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  1. I just found out that the "Paramour 2" trophy does not unlock if you are with Liara in the Shadow DLC. A shame since I chose her in the first game. If I do the DLC being with her, then going back to the main story can I be with another person?
  2. At the moment I am missing two of these trophies, that of incinerating the armor (I have not yet caught enemies with that, yellow bar I think) and the one on the barrier (same as before). Because here we have shields, barriers, armor. You have to be careful
  3. I assigned the two skills to "left" and "right" and did them quickly too, yet after the first time it didn't matter anymore. They are enemies without a barrier (he counted it once so they're okay) I wonder: do they have to die to count? EDIT: I started a new game by creating the protagonist with powers, I practically did the same thing but using him and then the partner, he started counting. I have unlocked the trophy. Very strange. Thanks anyway for the answers.
  4. Hi, I have recently started ME2, the "tactician" trophy can be done immediately with Jacob and Miranda (my Shepard has no biotic abilities) so in the first mission to the first enemies I combined the ability of Jacob that raises the enemy and Miranda's ability to create the explosion, I immediately had 1/20 in the bottom right. I have had proof that the combination works. Later, however, I DON'T COUNT IT MORE, how is it possible? Has this happened to anyone? Maybe just that combination got bugged?
  5. You were right, waiting for the hotfix and reloading the game came out the trophy of the tablets and those of the places. So at least those come out ... I was hoping for the one of the missions and the arena.
  6. Ok, I finally downloaded the PS5 version but not having to play it now I haven't loaded my character yet. I did the whole game on PS4 with my brother in splitscreen, so I tried loading his. He unlocked 70% of the trophies that came out with me (I unlocked them all). I uploaded his character and even after putting "continue" not a single trophy was unlocked lol I'll see what happens to me later.
  7. I understand. I haven't checked the trophies of the other two games well yet but I assumed they were a good number and asked However, the trophies I unlocked today were made by having a teammate use the skills. So it works like that too 😀
  8. I've already done some Is it that easy with the other two mass effects too?
  9. I started playing after installing 1.02 In my opinion there are skills that count only on enemies and skills that count only by making them even on an object that has the possibility of interaction (the blue circle icon appears). We just need to understand which ones
  10. Hi! I'm trying to unlock the trophy on 25 throws, but it doesn't come out. I just started the game The barrier came out, made with Kaidan. I did the launch with him 25 times on Eden Prime at the point of interaction where it needs to be investigated. Not okay there? Do you necessarily need a terminal? (I read that just that). I was reading old discussions that say you need a specific role for every skill, possible? Shouldn't it work with anyone with the required skill?
  11. Finally there are no more trophies that are impossible to obtain right? But if I load the character from the PS4 save I will not get all the trophies? Or does it go randomly? Has anyone actually gotten them all, or is 100% sure you don't get them all?
  12. I have a problem ... I arrived at Trench Tawn and I see three missions on the world map, but inside the map there are only two "!" Icons. I went to the location of the "Life's Treasure" mission (I checked a video, I don't have the icon on the map) the NPC to interact with is not there. Did it happen to anyone else?
  13. Ok, all the trophies came out except the two I made by reloading a previous save, so I redid them on PS5.
  14. So is it possible to start the PS5 game without loading the saved save via the PS4 version?
  15. I see. The file I uploaded doesn't have a character at 150 and neither has the artifact at +10. Why did I do the above before; now I doubt that maybe it's better if I use that one so IF I don't get ONLY those two trophies, I should be able to do them in game without any problems and they will come out. I don't know what to do Unfortunately I am still downloading the game and read there is a new patch ... I will never finish this download ahahahaha