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  1. When I was young I remember that this website it has an option to see the LB with Cheater and without cheaters


    This option isnt avaliable anymore right?

    If it can help in something I can show you alllllllll my save data games


    I play, I platinum, I save the game data on an USB and I storage the savedata on my PS3

    Ok at least when is possible

    How can I be part of the staff?


  2. Just now, Lance_87 said:

    Court? Judge? Not this crap again.

    Can we use that kind of language here?


    You have to be the owners page son 

    2 minutes ago, Lance_87 said:

    Court? Judge? Not this crap again.

    Man you are not "helping" nor "not helping" on anything


    Theres more people that were flagged


    Instead of making no sense comments you can go and help (or not help) someone else


  3. I feel like I were in the court waiting to be judge

    It can help in something If I take a picture or video of my PS3 trophies, you can see that is a regular PS3 and Ive trophies that are not updated yet


    Then I can go ahead Update my ps vita


    Then I will go after update my Ps3 and update the trophies then you can see the same "edition" cheat




  4. According to my PS Vita I earned the trophies in 2016 maybe the ps vita it was hacked, I bought it use it. I dont know if they modified something but it doesnt matter anymore

    4 minutes ago, skroq said:


    Naah, c'mon we all know who you are and what you do. Goodbye!

    If I could do it I would have my trophies market... 


  5. 1 minute ago, Smashero said:

    Ok, which one? Name one. Please. Waiting. ONE.

    I dont want to finish with your dreams


    Man I just want to play a Gundman game on my PS vita

    2 minutes ago, Smashero said:

    Ok, which one? Name one. Please. Waiting. ONE.

    You are a smart cheater haha I dont care haha 


    Just take off those flags and leave the GT5 flagged until I know what happened haha


  6. About montezuma I just found out the old ps vita and the trophies were obtained one year before of the site it says, dont know what happened


    Spartacus and DFS and i think many PS vita games more were sync on a future date


    GT5 I dont know if my brothers use something or pay someone or I dont know what happened


    Then GT5 is the only game that can be flagged and the only reason that I cant be on the LB anymore

    Just now, Smashero said:


    All my Japanese games are Physical, lol :D. Another failure... C'mon...

    And for your info, but for sure you know about it, you can play digital versions from other regions.


    Anyway, why am I wasting time for this...


    EOT from my side.

    Those game it doesnt exist physical are PSN games -_-

    Hey I dont care anymore to be on the LB, at least can see my trophies on the page


    But how can I play games from another region, i have many games that Id like to play


  7. 5 minutes ago, Exairesi said:

    define life? also their account is 9 years old lmao

    For example all people know that you cant have multiple acc on the ps vita, then how that possible that he has japanesse vita games with all trophies unlock when those games are not avalialbe on the store...


    Something is not clear there, but thats another topic, he never will be flagged simple like that


  8. Just now, Sir_Bee said:


    Oh yes, I am sure this is all just one big misunderstanding.  Thank you for being so accommodating in the consequences to you for this misunderstanding.  I am sure that this won't happen to you again in the future, because you will just "sync once you get a trophy". 

    Yes, I can show you my list of ps3 trophies list and ive many games played that I didnt sync because I didnt update my ps3 yet


  9. Ohhh I understand those games are on the upper side of the list and that means I edited them


    Haha that happened because I sync my PS vita games like three weeks after haha Know i know what do you mean haha

    4 hours ago, STARLOVE said:

    Also has In it to Win it and Viritually impossible 7 seconds apart on MGS2. Not impossible, but highly probable for save file usage and pretty much nobody that does it legit hasn't placed 1st in 50 missions when clearing 511 VR missions total. There are so many easy ones amount that, it's almost impossible to unlock them on the final mission. Just putting this here for potential context as for me this indicates 99% save file user.

    When you dont have too much games, and the only game that you have to play is that, nothing is impossible haha

    3 hours ago, Squirlruler said:

    Those damn family members strike again! 😂😂

    Hahaha those guys just destroy my profile, but never mind I still buying games


    Then In conclusion once a get the trophy i have to sync it to avoid future misunderstoods


  10. The curiosity is killing me

    About GT5 that was like 6 years ago, To be honest I really dont know what happened, I used to share my profile with my brothers then I really dont know what happened but please explain me about DFS haha

    18 minutes ago, PaperDreams86 said:

    You recently platinumed BO2 ( January 2019) in 4 weeks, yet your timestamps are from 2014.


    What's that all about?




    I just bought the DLC's


  11. 1 minute ago, Smashero said:

    You again?

    C'mon, case is closed, you are out of LB.

    Will ask mods to close it.


    Im Not asking to be here, but can someone explain to me what it means edit trophies

    1 minute ago, Smashero said:
    1 minute ago, Smashero said:

    You again?

    C'mon, case is closed, you are out of LB.

    Will ask mods to close it.



    C'mon, case is closed, you are out of LB.

    Will ask mods to close it.




  12. 2 minutes ago, Sir_Bee said:


    On your report, they tell you the reason for the report.  Post that reason here ...

    I really dont know what they mean with that, when i look the trophy list everything is ok, I dont see nothing wrong, I dont have the plat and the trophies that are glitchet still locked on my acc


  13. Well, Dragon Fin Soup mmm I just remember that I played that game on my PS vita and ps3. very very glitched game, It took me many tries to "finish it" haha I wouldnt like to play that game anymore

    Spartacus Legends, I remember that I that time I was a kid and a didnt have money to buy games then I just started to play all free to play games and I remember that I have a Japanesse account to download free ps plus games, I remember that I thought that I only had 14 days to finish the free games haha what times. Now im old hahaha


  14. 4 hours ago, B1rvine said:

    @Christerious96 I'm not sure you are "skilled" at cheating your games, since you got caught with your fingers in the cheat jar.


    I really dont know where is the cheat, I just remember that the edition that I had was with a car red bull that it was pretty fast, I remember that everything it was easy, I really dont know where is the cheat


    Can someone please explain where is the problem?

    4 hours ago, AJ_-_808 said:


    Last person to get fortunate son was in July 2016. Nice catch 

    To be honest I just play I dont see if theres servers or not, Ive to take a look on that PS vita to see what happened


    If I were cheater I would have 100% completetition not 89%


    Im going to take a look on that game as well, I really dont know what people is talking here haha


    I just play I never see the timestamp or stuff like that

    Can someone tell me if I play PS3 and PS vita and the same time is cheat as well?


    Sometimes I play both at the same time (ps vita easy games) and ps3 and the trophies just pop up