. Is invest in the future fixed too?
  8. Any update on the patch and if it fixed the trophies?
  9. Keep us posted... 😁
  10. Got the trophy. The Angel of death bonus seemed to occur according to the old conditions again. On to the platinum trophy! Just some multiplayer and glory-grinding left. Any tips on gaining glory fast?
  11. Awesome. Getting it first thing tomorrow!
  12. Earth Defense Force 5 is a lot of fun! I also recommend Dead Nation and Helldivers. Two twin-stick shooters.
  13. I got it to proc like you said. First game. I'll check again after work tonight.
  14. So you shut down the game after one mission? My counter has somehow jumped to 2, but i have no idea how to get this to proc again.
  15. Nice, thanks for the update. Hopefully the patch will land soon. Let me know when you're online!