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  1. Fully enjoyed playing Raven again on the ps4,    I played it on the ps3 3 years ago,       hopefully get it plat before the end of the month.  

  2. Also going through some of my trophies I have earnt, Saints Row 3 and bring Saints Row 2 as well as the first one, Lego the ones which were on the ps3, Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash I am being greedy now. Sonic & sega all star racing, maybe all stars battle royale on ps4
  3. Tomb Raider, I know ps3 did a Trilogy, but would love for this to come out of ps4, well all the Tomb Raider games, Prince of Persia. Also if possible Rayman 1-3 and Origins on ps4
  4. Not played on my ps3 for a year, will never sell it, I got enough games for my vita, ps3 and ps4, to probably last until I get Great nephews/nieces which means another 20+ years at least.
  5. At the moment I got life is strange.
  6. De blob 2, Assassins Creed Origins finally.
  7. Shadow of the Tomb Raider if there are no online trophies
  8. If this has a plat and has a different trophy list I may buy it. I have not bought it digital yet.
  9. Looking forward to buying this when it comes out in Europe, but would love to have seen Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles in the lineup. Memories of the Sega mega drive/genesis the only thing which missing is the classic blue sphere
  10. I know it a tough trophy, the more likely I got it by one of the challenges glitches where everyone dies , good luck.
  11. On Level 94 and getting quite board of it, not wasting any money being extras. let it build some coins whilst I am asleep and during the day, and bang..
  12. Finallly Need for speed Payback, It was either that I was going to buy or de Blob 2
  13. Got one game away for Xmas, bought Trigger HappyHavoc danganronpa and pre-owned Grand Kingdom and Dragons Crown.