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  1. I patted the game when the expansions didn't exist, so I did the NG+ and played on the last difficulty. In NG+, enemies started around level 30. Now on PS5 if I do the base game + expansions then getting to level 60 (or more); then in NG+ would I always find enemies from 30 onwards or from 60?
  2. I have a doubt. The question was specific, asking from steam to console. When he answers "between platforms" he might mean "different platforms". Sure, PS4 and PS5 actually are, but I doubt it's a no for that transfer as well.
  3. If they do that they should release a patch on the PS4 game to add the file upload option. Maybe I wait to read about the new patch and then install 😀
  4. Do you think I should install the PS4 game to be able to upload the file? Or will the game in the PS5 version automatically see it by converting it? On Cyberpunk how does it work? I don't remember
  5. They didn't do it for cyberpunk, they won't do it for this. I think it's even more complicated on an older game, but maybe I'm wrong. I actually would have liked a new list of 51 trophies that integrates some trophies from the two expansions instead of the stupid (for me) battle trophies
  6. They confirmed that it will be possible to do just that. Being able to transfer your game from one platform to another. What would interest me instead is if you can do it from PS4 to PS5. Being able to have a finished game would facilitate some trophies to be redone quickly, or, as you said, make a NG+. Unfortunately I think it won't be possible but from PC to PS5 they said yes (I don't know how)
  7. I should have read this thread first I've been trying some combat trophies for a couple of hours but they don't come out. I loaded the save from PS4 "point of no return", I had already unlocked all the trophies, yet the two headshots with ONE sniper shot came out. But the grenade in the air or the three quick kills with a pistol do not. So is this normal? At this point I do them in a new game. EDIT: ok, i unlocked other trophies related to actions in combat, the only ones that don't unlock are the two of the revolver/pistol. That of the 3 kills and that of the grenade in the air. I've tried both with the pistol and the revolver, whether slowing down time or not. They don't go out. I hope it's not a bug but then they come out in NG
  8. I loaded the PS4 save to PS5 and went to the new "fast travels" I activated them all including the 4 apartments but the trophy didn't come out. It's the file save with which I platinumed the game on PS4 so 100% I unlocked them all. Is it a trophy that needs to be redone in a new game? EDIT: I don't know why but checking everything I noticed that a dozen "fast travers" were missing, it's as if they weren't seen in the file conversion. The trophy came out after I discovered the old ones.
  9. We need someone who has taken the DLCs on PS4 to tell us if by downloading the remastered data version on the plus you find the DLCs that can be downloaded.
  10. In fact I see that the DLCs that are under the game app (under the activities) I cannot buy them. So if I buy the season pass of the PS4 version, will I be able to find the DLCs available below?
  11. I am now at the end of case 02, I'm afraid that advancing in the main quest will increase the factions and decrease the chances of finding the masters of the drones. For example when hidden trophy enemies appear, there will be crimes with them right? So it will be harder to find others. I just miss the drones, the Godmothers I did it easily before I started Mr. Freeze's mission, they come often. That's why I want to do drones now.
  12. I think I have "a problem" I don't understand how to defeat 30 "Regulator Drone Masters" after finishing Until it was complete I found ONE enemy in crime "haking", NEVER found one of them in crime whites or other reds. But now after completing that case I ONLY appear the old type of that faction and the "Regulator Drone Masters" no longer come. Do you happen to know if they come back as you advance in the main?
  13. Okay, somehow I managed to get to the end of the game with the three bars at about 60%, 70%, 80%. In NG + it should be very easy to fill them all. I'll see whether to start over for each one or do everything in a row. For stealth there are mandatory zones that alone would give me 100% so I'll do those.
  14. I hate collectibles that do not appear on the map, I see that the batrang guide is not complete because they have not yet been found, so they do not appear 😭
  15. Basically, instead of creating a game code with an algorithm that calculates every move of the player well, they decided to make a percentage of defeated enemies. You do not defeat any or few of the total and you are good (stealthy), you defeat "a little more" and you are a player who takes the opportunity that the moment offers you, you defeat too many and you are a player who loves combative. 😆