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  1. Yeah, do what you're doing, at least for now. You'll have to meet your quota for Time and Miscellaneous deliveries anyway. The former is palpably finite, and a few of them require you to be better than perfect. Once those are done, the usual orders are plentiful enough to level up new places and nab the trophy. Even after maxing out all facilities, you may fall just short of a complete star. So, even if you haven't been 100% efficient thus far, you've still made progress towards the ultimate goal. Keep on keeping on!
  2. EZ

    The secret is Chiral Brownies! It would have been easier if I didn't save the First Prepper for last, but that was too poetic to resist. The amount of deliveries needed for the Platinum could be cut in half and the message would be the same. Yet, the monotonous grind feels like the point, a la Shenmue. Fighting MULES is a scarce but delightful reward for workmanlike dedication. I'm impressed something so repetitive was able to maintain my immersion, especially for so long. What do you think?
  3. There is a time limit, but it's a non-issue. I think you have a few months to beat the game at least, and a pure grind only lasts 20 days.
  4. You're totally fine! You only need to pluck the herbs. Fortunately for you, someone on this forum found a herb video for Bailu!!! When I was playing, I spent sleepless nights over these herbs. It was a that I was forced to have twice, thanks to Niaowu. It was a peaceful experience though, when the camera wasn't making me dizzy at 8 AM because I was sure the next herb would be the last. This was during the only time in recent memory when I could afford to no-life something so hard. There's also a sidequest guide for Bailu. Keep up with your sidequests, hear? Otherwise Santa will make you eat coal for Christmas. You must do these in order. A few will be available at the same time, but most of them will be gone when you reach the end of Bailu! Don't let the game trick you. It'll warn you before leaving, but its only purpose is to jape slackers. You get the chance to finish only a fraction of the 10 sidequests. If you missed Capsule Kid, you may as well start over. If you care about getting the Platinum in one go, you might want to have a save for each story beat, just to be extra extra extra safe. I will say I appreciated Shenmue I & II more when I had ancient guides holding my hands. While that may be against the spirit of the games, there's only so much indulgence the average person can be expected to take. Ergo, why guides for the Shenmue series are good because you can (and will) watch entire movies in the time it takes to push through filler. At least there's no equivalent to Shenmue I's actual forklift job in this game, that would have been way too much!
  5. I suppose you know about the Bailu video already, but if not, it will get you started. Don't leave Bailu until the "everything" guide come out. There are Bailu-exclusive items, and it's better for your sanity to follow a herb video bit-by-bit than try to find every last one of them yourself. While you're waiting, work towards the Angler Extraordinaire trophy, the one where you have to catch 1,000 fish. Even with the most optimal method possible, this one is a genuine grind. You'll enjoy the game more with it off your plate. You'll have to play until you finish the Soccer Boy sidequest and select the fishing spot as the reward. The time saved doing this far negates the time spent doing it. When you get to the pond, the trick is to reel the line until it goes vertical. Once bitten, the fish will be yours before either of you have the chance to struggle. Using this method, I caught around 60 fish every in-game day, across two rental sessions. Why they can't just let you fish, we'll never know. If you've made any progress whatsoever, chances are you're in for a second playthrough anyway. Honestly, if you're still in Bailu, it's simply economical to start over. Short pain for long gain, plus you get to cozy up with Shenhua more!
  6. Once a complete guide comes out, this will be an easy Platinum! Slow, but this is Shenmue. It's even in the name --- Slowmue. "Shen" means slow, and "mue" means gullible because Ryo is a gullible guy. Aside from the fish, this will purely be an instructional affair. The Platinum challenges your patience, not your skills. If you know where to go and when to do it, how to fight a little, scam the working class make money, and fish a lot, the Platinum is yours. My hunch is that the DLC is standalone. I'm looking forward to them because their trophies seem chill compared to the main game. We shall see... My advice is to play naturally, but fish now to fish less later. Count your fish, make a hobby of it. The "secret" pond in Bailu is grind central, and there's a similar area in Niaowu as well. Enjoy Shenmue III for what is. Then, check YouTube to see if it has any of dem herb tours uploaded yet. When they does, well, I reckon y'all put that them there Shenmue disc back in yer VCR ya GODDARN chicken nuggets.
