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  1. Keep us posted... 😁
  2. Got the trophy. The Angel of death bonus seemed to occur according to the old conditions again. On to the platinum trophy! Just some multiplayer and glory-grinding left. Any tips on gaining glory fast?
  3. Awesome. Getting it first thing tomorrow!
  4. Earth Defense Force 5 is a lot of fun! I also recommend Dead Nation and Helldivers. Two twin-stick shooters.
  5. I got it to proc like you said. First game. I'll check again after work tonight.
  6. So you shut down the game after one mission? My counter has somehow jumped to 2, but i have no idea how to get this to proc again.
  7. Nice, thanks for the update. Hopefully the patch will land soon. Let me know when you're online!
  8. Ps3 store only. DLC only seems to work on ps4 games through ps NOW. I had that issue with Disgaea D2.
  9. What were your findings?
  10. I can help out with the multiplayer trophies if you need help... Just let me know.
  11. I had this happen to me years ago also. It used to happen when i stopped playing the campaign for the multiplayer part of the game. (Tested three times after research) Finish the campaign before you play multiplayer is my advice. Weird this hasn't been patched after 7 years.
  12. Yeah, i know of other developers who should make an example out of this. (I'm looking at you, Ubisoft, fix the Crew 1)
  13. I messaged him on psnp but no response, i also tried to send him a friend request on psn to no avail. On a side note, my "angel of death" tracker went up from 0/30 to 1/30 in the game... don't have a clue how that happened though...
  14. Thanks. I'll wait for a patch to finish up then.
  15. Someone got the trophy last saturday, after three months. I didn't see a patch though. Anyone got any advice on which setup to use? Digital weapons still the way to go?