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  1. The support for this game is really good... they answered me in less than 24 hours, and as soon as I entered the game the trophy dropped. The secret to fulfilling your request is to upload the video on youtube of you qualifying for the second round.
  2. Tks 4 the good news bro !!!
  3. I suggest everyone to open a request in the link below: Follow the fields to be filled: Your email address: your email Subject: Fall Guys Low Baller not unlock Type of Issue: Bug Report Actual Issue: Low Baller Achievement What platform are you playing on? PS4 Support ID (optional): fill in this field, because it identifies you Description: Explain that you have met the requirements for the trophy, date and time, and that it has not been unlocked. I also suggest that you save the video of when you qualified from the first to the second round and upload it to youtube... informing the link here.
  4. Yeah Bro... Deactivation performed successfully!!!
  5. They won't send me an answer ... they just released the slots after about 4 hours. Login to your account via browser and check if it is already ok.
  6. Just doing an update ... I was able to be served on Live Chat using the "Others" option. The attendant listened to my problem, asked if it was possible to deactivate the account on the current console (I informed you not), and then she sent a form requesting deactivation to the account email. I filled it out and after a few hours it worked. Today I tried to run the procedure for another account, and the problem occurred again. But when I tried to ask for help in support, the attendant presented the same arguments to see if it was possible to deactivate the account manually, and I saying no, he informed that it was not possible to help and that I was to wait another 6 months and try again ... that there was no problem whatsoever on the Sony website ... and that because the account has already been activated on another console too, this configured sharing (which is against Sony's policy) and that the account could be blocked. In short ... the situation is strange ... and can mean two things: 1) The functionality is buggy and there is no one to fix the problem, and maybe that will be solved when the isolation measures around the world are over. 2) Sony is giving a throwback to account sharing and starting to hinder the process ... and that is part of the product's phase-out, which is going downhill. I really hope for option 1.
  7. U can request Live Chat in this url:
  8. Hy Guys, @Sergen , I had the same problem here... At the beginning of the month I tried to restart one of my accounts that already had the 2 slots occupied through the Sony website, when I performed the remote deactivation it was successful but did not release the accounts ... and if I try to run the process again , I get the message that the option has been used recently and I can only run it again in six months. I tried to restart another account yesterday, and the same problem occurred. I'm trying to contact Sony via Chat, but when I select the account deactivation option, it pops up on a screen saying that there are problems with the customer service and asks to try the service in another region ... and in other regions the same error occurs. And by phone, the support does not answer, since all the sites in the region dismissed the attendants because of the COVID19 isolation measures. Has this problem happened to anyone else here? Any suggestions or solutions to the problem?
  9. We have 2 problem situations for the Flag Collector trophy for new players who don't have 10 flags yet and could complete them by buying the DLC Flag Set with 10 flags. 1) For those just starting out now (who can buy the DLC Flag Set), you still need to earn 2 offline flags. 2) For those who started playing before the server shut down, and who managed to win at least 2 flags, but got stuck in a contract, and with that can not play infiltration missions and win the 6 flags offline ... which will allow you to achieve a maximum of 14 flags. It would be great to contact NIS America for: 1) Confirm if it is even possible to conquer the flags in offline mode. 2) Request a breach of contract solution that requires connection to online mode. 3) Request a patch / fix for the game to balance the game, as it was lost a lot with server shutdowns. And let this solution be available in every region that the game is released. 4) Provide a new set of flags via DLC so that the number of 20 can be reached. I found these ways to contact NISA, but if anyone knows of a more efficient way to contact the developers, please report here. [email protected] *** Update: To solve the problem of infiltration missions that cannot be accessed due to the existence of an active contract, you must execute the update quests option (in quests menu) and pay the gold amount required for this action.
  10. Hi guys... I'm looking for a boosting partner to obtain all the online trophies: # Bling - Gain a Gold Badge in 5 Player Awards # Taste of Victory - Win an Online Game # The Black Hole - Kill All Other Players With The Singularity Bomb in a 4 Player Online Game # Total Carnage - Kill 5 Opponents in a Row Without Dying in an Online Multiplayer Game # Going Up in the World - Get To Rank 10 # Faction Leader - Get To Rank 20 # Tormentor - In Race Mode, Kill a Player 3 Times When They're on Their Last Lap Add in PSN: Big_Borba (include RF Battlegrounds in friend request).
  11. I need help to win the remaining trophies in 1vs1 game. Add-me and i help with the missing trophies for you. # Mass Murderer - Kill 500 units in Theatre of War. # Point of Attack - Win 40 missions as Attacker in Theatre of War. # Destroyer - Destroy 100 Critical Buildings in Theatre of War. # Super Soldiers - Have 12 units in your Battallion promoted to Legendary Rank in Theatre of War.(DLC) # Casualties of War - Kill 200 units in multiplayer matches.(DLC) # Command from the Front - Kill 10 units with the Command Vehicle's sentry units. # Sharpshooter - Kill an enemy troop without being spotted. # Angel of Death - Kill 10 enemy Evacuation Helicopters. # Air Defense - Intercept 5 incoming Air Strikes with Electronic Warfare. # Stormbringer - Storm 10 enemy buildings. # Under Cover - Defeat 50 enemy units with infantry in cover. (DLC) PSN-ID: Big_Borba