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  1. Got the World of Final Fantasy Platinum this month. Those mini-games were terrible! haha
  2. Blazenslayer Vita is my favorite handheld of all time, I wanna go for a complete collection. Add me
  3. Thanks, truth be told I posted before i realized that the cabinet was separate from the list and made it up shortly after. I'm kinda new too even if I've been registered a while.. @slashvoid-13 You seem to like roguelikes and games that are generally viewed as challenging. You should try Spelunky, I think it'd be right up your alley.
  4. You have a preference for darker, gritty games.
  5. By the red
  6. Beyond the Boundary, It's pretty okay. Nothing more nothing less but its at least fun to watch.
  7. Buying an N64 with my allowance one week before FF7 dropped thinking that FF4 would come out on an Nintendo system like 2 and 3 did on the SNES. The salt is still there.
  8. Warhawk, what a fantastic introduction to online console multiplayer. I played that for HOURS. Starhawk on the otherhand...not so much.
  9. Mac Anu from .hack//infection. It is the most calming place to be and it feels much more lively than actual MMO's.
  10. PSN ID: Blazenslayer PS Systems: PS4, PS3, Vita Accept blank requests: No but mention you are from here and don't be afraid to send a message here and there. I mostly play single player games but being in a party every now and then would be fun. I've been playing Xenoverse lately.