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  1. Christerious96 Spartacus Legends What do you mean? Dragon Fin Soup What do you mean?
  2. Im going to take a shower, I hope this it could be open when I return hehe If I sacrifice a goat and I were a premium member I could be a staff member? hehe
  3. When I was young I remember that this website it has an option to see the LB with Cheater and without cheaters This option isnt avaliable anymore right? If it can help in something I can show you alllllllll my save data games I play, I platinum, I save the game data on an USB and I storage the savedata on my PS3 Ok at least when is possible How can I be part of the staff?
  4. If I were his son I will be the #1 on this page I would like to know your father, he has to be Roughdaug Hey Roughdaug was flagged? haha that guy
  5. Can we use that kind of language here? You have to be the owners page son Man you are not "helping" nor "not helping" on anything Theres more people that were flagged Instead of making no sense comments you can go and help (or not help) someone else
  6. I feel like I were in the court waiting to be judge It can help in something If I take a picture or video of my PS3 trophies, you can see that is a regular PS3 and Ive trophies that are not updated yet Then I can go ahead Update my ps vita Then I will go after update my Ps3 and update the trophies then you can see the same "edition" cheat
  7. You came very late I already know what they mean with "edit" If you want you can go to the trophy log and see my timestamps This thread is not close yet, because theres smart people that know that this is not fine
  8. According to my PS Vita I earned the trophies in 2016 maybe the ps vita it was hacked, I bought it use it. I dont know if they modified something but it doesnt matter anymore If I could do it I would have my trophies market...
  9. In my opinion the only valid flag is GT5, the other games are fine
  10. Do you want me to cry? No man Im too old to be fighting for stuff like this The life is beautiful. I'm still alive is not like somebody it will come to my house and hit me
  11. I dont want to finish with your dreams Man I just want to play a Gundman game on my PS vita You are a smart cheater haha I dont care haha Just take off those flags and leave the GT5 flagged until I know what happened haha
  12. About montezuma I just found out the old ps vita and the trophies were obtained one year before of the site it says, dont know what happened Spartacus and DFS and i think many PS vita games more were sync on a future date GT5 I dont know if my brothers use something or pay someone or I dont know what happened Then GT5 is the only game that can be flagged and the only reason that I cant be on the LB anymore Those game it doesnt exist physical are PSN games Hey I dont care anymore to be on the LB, at least can see my trophies on the page But how can I play games from another region, i have many games that Id like to play
  13. For example all people know that you cant have multiple acc on the ps vita, then how that possible that he has japanesse vita games with all trophies unlock when those games are not avalialbe on the store... Something is not clear there, but thats another topic, he never will be flagged simple like that
  14. Yes, I can show you my list of ps3 trophies list and ive many games played that I didnt sync because I didnt update my ps3 yet
  15. Ohhh I understand those games are on the upper side of the list and that means I edited them Haha that happened because I sync my PS vita games like three weeks after haha Know i know what do you mean haha When you dont have too much games, and the only game that you have to play is that, nothing is impossible haha Hahaha those guys just destroy my profile, but never mind I still buying games Then In conclusion once a get the trophy i have to sync it to avoid future misunderstoods
  16. The curiosity is killing me About GT5 that was like 6 years ago, To be honest I really dont know what happened, I used to share my profile with my brothers then I really dont know what happened but please explain me about DFS haha What? I just bought the DLC's
  17. Ok yes I know that im not anymore on the LB but can you explain me what it means that of "edited"
  18. Smashero you looks like a hacker haha, or maybe you dont have life out of the games haha But because you are friend of the owner of this page you never will be flagged
  19. Im Not asking to be here, but can someone explain to me what it means edit trophies | C'mon, case is closed, you are out of LB. Will ask mods to close it.
  20. Im not trying to ignore you Mmm you mean the one that is on my profile? It said that I edited the trophies What did they mean with "edit" trophies? hows that possible I changed the icon or what?
  21. It looks like the three trophies that are known to glitch, you don't actually have
  22. I really dont know what they mean with that, when i look the trophy list everything is ok, I dont see nothing wrong, I dont have the plat and the trophies that are glitchet still locked on my acc
  23. Well, Dragon Fin Soup mmm I just remember that I played that game on my PS vita and ps3. very very glitched game, It took me many tries to "finish it" haha I wouldnt like to play that game anymore Spartacus Legends, I remember that I that time I was a kid and a didnt have money to buy games then I just started to play all free to play games and I remember that I have a Japanesse account to download free ps plus games, I remember that I thought that I only had 14 days to finish the free games haha what times. Now im old hahaha
  24. But I dont have the platinum
  25. Christerious96 Gran Turismo 5 What do you mean with too fast? Be skilled is something bad? Treasures of Montezuma Blitz I just opened the game without play, I just opened the game, I use the online service and close game, easy than that