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  1. SHINOVI VERSUS Thank You for Playing!! Obtained all trophies. Fun game and easy but quite a bit of grinding
  2. DMC 3 weapons, soundtrack, and virgil.
  3. Shell Shock
  4. Mao since it's got a disgaea 3 sticker on it.
  5. It's a long stroll down memory lane but it never gets old.
  6. Tales of Xillia platinum and Demon Souls many weapon upgrades.
  7. Max Payne 3 An Echo Of The Past Find All Clues A License To Kill Collect All Golden Guns Sometimes You Get Lucky Get A Headshot During The Rooftop Tremors
  8. Nope, he's stranded in nowhere Revy
  9. Headphone Actor
  10. Yup Dark Mark
  11. Has yet to realize anything goes.
  12. DarkStar619
  13. Soul Edge
  14. Jou from Gatchaman Crowds
  15. Don't look up
  16. Nightmare
  17. 8/10 since i'm a paul fan
  18. 7/10
  19. Online, since i like alot of old games.
  20. Dog of War Register 150 organic enemy kills Pistol Expert Register 150 Pistol Kills Medal of Exploration Land on an uncharted world
  21. It's magic
  22. Nisemonogatari
  23. Eternal Legacy