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  1. Right, obviously I wouldn't want DLC if it's gonna take too much away from them working on part 2, but adding some extra fights to the colosseum wouldn't take any time at all. But I would be perfectly fine with no DLC at all, I just love this game so much so I also wouldn't be opposed to it either
  2. ....content for FF7 Remake WITH trophies added, you think? Since this is my new all time favorite PS4 game and the only game I've personally given a 10/10 to in MANY years( not counting remasters or ports, cuz the original FF7, FF8, & FF9 ports on PS4 are all also 10/10's imo. Yeah, I LOVE FF lol) So I obviously hope that DLC will be added, and with trophies too.( I'm a trophy hunter.) But IF DLC is added, what could it possibly be? Maybe like 5-10 new battles either in the Corneo Colosseum or the Training Facility thingy in Chapter 17( *SPOILERS* ya know, where you fight the Pride and Joy Prototype after fighting Shiva, Fat Chocobo, Leviathon, Bahamut & Ifrit). OR maybe like a 3 hour campaign where you play as Barret during the events when Cloud meets Aerith and then does all of the Wall Market stuff. I could see that working, showing us what Barret went through starting from the second Cloud fell after fighting the Airbuster all the way til Cloud meets back up with him again at Sector 7 at the top of the tower. That would be cool. What do you guys think?
  3. Ever since I was just 3 years old, and I'm 30 now so I've been playing games for 27 years. My parents used to tell me how they couldn't believe how good I was at playing SMB3 & Tetris at such a young age haha! And I'm going to continue playing games til the day that I die, so basically whatever age I am when I die, subtract 3 from it and that's how many years of my life I've spent playing video games.
  4. If anyone can spare a few minutes to help me get this trophy I would really appreciate it. All we have to do is land a fully charged physical attack on an enemy at the same time. I'm ready literally anytime so just message me: Beast_Mode255 Thanks
  5. I already beat it on Akumu and got the plat, but thank you very much!
  6. Mine was "Let's gear up" for The Last of Us Remastered Also I wanna add that my first trophy ever was called "Meat Shower" for Resident Evil 5 lol
  7. Yeah this boss was the first real challenge on hard mode imo. I gave Aerith Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Wind Materia so she could hit it with whatever it was weak against at the time, and Cloud had Healing and Revive materia to keep them both alive, and Time linked with Magnify to give them both Haste. I think I gave Aerith Healing and Revive also but only for emergencies. Also the second it spits out any Tonberry's, I used Clouds Triple Slash to take them out asap. I saved any Limit Breaks or Summons for the final phase(although I don't think I even used a summon on the attempt I beat him on) but man did Aerith's Planet Protection really come in handy for the final phase tho lol. For most of the fight I was controlling Aerith, only switching to Cloud to use or Haste or to Heal. Also whenever he would become weak to a certain element like Fire, I would use Fire instead of Fira or Firaga, for two reasons: one because it was cheaper and I unfortunately got to that boss with low MP for Aerith, and two because it took less time to cast it. I'm not saying that any of this is the best way to go about this fight, I'm just saying this is what I did on the attempt that I beat him. Anyways just keep healing whenever anyone starts getting even somewhat low on HP( I pretty much made sure to never let either of them drop below 50% HP) and just keep chipping away at it's health and using whatever it happens to be weak against and you should get him eventually. Also idk if this'll help, but if the Hell House swallows up one of your characters, you can heal that character even while it's still inside of the Hell House. Good luck!
  8. Replying to this topic yet again lol I got my 106th, 107th, & my 108th Platinums all in the last 3 weeks. DOOM Eternal, RE3 Remake, and just a little while ago I got the RE Resistance plat. Also DOOM Eternal & RE3 Remake are sooo good, both are tied for my GotY. Although the original RE3 will always be my favorite in the series tho.
  9. No joke, I literally just had a convo with someone on YouTube yesterday saying that I can't wait until they bring over Dusk & Ion Fury to consoles. Then I get on here today and what do you know! Lol I'm soooo damn excited to finally play this!
  10. I'm just upset that there isn't a Plat, but whatever I'm still super excited to play this! Doom is the best!
  11. March 2020 Marvel's Spider-Man Days Gone I edited it cuz i didn't realize we were guessing for each month specifically.
  12. I actually did 1000 jumps once before, when I was like 14 or 15 years old, playing FF9 on my PS1. Now I'm 30 and I believe the highest I got to was 200 something. I just don't have the patience to keep attempting this nowadays lol, although I might try it again sometime using your advice.
  13. Well, Sigil is awesome. I never thought I was ever gonna get to play it(I don't ever play games on PC, and I never dreamed they would release it as DLC!) It's also nice to have TNT & Plutonia again, since I don't have access to DOOM Classic Complete on the PS3 anymore. I just wish they would have added a few DLC trophies tied to TNT, Plutonia, & Sigil.... but oh well, that's just a very minor complaint.
  14. Also idk why this got posted twice lol I just noticed that.
  15. Well now not only did they patch in TNT & Plutonia, but also No Rest For The Living and Sigil! Which is awesome since Sigil was just made last year. I've been playing them all since I don't have access to DOOM Classic Complete on the PS3 anymore. I just wish they would have added DLC trophies with the patch, but that's just a very minor complaint from me, since I love going for trophies for games I love.