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  1. I just used a ghost car from a team member that had already set a great time. I'd highly suggest using a ghost car but the only downside being all parameters on their car is set & you can't adjust them. Also you only have to win the final lap but you'll have to beat both the Devil car and the Angel Car which are basically the same difficulty. You can set up your car to race the devil car with whatever parameters you'd like but beating the Devil car after 3 laps will be even more difficult. If the developers prevented the use of ghost cars this platinum % would be way lower.
  2. I think I was around level 33 when I started the final chapter and got the trophy by skipping all battles except mandatory ones. I wish I would have replayed the final chapter after I got the Rise and don't grind so I could get my characters as high as possible. On Nightmare characters don't seem to level up until the monsters are your level or higher. I'm almost done with chapter 3 in NG+ and have only gained 1 level so far.
  3. Got this on my first playthrough & skipped any optional battles in the last chapter. You can manipulate your levels by having different party members die during boss fights and then have another 2 die for the next fight. This way all 4 characters are not leveling up at the same time. I also killed off the 2 additional support characters (spoilers to mention) that join your party.
  4. I'm almost 100% they do count. You might have to completely zone out of an area and reenter. Such as enter a city and then reenter the battle areas. If you go back and forth between battle sections I don't believe that affects the spawning of the shining poms.
  5. Yes to both questions. You'll need a boosting partner for 1 race and to give the Devi's gift.
  6. The MP trophies are not hard to boost in this game. The only hard part is finding 4 other people to boost team Sonic trophy. You'll have to coordinate 5 people's time to be online.
  7. I just finished the 100% and it plays just fine. Only one puzzle in world 6 has a glitch but putting the Vita in airplane mode and restarting the Vita helped with the glitch. World 5 & 6 took a few tries to meet the world requirement trophies but nothing that hard. I found the game relaxing and had some cool ideas but unfortunately the game is short.
  8. So far the only interesting character was Galadriel. The first two episodes have been mostly story driven and very little action. So far I'd rate the show a 6/10.
  9. I remember when going for this in 2014 and had all the other trophies with ~ 5000 kills. I'd grind out about 500 kills a day for 10 days to break up the tedious grind.
  10. I had made a similar post in roughly July 2021 about setting up 100's of accounts. Then I figured that would be nearly impossible for a game this old. I even thought about buying 10 or so new vitas and establishing new PS ID's. Then I really practiced everyday on the challenges until I got at least a silver. The only event I would settle for a bronze was the infinite tower and even some I got silver on. Dojo events are not bad to get a silver on and make sure you're using Globox with the big hand as it makes a huge difference. Watch a ton of videos of pro players for tips and tricks they use. This is especially important in speed trials for all challenges. Murphy distance you should be getting a Gold every time. Most people do not go over 1800m much when I played. Learn how to get past the pillar sections at around 1500m in daily & 900m in extreme. Just doing that once is almost going to get you a gold. Unfortunately that's the only way I see you getting to Awe some! trophy quickly. Unless they announce a server closure or a Murphy glitch you won't see the user base inch up past 200. Good Luck!
  11. There have been rumors that Nicalis is holding back physical copies of VVVVVV, 1001 Spikes, and Binding of Isaac. Although I highly doubt these exist except from the very very limited promo copies given out but you'll pay literally thousands of $$$ for them.
  12. This is not a glitched challenge at 1400m today. That's an omega section at that point. There is a possibility still the challenge could be glitched at 4095m but I quit at 1700m.
  13. Definitely glitched today @ 715.98m & it's the furthest distance you can go. Doesn't matter which character that you use to make the distance. For anyone about to begin this can be a 4+ month grind to get the platinum.
  14. @GamerCrazy2this was an excellent way to get "Immortal" & "No Contest" very easily as well. Can't connect to the online servers currently so the dreaded offline local co op feature maybe the fastest way to level 20. Edit 2: Just got the platinum. You'll need to get to level 34 to unlock all the runestones. Over 50% of your time will just be spent grinding XP to level up. I obtained the level 20 trophy in airplane mode. If you're not connected to the server leaderboards you won't be able to see what level your character is though. So all the trophies are obtainable and none require online.
  15. @x2-FoR-_u-MikoX its always interesting to watch different playstyles of murphy distance of how people hold the vita and which hand they use. BTW this is probably the easiest 4095 distance I've been to since last July 2021 if anyone wants to go for the Diamond.