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  1. Looking forward to playing this game (waiting for it to come down a bit in price)
  2. Final Fantasy VII remake was the last game I bought I still got a few games I have not even started yet what I got for Christmas and birthday last year and the year before.
  3. Finally plat Lego Batman 3 on the ps4,   okay it took me 3 years and 4 months 

  4. I only played a bit of it so far, I was thinking it was going to be a flop. I am enjoying it.
  5. Nice How about the other two saint rows
  6. Yes Mainly the ones without timestamps (we did not have wifi at the beginning, plus I did not know you have to have the time set to internet)
  8. By dropping the playstation 5 outside my house.
  9. Delete the games where I did not get the time stamps, I did not know for a year you have to have the clock on the playstation set to Internet time.
  10. My poor wallet
  11. Fortnite followed by My Name is Mayo if we count this as a game
  12. i have never played Aladdin. A bit disappointed how many trophies there are. I would have love to have trophies for completing every level of each game. I remember playing Lion King when I was younger, as I had flu at the time I was about 8 or 9
  13. I bet it won't tell you when to go to the toilet.
  14. I never completed this the first time round, there were a problem with my disc 2 years ago, it took me five years to buy another copy of the game and got to the 3rd disc I am certaintly going to be buying this.