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  1. Darn, and here comes another reason for me to buy a PS4. It would be pretty better to buy PS3 games in the PS4 Store and then download them in PS3 . Problem's I live in Brazil, and things aren't cheap here. Like everyone knows, PS4 is about $1.650 here (R$3.999), sad fact I have to admit :'(
  2. Got it! YAY! Remembering the old times!
  3. Hmm.. Why don't you give me it, then? I'd appreciate it hahaha
  4. I'm currently using a white Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos u.u Well, of course I'll not buy a phone like this for nothing, so I use it for everything, and I got it about 2 months ago (it was an antecipated bday gift LOL):
  5. Yeah, maybe... I didn't think about this possibility. Well, thanks for answering.
  6. Hey there, guys. I'm justing making this post because I saw the leaderboards today and about 5 people have already played the game, and one of them have it! Crazy thing, huh? Well, I'll show the picture, of course, for you guys to see by yourselves (: And I pre-ordered the game yesterday on PS Store Brazil (now we have PSN Cards too ), and just got a theme. So any suggestions of how they got it? I'm curious now.. ------------------- Thanks for reading