  7. The short answer is to do what LongLiveTheGamer said, but if you're keen on gambling, I used this video and found a micro-position from there. It didn't work 100% of the time but it worked consistently enough to get the trophy in an hour or so. However, when I went back to this method after getting the trophy, none of the shots landed. Luck is still a requirement, but I vastly preferred doing this over the fortune trick.
  8. Yeah, you'll want to keep this one to as minimum playthroughs as possible! Even if you're still in Bailu, you're probably in for two runs now. There's a high chance you missed something. I've done about five playthoughs with reasonable guidance and blind mistakes. I can't tell you the specific amount of hours I put in, but know I had been going to bed at 10 AM for the last week because of my obsession. Your estimate seems right on the money, though I spent many hours herb-hunting! The last 1% of herbs are 99% of the herb trophies. What you really want to wait for is the ultimate herb guide. Information on everything else is divided but available. Thankfully, collected herbs are permanent, though there are a few that respawn to tease you with false hope. The act of doing these trophies isn't so bad in's waiting to do them. In the time it takes to rush a chapter, you could platinum full games. Short games, of course, but entire experiences nonetheless. For example, the last capsule machine in the final area feels like a prank. If you didn't collect every capsule from that machine, you have to reach the endgame again to get back to it. At least the game lets you skip Bailu on New Game+, but it's still a long journey to the end. There is a perfect Bailu guide on YouTube sans herbs, and this very forum has a good Niaowu guide in the Trophy Help thread, also sans herbs. Unlike the Bailu YouTube video, it doesn't tell you exactly when these sidequests take place, but they're in order, which is good enough. If a sidequest doesn't pop up, try again during the next story beat, and by Jove save before you do it! If this were like an open-world where you can clean up on one save, this would be an acceptable list. Catching 1,000 fish would still be too much, but that's one you can do over time. However, the missables break the Platinum. The first Platinum achievers are the real OGs. Shenmue isn't really telling you to take it slow to appreciate the lifelike pace, it says it to mask bad game design. If you want to know how I stayed sane, my TV and computer share the same space. I was multitasking the whole way through. I obviously loved the game enough to stick with it! But developers must understand how trophies should be used not to pad, but enhance.
  9. In the haze that was this last week, I remember him offering the job in the same conversation Ryo mistakes him for his brother. However, I think if you work for him early enough in the story you should be okay. Try the next day. Move 6 crates, just to be safe.
  10. I don't know who this trophy list is for. I'm trying to imagine the casual, honest Shenmue player who would end up completing this game. Boy howdy, this here Shenmue III --- the only videogame I own, and care to own --- is a real delight. I could beat it 10 times, in fact I will! I'll collect all them collectibles, play all them games, and talk to everybody everywhere all the time. Woops, failed that sidequest, I'll make sure to please 'em right next go-around. I'm such a high roller I gamble for the sport of it! I got 500,000 tokens, just sittin' in my inventory to show my friends I don't do it for the money. I am a wealthy man, I have 10,000 Chinese dollars in my wallet to purchase garlic whenever such a need arises, which is most often. Boy howdy I sure love fishin'. I fish every day. After a hard night at the coal mines, I sit down, loosen my tie, and catch a few of them digital fish. The way I've played the Shenmue games goes against their spirit, I get that. I feel like you're not supposed to use guides or "complete" Shenmue. If I hadn't platinumed the collection, I wouldn't have attempted this either. I happen to like the combat system, so I would have preferred beating the game on Nightmare Mode over most of these trophies. If anything, that follows the spirit of Shenmue, because you'd be forced to struggle like Ryo does and it wouldn't look stupid when gameplay/story segregation demands Ryo get winded by a boss you beat without getting hit. I think Shenmue IV will get made. This game's had too many controversial shenanigans for that not to be the plan, plus there's Easter Eggs. Shenmue IV needs to be modern. I understand Shenmue III was supposed to come out in 2004, and this is a remaster to a game that never existed. However, as much as I appreciate this series for what it is, I don't even know how to recommend this game to anyone. It's like advertising a sex island. There simply isn't enough tide for Shenmue V, so Shenmue IV must be groundbreaking again, or be the end of the franchise.
