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  1. That is a shame. I'll wait for it though...
  2. Nope. Just the ones with the specific scavenging location icons.
  3. Thanks. Will try that for sure!
  4. Did you play the alpha or do you have any source material to back this up? The free2play model was definitely a cashgrab, but the developers chose to change after listening to the audience.
  5. One million kills... just... wow... luckily no hardcore trophies this time around.
  6. Just finished my first one. Capt. America with a gold medal. Wolverine though... oof... i'm up for a challenge, but this... Edit: First five gold medals done. Feels like a bit of a grind though.
  7. Still having this issue...
  8. is this postgame?
  9. Thanks for this. Saves me some time at least. Now to get those crews running... This game is more fun than most people on this forum say to me.
  10. I just finished the first encampment (undertow), but my stats and the challenge counter both didn't go up. Should i start over? They both say 4, so i won't lose too much progression. Just wondering how this works.
  11. Hitman 1 and 2 don't have platinum trophies. But they do have about 100 trophies each...
  12. Damn, looks like I'm going to start this before finishing the first one...
  13. Looks prety straightforward... No minigame like Stardew Valley. 😃👍🏻
  14. Just get to the anomaly with 15 warp cells. From there teleport to shipwreck cove. I used a starter ship with 2 c-class hyperdrive upgrades and the upgrade for red systems. Took me three hours from the start to get to the centre.