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  1. I am still able to load up the store and purchase packs. - 21 Jun 2021
  2. I cant advance past that screen, I cant get a passport on the online store as well. Please advise!
  3. I am from Singapore so I might be able to match your "strange hours". Add me please
  4. Script does not seem to be working even though I minimized the "PS Remote Play" window and selected 'start' on AHK. Any advise on how to make this work? How do I know if the script has started? edit: got it to work. Thanks!
  5. God of War II
  6. How do I get the content from the disc if they are indeed on the disc ? Sorry guys, I am kind of new to ps3
  7. I got the games brand new and the codes found are for online access.
  8. Hi. I have the Uncharted 3 GOTY edition and GOW: ascension collector's edition and I am wondering how do I get the avatar packs and dynamic themes for both games ? Thanks