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  1. Well, I'm through Libra of Soul and have yet to unlock this trophy. What do you mean by 6BBB?
  2. Did both assassinations accordingly followed by escorting the constant to the boat and leaving on it. Trophy didn't pop, any solution to this? EDIT: Really annoying. Done this three times now, the last time I did it all without saves/loads since I read that these might cause the glitch. Still nothing. Any help i much appriciated.
  3. I tried this game once, earned a trophy and realized tjis game is not for me. So I deleted it and choose to hide it in trophy settings but even though I've done this the game will not disappear from my list. Any tips on how to resolve this issue? I've never experienced this before and I've hid many games prior to this.
  4. A couple of days ago my compendium on Rockstars Social Club page began displaying the wrong information. My ingame progress does not match the progress displayed in the Social Club compendium. For example the web-compendium says 19 of 59 weapons unlocked, ingame i have almost twice that. Another example is the animals, I have 110 animals discovered. In the web-compendium it says 0% total progress on all animals even though I have studied, tracked and skinned most of them. Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a solution to this problem?
  5. Yes I have, and I did not.
  6. Major spoilers ahead! Do not read unless you've completed the main story and the epilogue.
  7. As I stated in my post, I tried that but it does not work for me unfortunatly.
  8. The reputation-system seems very broken. I have 80+ reputation in all towns you need besides Uzhitz (56) and Merhojed (55). These two are stuck, they cannot be raised. I did the Pestilence quest and saved everybody. Trading does not raise reputation for me, neither does killing bandits and Cumans close to the towns. As of now, there seems to be no solution to this problem.
  9. Got a confirmation from Warhorse Studios support that Andrew does indeed have to be alive to obtain the trophy. Well, that sucks...
  10. I finished the steps to obtain the trophy "Judas". This seems to interfere with the trophy "Talmberger" as Andrew the innkeeper now is dead and I won't get the objective to fetch beer from the Quartermaster. Am I out of luck or is there a work around?
  11. Mafia 2 100% it for XBox 360 back in the day, no way I would bother doing that again.
  12. Yes, the save corruption and freezes seems so be fixed as of patch 1.06 (if I remember correctly). As well as some other positive updates as carry-overs and such. Enjoy the game!
  13. My setup: SA-50 Sniper Rifle 45/70 Rifle Compound Bow Grenade Launcher