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  1. I got out at 50! I ALWAYS used black widow, always repeating the first mission, the 5 story one.
  2. I would sign with blood to unlock it at 55 Congratulations, I know it was monotonous 😄
  3. In fact, either before, or after, nothing changes. Trophies where there is a tally don't work well. Anyway, tomorrow I will reach 50. I am convinced that no trophy will come out
  4. If I am not mistaken, from what you read on this forum, whoever needed over 50 hives got it before the hundredth mission. I'm afraid there is a 40/45% chance that EVERY hive will NOT be counted. It is the same thing as the other trophies. It is absurd that many trophies have come out long after getting or doing what is required. So there's really a counting problem ... This in my opinion confirms what I say, either before or after the patches sometimes the completed hive counts sometimes not. The real question is: is there anyone who unlocked it exactly fifty?
  5. Get ready to breack the disk I still haven't read about a person who only did 50
  6. No one confirmed it, but they definitely count. However, the first hive of only 5 floors is much faster;)
  7. Have you tried to insert a different object in each equip slot? And then obviously putting the previous ones back?
  8. Not exactly. Going forward in the avengers initiative, the sectors of the villains are unlocked, the same missions, in an elite version and are repeatable. It is with those that I unlocked the trophy
  9. It came out on the eighth time I did my mission. I also have the problem you have, so it is certain that you can unlock it using the elite versions at the table
  10. I was unlocked at the eighth mission. It is completely random but it comes out. Like all the other trophies ... if I think that maybe 50 hives are not platinum and I have to make 90 like others I get to hang myself
  11. I had definitely passed 15 sectors before this patch, or at least 2 or 3 were missing to get to 15. I kept doing the taskmaster one and on the eighth time it came out.
  12. I'm counting them manually. Unfortunately we are in 2020, it is too difficult today to have statistics in games that have a hidden statistic given that there is a trophy, too difficult to show it, we have to wait for more years and for the technology to advance. Ps: I'm ironic However, everything must be counted manually.
  13. I made 5, no trophy. I think I have passed 15 before this patch, I hope in the 15th to unlock the trophy.
  14. I think I was over 15 before the patch, in fact after two it didn't come out. I guess I have to do 13 and it should come out.
  15. Taskmaster or Abomination? The two elites I mean.