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  1. I really dont know where is the cheat, I just remember that the edition that I had was with a car red bull that it was pretty fast, I remember that everything it was easy, I really dont know where is the cheat Can someone please explain where is the problem? To be honest I just play I dont see if theres servers or not, Ive to take a look on that PS vita to see what happened If I were cheater I would have 100% completetition not 89% Im going to take a look on that game as well, I really dont know what people is talking here haha I just play I never see the timestamp or stuff like that Can someone tell me if I play PS3 and PS vita and the same time is cheat as well? Sometimes I play both at the same time (ps vita easy games) and ps3 and the trophies just pop up
  2. Simple When I die, all say that I must exit the game with PS Botton, but what happen if I quit the game from the menu that appears when I died pressing Circle? I lose the trophy in that way? Someone, that quit the game in that way and won the trophy
  3. I readed the last topic of this and looks like theres a problem with the online Ive only a 0.01 percent to get this trophy cause ive NAT3 But i readed that with another ps3 you can get it,,, (If you connect both ps3 to the same net) is this true? I ask this because my counsin have another ps3
  4. Christerious96 Mortal Kombat It's simple, when I reach more than 300,000+ krypt coins I start to buy everything<br /> <br /> if youve more doubts about this let me know
  5. Thanks to all Changing HDD, the HDD need to be format The PS Plus trial expires to me jeje, ive 20 months in another account but cant do nothing The cable to transfer sounds good but the savedatas with protecction you cant copy not even in backup Ive to resign myself and try to start from the beggining just focus in the trophies that i need :/
  6. Hi, today i want to change of ps3 but i want my savedata cause ive a lot of progress, Theres a way to transfer only my savedata?
  7. The save have copy protecction, and i dont have ps+ in this account just in other, but spend 10$ just for that can be a mess
  8. I only have 1 doubt When the game finally close the severs, will be able to play solo mode?
  9. Hey I have a problem with this trophy I participated around 5 times in these final assault but when appears "Assault defended" (I guess, because my game is in spanish) the trophy didn't pop, i go to the "computer" and neither When this assault start, i go to the planet, i select a level 3 mission, i complete the mission, i wait, and dont pop Whats the correct way to obtain this trophy?
  10. How much exp do you need to get the lvl 60? Someone told me thats 4,000,000? is it this true?
  11. The yellow is the community bar? This bar is reached before the red... I think... Mmm its weird because now the tetris pieces start to be yellow, i think that maybe ill only avaliable to obtain the trophy in the next war... cause we are populating and not attacking
  12. I think that this is the most easy way, because the most long trophy, according to matches is "Another level" cause to do this trophy you will need to do 80 matches at least. Then I divide that quantity in the other trophies. But always if you want to do all this trophies in another way will be good. Notes: -Approximately 8 hours per person, Making rooms of 5 min per match -You must have 10 casualties per game with the missile assigned -Over 10 games you need to intermediate 5 for each vehicle assigned. Except the last, which you must mediate 3 3 4 -Will not be playing less than 80 games. That is the minimum -Following the guidance trophies must pop in this order "Point, Shoot, Kill", "A la mode", "Any car will do", "Another Level" -Ideally to use this guide with new friends, it would make 10 matches at a time per player -I'm not good english speaker jaja and the list is not pretty jaja
  13. This is a wesite of trophies
  14. The only problem with this game mabye it is the level 5-5 You will take a lot of time to complete this level at 100 but to us, the trophy hunters... This game it wont be a problem
  15. When I finish, I will publish the final list because there is a problem with the cars to unlock ad ill edit some tips
  16. The trophy don't pop Maybe the problem was that i started a new campaing before i finished the last But the trophy Am I not merciful? pop while i was playing, then there's a problem maybe the game always saved while i was playing PD: The second boss is the most difficult stage
  17. I will try to do it jaja Anyway, Thank for all
  18. I don't like read that I think it's time to start since the begining again Do you know if from this menu can I quit the game too? or it is before this menu appears?
  19. I was searching the dlcs in the store but I didn't find it I saw a post that said that the dlcs are free is this truth? and if it's, come with the update?
  20. Thanks to all
  21. Please if someone find this Chest please writte the localitation I have several hours searching and i dont find it
  22. Ive this doubt because I visited all places and the trophy dont pop up, I dont know what I did wrong I finished all the game, I conquered all the fortresses and i visited all other places, but the trophy do not pop, And I too i can do all the fast travel to all places I need the dlcs?
  23. In 2013, i think, this game was released to Japanesse plus, if you downloaded and you have the account please send me a PM to my PSN ID, i have some doubts Regards
  24. I just lose the pass of the account and i bought another PS Plus subscription but i cannot play anymore the game Any solution?
  25. Which tournaments are for get this trophy (Elite Trophy) There are Elite Premium Free And avaliable Daily Week Monthly But someone told that just Premium Tournaments are to get this trophy and the Free tournaments dont count Is it this truth?