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  1. You'll have to speak to the Self-Important Revenant instead of Richard to get the map! Make sure you speak to both of them to finish up their last dialogues too.
  2. Hey! Thanks for your reply. I bought the season pass-- so nope, def not. I'm aware about not being able to buy them individually too
  3. I seem to be unable to download episode 2 from the Asia PSN store... I thought it might be a region thing, so I've given it a few days, but even Japan has it now. Does anyone else have this issue? 😭
  4. To confirm what Izul said, you will not see the older generations, only the most recent few. Don't worry about it though, keep going and you'll get the trophy!
  5. My exact sentiments. I'm left with the two collectible trophies, but it's so boring that I'm just going to wait for a guide before even attempting it. It's definitely not worth spending extra time on it when there's other things to do and other games to play...
  6. It does at the end of the story. As for getting stuff in small cave holes, this will unlock at the end of the story too. P.S. This game is awful though...
  7. I don't really think it's worth my time trying to look for all the recipes and ingredients until a guide is out for it. It's insanely tedious and you're literally doing the same boring things everyday in game. With two jobs and a bunch of other games to play at the moment, this really isn't high on my priority list. However, I did give it an attempt, but as Nooterman said, the developers really don't explain anything so you have to figure it all out yourself, which is just really time-consuming. Nothing like Stardew Valley at all. Stardew Valley is almost two times cheaper and has infinitely way more content. Little Dragon Cafe has only cute art; even the stories about the side characters get repetitive. It's all in the same format. OH NO MY LIFE SUCKS > aw it's ok food gon fix u up gud > AW YE U ARE RIGHT I'M HAPPY NOW. There's also no character progression for the characters working at the café. They're just there so you have people working in the café. The controls in LDC are just awful too. If you're standing too close to a ledge, you can't even jump up. Don't even get me started on when you're trying to help out in the café...
  8. As someone who just cleared the entire story, I think this game is definitely not worth its price. It becomes extremely stagnant since there is barely any new content every time a new area is introduced. Was super hyped for it when I first saw its announcement, but now I'm super disappointed. :/
  9. Hey guys! I never touched the previous version, but I managed to get this copy. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on what character/partners I should unlock first and use. Thank you
  10. this is honestly your best bet, even though the trophy is still completely luck based. just remember that the outcome of your pregnancy is based on when you use 'try for a baby', not what you do while pregnant it took me over 60 pregnancies befoRE I GOT THIS AND GOD DO I WANT TO SLAP SOMEONE FOR THIS RNG TROPHY *internal and external screaming*
  11. I'm pretty sure the big crowns you'll need for the later trophies are supposed to be gold crowns, a.k.a. finding king-sized mobs... so more grinding! \o/
  12. I managed to get a mini crown, and I'm not entirely sure if playing solo or multiplayer affects it, but I got mine while I was in solo!
  13. For those who are worrying about this trophy and want to get platinum, I recommend you just enjoy the game first and focus on all other trophies. Once you're done, start a second playthrough. If you remember everything you have to do story-wise, and have High Speed and Safe Travel turned on, it's entirely possible to get to it in about six hours. The 9999 booster should help too, but definitely not Battle Assistance since it eats up time with trance activation. I'm judging this on my second playthrough, which I did for ATEs I missed, and getting to Pandemonium (near the end of disc 3) took me about five hours in total. This included me fumbling around during times I forgot where to go. Remember to skip cutscenes and mash the X button through dialogue! Good luck
  14. Can confirm that 10 consecutive songs on extreme mode can be repeated songs!