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  1. Forget just 2020, I would love to know how much I have spent on video games since the days I had a ZX Spectrum, Megadive, Master system, p1 and p2. and the other consoles I still have
  2. plat 

    Road Bustle ,   I would have been faster,  if some trophies had popped up when there should have done. 
  3. Finally plat the CROSSOVERS BY Powgi,  after deciding when I should plat this game,  was saving it to midnight on new years

  4. With disc, I like the fresh smell of a disc
  5. Nice, I was hoping I could also play my ps3 games on the ps5 AS WELL as I still got a huge backlog of games., on both ps3 and ps4
  6. I will get one if it was compatibility with ps3 and ps4 games, as I don't want to dig out my old ps3.
  7. Looking forward to playing this game (waiting for it to come down a bit in price)
  8. Final Fantasy VII remake was the last game I bought I still got a few games I have not even started yet what I got for Christmas and birthday last year and the year before.
  9. Finally plat Lego Batman 3 on the ps4,   okay it took me 3 years and 4 months 

  10. I only played a bit of it so far, I was thinking it was going to be a flop. I am enjoying it.
  11. Nice How about the other two saint rows
  12. Yes Mainly the ones without timestamps (we did not have wifi at the beginning, plus I did not know you have to have the time set to internet)