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  1. Any advise for the columns at 2269 today? I can't seem to figure out a way past...grrr
  2. Feel like i set a decent time on the daily extreme challenge. I messaged the 2nd place player but he ignored me, and overtook my time. I got first place back but hoping it'll hold up. Just looking for 1 Diamond Cup please. Update: Awesome, some of the top players told me if I message them early enough they'll back off. So I think they're approachable if you ask nicely. I can tell the "Get there quickly" in the Neverending Pit is my best event.
  3. Yeah top 1% for a Diamond trophy on the PS Vita. Usually has about 150-200 players on the daily/weekly challenges so #1 maybe #2 if enough players play on a given day.
  4. I've been able to achieve a few gold trophies on the challenges but the Diamond seems impossible. Right now I'm at #6 in today's daily challenge but the #1 player is 2 whole seconds faster than me which I have no idea how. I wish I could watch their replay (Eozvar & Romance_177013) and see how they possibly can do it faster. At this point it maybe just feasible to run 4-5 different vita's with hundreds of PSN accounts to drive up the daily totals to 500-600 players which would give the top 5-6 players a Diamond Cup. The only problem is going through the game with each account to unlock the daily challenge and factory resetting each Vita to change PSN logins. I feel like I'm getting better at the challenges each day but come to the conclusion I'm good at the challenges just not exceptional.
  5. Yep its working again now and just got "In your face" trophy
  6. I tried over the weekend to connect to Autolog and always got an error message
  7. There are 3 online trophies which won't be affected with any messaging system. I would highly recommend playing online as much as possible especially if you're paired up with some veteran players. They can easily carry you through some of the hardest missions which I would have dreaded doing solo.
  8. Just finished the MotorStorm RC trophy Ghost busted and Wall Brawl on the Vita. Player 1 do a bad run on any course and player 2 do a slightly better run. Hit triangle to send a challenge to player 1 and player 1 beat the challenge. Then player 2 keeps sending the same challenge over and over again. Its pretty easy and took about 15 minutes but both players were playing brand new without any recorded times before. Freedom Wars needs no invite system, but has 3 MP trophies. I'd highly recommend online for the Code 7 and 8 since you'll greatly benefit from the experienced Freedom Wars pros that still play online.
  9. Will motorstorm RC be affected by the messaging system shutting down? I thought about picking this up but noticed two MP trophies.
  10. I was trying to create a gaming session for a game I needed 3 other players for. When I go to 'gaming sessions' tab at the top of the page and click the green 'create session' button it brings up a form to fill out. When I click on the drop down box for game nothing is listed or able to be typed in. Is this because I hid or keep private my trophies? Thanks
  11. It worked pretty well last weekend, but all this week it sucks. I barely can get to day 2-3 before one of use freezes in game. IMHO if it says very poor connection its really not even worth trying. Usually have a download speed of 120Mps down and 10 up. I guess I'll see how it looks tomorrow.