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  1. Yup can confirm do them in the compound
  2. So how do ' Sounds possible but how do you know for sure when you don't have the trophy
  3. Didn't get the last 3
  4. Yep he's bang on the money there After 4 years thought i'd try again in fact I didn't even do anything in in practice and qualy just speed up the timer and let it run to the end no pause, save, and quit out to dash. I finished 10 laps down i'd say the hardest thing is to not get wipeout by the fast guys
  5. Thanks did that still no pop but then used the same bike [MX2] in season mode and swap everything again it pops, cheers.
  6. Wonder if anyone can clarify exact criteria for popping complete overhaul {replace all stock components]
  7. I found putting brake response and accelerator mapping on aggressive. just made it a bit more responsive so was able to control a bit better, I missed 30 points worth of gates still got 2810 you need 2750 so can miss a few, Wonder if anyone can clarify exact criteria for popping complete overhaul {replace all stock components]
  8. yep its definatly more doable pre patch but i wouldn't say its easy took me a lot of tries to get it gold
  9. I see you got the Pro Career done in MotoGP 19. Congrats. Any tips?

  10. sounds good and i bet the other challenges are a lot easier as well
  11. Been doing way over 150 feet wheelie's but no luck is there a minimum speed or does this have to be done in career? Scrub that did the same again and both pop maybe the 1.01 patch helped.
  12. Yep did exactly as you said boom it unlock many thanks.
  13. Anyone got any tips for unlocking living the dream [purchase 5 group B ] have 10 now 2 of each still no luck.
  14. they both pop fine for me as with watch the delta [5 group A ] but no luck with Living the dream [ own all group B ] even bought one more so had 6 still no trophy
  15. maybe its staring me in the face and I can't see it as usual but is there an online track that counts for this trophy or do i have to create one myself. thanks in advance for any help.