  11. For the Yuan trophies, right? Here's how to exploit the joy of reading: I saw this on the GameFAQS board but apparently Shenmue Dojo is the source. The Members Only area of that forum has info you can't see if you're not registered, so it's worth checking out if you're gunning for this plat!
  12. Congratulations!!! It's smooth sailing from here! Take comfort that your last herb was a sneaky one after all. 😌
  13. Wait for a guide. There are a few scattered about, but you want something concrete and complete. "Speedruns" on New Game+ still demand a large chunk of time, but you can skip a lot. It'd be nice if you could fast-forward everything, but we'll take what we can get. Here's the short of it... If you're a completionist, expect to be trolled hard by this game. Shenmue doesn't respect your time so you better have a lot of love and a LOT of patience! This is my experience, summarized in alphabetical order. Adept Angler (Fish at All Fishing Spots) Okay, but urgent because not only do you have missable sidequests with fishing spots as rewards, you have to actively choose them in Bailu. The alternative doodads are useless, they are a Hobson's choice solely designed to make fun of you. Angler Extraordinaire (Catch 1,000 fish) Extremely grindy using the best method. If you dedicate a day to it...expect to spend a total of 12+ hours. Yes, that really is the fastest you can do it, assuming you're a NEET who "takes care of your immediate needs." Battle Master (Defeat 36 People in the Arena / Win Rose Garden) Easy, if you're at max level and play on ---you guessed it--- Easy, you'll flatten everybody. Capsule Hero (Get All Capsules) Easy but expensive and takes a while due to scarce luck. Keep in mind you have to find all of the capsule machines, one of which is only in the final area of the game. Chopping Master (Chop 1,000 Logs) Easy, don't even trip. You get 100 logs per job, give or take a few depending on your performance. City Magnate (Collecy 10,000 Yuan) Easy. There's already an exploit that involves selling cheap books, and you also get approximately 1,000 yuan per 10,000 tokens. Expert Herbalist (Find All Herbs) AAARRRGGGHHH!!! High-Score Master (Beat All High-Scores) Easy if you've got the reflexes. You only need to beat every machine with high-scores on them. Those would be Excite QTE, that punching game and Whack-A-Mole. Good Karma (Complete All Subquests) You need a guide. You have to do all 25 quests in one playthrough, and all of them are story-gated. They're completely inconsequential to the narrative so you'd think you could do them any time, but no. Also, you can't piss anybody off, because that means you failed the sidequest. The sidequests themselves are super short and easy, though I still recommend saving beforehand. King of Gamblers (Collect 500,000 Tokens) Easy enough and even fun maybe. Look for the sweet spot in the Lucky Hit x30 stand at the Golden Goose and go crazy. It's not a guaranteed win every time, but you get way more than the effort you put in! Bet 2,000, get 60,000! *EDIT*: I just realized you can use the book exploit (seen further down in this thread) to simply buy the tokens. Doing this trophy the semi-legit way gave me fond memories of Lucky Hit, though. You can't buy that with money! Shopkeeper? (Buy 1,000 Items) Easy, especially if you're using the book exploit. Technique Master (Acquire All Moves) You need a guide, but most moves can be bought. Not hard overall, you just need to know what to do and be very wealthy. PLATINUM VERDICT: Was attempting to 100% this game so early worth it? No. Did I do it anyway? Yes. Because I had the rare amount of free time to get away with it, plus I achieved it on Shenmue Day, when Shenmue begins his adventure to torture and eat the chinaman who whooped his most recent ancestor.
  14. Actually, they might not. I thought that was the case too but I've heard others deconfirm. Back when I was doing Bailu, I thought I screwed myself over by not doing the Elder Yeh sidequest in time, but there were a bunch more herbs chilling than I realized. My last herb in Bailu was on the riverbank by the games. The sidequests don't take long at all so if you have the opportunity, you may as well do them. If you miss a beat, don't despair. This game occasionally shows mercy, if out of senility. Good luck to you! It's always the last place you look, isn't it?
  15. Best of luck! You can do it, I believe in you! d(^^)