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  1. @x2-FoR-_u-MikoX its always interesting to watch different playstyles of murphy distance of how people hold the vita and which hand they use. BTW this is probably the easiest 4095 distance I've been to since last July 2021 if anyone wants to go for the Diamond.
  2. This game goes from an Otome like atmosphere to a "holy wtf" vibe on the true ending route. Do not skip the true ending for trophies as its the best part !!
  3. The full PSN store is back up now on vita here in the US
  4. The search function is on and off again (USA). If it works I'm buying a game, but then it stops working. I'll wait ten minutes and it might work again. Buying anything that I really want right now, but it only allows me to buy 1 item at a time.
  5. I've heard if there are two enemies on a horizontal pillar you can pull up at the exact time you smash them to get a lot of lums. Also turning everything to purple will significantly help (you probably already know).
  6. Just finished 100% on this game. You only get one chance to pick your charm at the beginning. Just going for the platinum trophy? The two best charms IMHO are either the compass (what I choose) or lucky clover. The compass displays where the entrance, exit, save point, & store are located. Helpful early in the game but not later on. The lucky clover will extend the durability of your weapons which break easily and you'll constantly be using the wrench to fix them. Going for 100%? I'd HIGHLY recommend picking the "Meatbun (maybe it's a rabbit foot?)" for Experience++ attribute. It took 100 zones to reach level 50 & reached Level 70 at zone 193. Grinding Pumpkin Heads on there's 'A great Executioner roams stage' was futile. After you clear challenge orbs pumpkin heads are gone in 5-7 rooms even if you save mid level at the save point and reload. If you can find a room with a challenge of "get a combo of 4x" with a pumpkin head it would be ideal. You can kill the pumpkin head and constantly fail the challenge but it's still boring. Any extra experience you gain from the meatbun will make the grind less of a soul sucking experience. Best weapons? Great Knife, Great Spear (2nd favorite), flamethrower, best gun IMHO machine gun, and dual princess hearts (the best weapon IMHO). Good Luck!!
  7. I did all the online battles against bots on the Vita (late 2021). You have to have a great battle party to stand a chance against them and did this near the end of the playthrough.
  8. You would think Ubisoft would give 2-3 months notice if they had no plans to continue the vita servers.
  9. If you've never gone 4,000m+ before your chance getting this distance today will be very low especially since there is an alpha section around 3400m. Although this would be a great opportunity to push your limits and practice if you're missing the trophy.
  10. Before the Dec 2nd, 2021 the daily challenge # of participants had dwindled to about 100-150 players so only the #1 got the Diamond. The daily extreme would sometimes not even hit 100 players so again only #1 spot got the Diamond. Pre December 2021 the weekly daily and extreme challenge were between 100-200 players so again #1 & #2 spots would get the Diamonds. The amount of skill these pros have is amazing and some would not back off at all even if you needed or asked nicely for a Diamond. Arkiokin, silvapex, brainracket, and Remco could be approached to back off if you needed a Diamond but nothing was ever a guarantee. These glitches are how a lot have achieved this trophy.
  11. This is the 3rd glitch I've seen since 07/01/2021 the 2nd being under 600m. The other one was at 4095m so this is another gift for those who are struggling with this trophy. Some have said in the past there could be a 9 month interval between glitches and probably 80% of players have got the trophy based off this glitch.
  12. I did all 30 hacker files and played some of the optional cases on my first playthrough. I chose to do a 2nd playthrough and popped 'Vanguard' around chapter 11. Not having a skip feature for text or cutscenes really dragged this out. Loved both games though.
  13. This game is pretty open world and you can do the MP trophies pretty early without earning much of the single player trophies.
  14. I'm about to finish up the platinum and will probably log around 130 hours total. One nice advantage about playing solo with NPC's is you won't have to repeat levels (outside of branching paths) for other MP players. I did a lot of pact 14 and 15 with just NPC's and it wasn't to hard once you get a load out. The maze slayer point grind wasn't too bad once you have 2 x SP boosts on if you abuse the save reload feature to get them. Sympatha is awesome will keep you alive a lot once she is S-ranked. .
  15. It took me about 4 months to reach Awesome lvl 11. I always strove to get at least a silver. I'd give each challenge a few attempts and if gold wasn't possible I'd just move on for the day. Just remember to play everyday and you'll be there soon enough. With the game being as old as it is you'll never know how much time the servers have left.