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  1. I bet it won't tell you when to go to the toilet.
  2. I never completed this the first time round, there were a problem with my disc 2 years ago, it took me five years to buy another copy of the game and got to the 3rd disc I am certaintly going to be buying this.
  3. My poor wallet
  4. Doubt it will happen Sly cooper
  5. Won't happen but would love to see a south park game.
  6. LEGO Movie 2: The Videogame , I am hoping the next Lego game is better.
  7. This is the problem I had with my PC years ago, and burnt the fan out.
  8. finally plat the LEGO Movie 2: The Videogame


    Hope the next Lego game is more interesting.     


    Hopefully ps4 will have re-mastered of some of the other lego games from the ps3 era

  9. Missing some trophies,. like failing to get the word
  10. 2 power cuts last night,   thank goodness that I charged my vta earlier. 

  11. I am buying yhis pre-owned when it drops to £5
  12. pre owned of course one I been looking for the last 4 years WRC3 and another pre owned game Tokyo Twilight Ghost hunter. I will never part with my ps vita games,
  13. Had it pre-ordered when it was annouced, glad no on line trophies Next would love a remastered of Crash Bash.
  14. I am not messing about with the clock system, I am sure I can complete the game at some point.
  15. Keep them coming, fun games. and get those grey cells working (if we are not cheating by using the internet)