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  1. While I'm driving the ship can appear one? or i need to walk around the place?
  2. I Visited all the places before i post this and dont find it I guess all the time there's some chest avaliable or not?
  3. What I treat to say it's if you buy the season pass, one DLC or and bundle. The DLC's can be used in the 3 plataforms, PS4, PS Vita, and PS3 or we need to buy all to each one? 1) DC Universe Online 2) Call Of Duty: Advance Warfare 3) Zen Pinball 2 4) Pinball Arcade 5) Best of Arcade Games and i dont remember more games for now
  4. I dont understand why the first places in the world on all challenges modes (water, Earth, etc) dont have the trophy "Persintance" They have 200000 in a challenges but they dont have the trophy of 300 points jaja Jajaja i dont know, there's a glitch? or what?
  5. I dont know, but the only thing i know about this, is that those persons play around 2 days and 6 hours to get this score, without lose, and this is imposible, in less than 10 min you lose, if you get 11 min youre amazing
  6. Hello. Im doing the trophies of the game, and actually im finish the trophy named Trying Everything Once (Drive all 104 vehicles) but ive a problem, in my Vehicle list i have a boat named Orque Charteu 52CT and when im trying to find it, i cant, i was search in net but seems like this boat doesnt exist, or seems like this boat is the TExte Charteu 52CT But the really problem is that none of this two vehicles i cant found, i searched is several localitations but doesnt appears Someone else have the boat named Orque Charteu 52CT and where found it Ive the spanish version of PS3 sorry if I committed a typo, but i'm not in 100 English %
  7. Thanks for reply Azaan60 I used the localitation from Just Cause 2 Wikia and the coordinates doesnt works for me Death_Ninja I used the Coordinates from the page that you give, and works, the boat is not aparked, but i found one used by a civilian The final name boat was Orque Charteu 52CT and if someone else have the same issue the coordinates are X:24465, Y:31558
  8. Items are unlimited but awards are unlimited or just for 1 time, for armory trophy, i need to buy all awards? Sorry but i dont know the name of awars in english version
  9. Nope. i activate 1 now, and i think is just for 1 use, cause i havent anymore the power up, i dont know why, the guys online can use unlimited times these power ups, that suck
  10. Hola Alguien sabe A que nivel tengo que llegar para; que se desbloquee la habilidad de comprarle nuevos armamentos a los gladiadores legendarios y refuerzos Ya que he visto que se les puede cambiar Y con la ultima actualizacion les aparece un candadito a la par de cada armamento del gladiador legendario Tambien de casualidad saben si ahora cuando muere un Gladiador legendario lo puedo revivir o sigue igual que muere y no se revive? Pueden responder en ingles si gustan le entiendo rebien =D espero su ayuda ._.
  11. Anyone know if I buy a subscription to free realms (30 days to get the platinum) can use it in different accounts Ie Christerious96 buy in my account, I can use the ID eg Javier3849 course in the same play
  12. Yo puedo escribir, hablar, leer perfectamente el ingles pero mi idioma natal no es el ingles si simplemente no sabes español con todo respeto te digo que te vayas al carajo HELLHOUND403 a pesar de que tu idioma natal no es el español te agradezco mucho =D
  13. Yes the game is very easy but my account is in Spain are euros and here i only can find psn cards with dollars isnt the same right? what happen if i used PSN card 5$. can serve Subscription for 5 euros?
  14. If you like games aircraft is excellent if not, it sucks In my opinion as joystikero and big fan of video games have nothing against any game Although it is not the kind of game I like and have the platinum and I do not despair, it's just boring if you can not adapt to it, but if you do not adapt will feel so heavy If you're not any trophy hunter do not recommend it .. because almost nobody connects in the game so far not able to play online unless you have friends who love the game
  15. Hi somebody know something about the Profile Colors?? Because yesterday my profile had blue, and today is red? perhaps has different levels or something?
  16. Ok but im refer the color of the letters too in mi profile
  17. Hola solo tengo esa gran duda Comunmente siempre actualizo mi perfil y me voy a la tabla de posiciones (Leaderboard) pero ahora por alguna razon le doy click sobre el cuadrito donde esta mi lugar ya sea mundial o por mi pais y busco el lugar donde ando pero nada aparece otro Por ejemplo esta World Rank 15090 busco el 15090 y miro que hay otro en ese lugar luego busco de abajo para arriba y de arriba para abajo pero no estoy por ninguna parte Pero cuando le doy en buscar perfil y pongo mi nick ahi si aparesco con mi posicion Alguien me podria decir porque pasa esto? o acaso ya no estoy en la tabla??