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  1. Finally I did the PS vita plat of My Name is Mayo,   I took my time on this one. 

  2. Finally plat the My Name is Mayo,    

    1. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    2. one_more_name
    3. Scyther



  3. No there are worst games out there. well worth the money,
  4. During the Black Friday sales, I picked up Uncharted The Lost Legacy. LA Noire on the ps4, on the Playstation network I went for jak and daxter the precursor legacy for ps4, My Name is Mayo (why not) and Mr Pacman and Ms Pacman.
  5. At least one since this post.
  6. I often get disturb
  7. Some easy platimium trophy. has my name-is mayo been released on ps+ I know it only 99p but I dont want to spend it on a game which may take me a few hours to complete.
  8. I have given up racing for trophies, I sooner take my time playing games, not ruined my eye sight and spend some quality time with my girlfriend and family.
  9. Currently picking up Beach Buggy Racing, I dont tend to stick at one for long, so currently playing about 10, so hopefully I can leave a few easy trophies for each game, and get multiply of plats in one day.
  10. Thanks I thought it may have been a problem at my end. hopefully it will get fixed soon. It was fixed the day after.
  11. I am hoping this is a minor thing which will get fixed (currently using 1.05 version of the game,. and playstation upgrade 5.01 version, I have found out I cannot get access to the missions or the city map. I was okay yesterday access it as it was 1.04
  12. Steins;Gate 0 and Gravity Rush (getting harder harder to find ps vita games where I live so order these games and I dont trust memory cards and these are hard to get hold of even pre-owned ones)
  13. Aiming for one more plat before the end of the year and so far it looks like it will be either Lego Movie ps4 or South Park Stick of Truth.     

  14. I would not class myself as a vita collector. I tend to trade in games when I finished for ps3, ps4 and vita. I have a list I carry round with me and some money so if I see the game I wll buy it, most of them pre-owned, very hard in the city where I live to find brand new vita games physical copies and memory cards. Some of the prices for pre-owned are insane I am unsure whether I have any rare titles
  15. Will wait to comes down. in the bargin section pre-owned