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  1. Tekken 7 is without question one of the easiest fighting game platinums on the market. Even a beginner to the franchise or a newcomer to the genre will have little to no problems obtaining the covetous platinum trophy. I started T7 this morning and I managed to get the platinum in under 7 hours, I also beat the special chapter against Shin Akuma and beat him on my first attempt. If I was to vote in terms of platinum difficulty I would give this no higher than a 2/10, hope this helped!
  2. I would not rate them as the original poster, however, if you can complete the following trials in USF4 then you can clear all of them. By the way, these are in no particular order. Top 20 hardest trials C.Viper 22, 24 El Fuerte 23, 24 Ibuki 24 Guile 20, 21, 24 Abel 24 Sakura 23, 24 Makoto 24 Adon 22, 23, 24 Gen 24 Blanka 24 Cammy 22 Ryu 24 Ken 24
  3. I realize this thread has been inactive for a while but I thought I would voice my opinion. For those of you who don't know, I'm an experienced NGS2 player and have had the privilege of playing alongside the best European players over the years. I've completed speed and karma runs of team missions along the way earning respectable times and scores. As DPatriot stated there are several players who have played over 1000 hours and maxed out the clock, I am no exception, having played for over 6 years. Having spent copious amounts of hours playing through the missions online using every weapon and strategy for speed and karma. There is no doubt in my mind, nobody in the world can beat all missions with AI partner. Outside hackers, nobody has accomplished that feat on the PS3 let alone a handheld or turbo mode. There are 2 missions in particular that are impossible with AI, Ultimate Ninja 1 and 3. Keep in mind I've played with top players on a daily basis for the last 3 years. Players with over 1000 Ultimate Ninja 1 completions can barely get half way through Ultimate Ninja 1 with the AI. Although I don't have the vita version, I understand the difference in missions is if the AI partner is killed you don't have to revive them whilst on the PS3 you have no choice. Even then, switching from each players perspective on a handheld on UN1 and UN3 does not seem feasible. Personally, I don't think a patch will ever be released to implement online co-op, it has been far too long and the developers don't seem to give it their attention, probably too busy creating another cancer-fest like NG3, Razor Edge and Yaiba. Although you can use various glitches and loops to make things slightly easier or more manageable, no glitch exists in Ultimate Ninja 1 or 3 that will allow you to complete the mission forcefully by going outside the barriers of the map. Furthermore, the amount of luck needed to get halfway through UN1 would take nothing short of a miracle with the AI partner on the PS3. This is not meant to start a debate with anyone, simply my opinion. Should you disagree, I would be happy to listen to your reasoning ^^
  4. Thank you. Yes you can freeze him but not permanently like in team missions. Enma's fang is a terrible weapon though why you'd want to fight Fiend Genshin with it is beyond me. This weapon has very few practical uses and is too sluggish against the majority of enemies and bosses. I'm still adding new information to the guides as I find/remember them. I lost count how many loops/team loops have been detailed in the mission guide but I think its over 40!
  5. I can't see the servers being closed it's already been 6 years since the game was originally released. Credit has to be given to the developers if the servers were run by another company say EA they would have closed them years ago. I'm presuming the upkeep for the servers is minimal or easy to maintain as the servers aren't the best perhaps that's one reason they're still open? I feel if they do pull the plug on the online they will kill the NGS2 community there's only so much time you can play through the single player before you get sick of it. As others have pointed out there are many loops, glitches and tricks you can utilize to your advantage whether your in single player or playing through the team missions. However any information you'll ever need is in my guides. I don't think you'll see a more complete representation of this game anywhere. Everything written in the guides I've produced are from 5 years of experience these are tried and tested methods. Although I haven't listed strategies for every weapon for each boss in the game the reality is some weapons are terrible and are simply out-shined in every department. As far as every boss can be cheaped not every boss can be cheaped. The best example would be Fiend Genshin because he can't be looped, tricked or cheaped in single player therefore you'll have to learn how to fight him legitimately. If the original poster plays the game I highly recommend utilizing the bunny hop/wind path technique which can be found in the General Advice guide along with every technique in the game and the situations/circumstances where they're useful. Your ninpo is just as important as your weapon choices having the right ninpo for the right occasion can make a world of difference. Feel free to contact me if you require any clarification or any advice on anything NGS2 related no matter how trivial it is. I don't believe anyone has actually started the game and used my guides yet so I'm interested to see how useful people find them as I originally wrote them for myself just in case I forgot a specific strategy
  6. Cool I've commented on my guide and if you think that's big its only about 70% complete! You won't find a more detailed guide anywhere that I guarantee
  7. I'm currently editing a gameplay guide and all the text I've bolded has disappeared then when I highlight the gap and remove the bold effect the word appears again. Any thoughts on how to correct this would be appreciated.
  8. Can't you block people on your profile via one of the settings in the user control panel?

    1. Parker


      Go to my settings and then ignore preferences. Do whatever you need to do from there.

    2. MidnightRadiance


      I believe you use the ignore preferences section to block people

    3. Phorus


      thank you gentleman

  9. Ever since I heard that you had to open these gaming sessions I thought what a waste of time. You can only create a session for a single day and the guy who closed my post says I need to create multiple sessions because its impossible to do what I want to achieve in a single session is pointless to be honest with you. Everyday or everyother day I need to create another gaming session. I've been on plenty of trophy sites and none of the I use do this method. Surely they should at least let you keep it open until you see fit.
  10. Not sure whether I should add my in-depth team missions guide or ngs2 or not seeing as the game is 4+ years old any thoughts?

    1. Sir_Bee


      I think that if you had the time, it would be helpful. Even if it only helps a handful of people, that is still a handful of people helped :)

    2. Phorus


      Problem is this is without blowing my own trumpet the most comprehensive team missions guide on the internet. I'm nearly finished with it as I was using it myself for personal use its took me at least 6 months to write it getting close to 20,000 words thats how in depth it is. Plus its a guide written from a top players perspective!

    3. Sir_Bee


      Why is that a problem? That sounds like it would be a great tool to share with the gaming community, regardless of how many or few people need or use it.

  11. I have played this game in excess of over 100 hours and haven't experienced any of the issues the original poster has commented on, in fact I haven't had any problems period no bugs, no freezing. As for the recent patches fixing one thing and creating new problems I personally haven't had any problems with any game patches the developer has released.