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  1. Aiming for my next plat trophy would like to get the Lego Movie for ps4 before end of year

  2. PS4 Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens (aiming for the hat-trick now and do it on the vita)
  3. Plat the ps4  Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens,  thankfully only one crash this time. 

  4. Playing a mission, I give you one last chance? I follow the route but the blue thing flickers and goes. Is this a bug it the last first order mission I need to do. I have figured out what I did wrong forgot to climb the ladder.
  5. Playing Goat Simulator again on ps4,  weird fun game

  6. Monopoly Street 3 years and 2 months,
  7. Time to pick up playing Stories: The Path of Destinies again,  trying to get the stage of having four or five games where I only need to put one trophy + plat -  get some plats knocked off before the end of 2017

  8. I been playing ps3/ps4 games 7 years now I know in the early days no time stamps because I did not know I had to set the time to internet time and before 2012 we did not have wifi. 

    1. Blissey


      It's no big deal. A lot of people have that and it doesn't count against you.

    2. one_more_name


      Thanks would have been pretty interested how long it took me to complete some of those ps3 games,  but never mind.  

  9. Ws-37116-8 anybody had this problem today. 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Blissey


      It'll probably work fine later. 

    3. one_more_name


      Thanks was only asking I have never seen this code before on ps4

    4. Blissey


      Yea, think it's just one of those things. Happens sometimes, wouldn't worry too much.

  10. I bought another 12 months for ps+ last month so I think it worth it so far, add the games to library complete some games first. download when ready.
  11. Ff8

    Hopefully one day,
  12. Lots of games I am playing at the moment,  just found out Final Fantasy IX has trophies for ps4 so will be buying that when it comes down.     will Final Fantasy 8 get trophies . 

  13. something to add to my library and backlog, its an ever growing list for me
  14. I think Rayman Legends may come out soon on ps4 games old. I think a Lego game will come out for ps4
  15. I have never bought a game from CEX