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  1. Not this conversation again!
  2. Probably i'd do it all over again as I had enjoyed playing it on the PS4 and want to see what graphical enhancements they have added to the PS5 version.
  3. Can't help but smile all the way on my playthrough of the game. It is a game for the family and fans of PlayStation alike.
  4. Spider-Man Miles Morales Bugsnax (PS Plus game) Mortal Kombat 11 (Free Upgrade) Borderlands 3 (Free Upgrade)
  5. Interested in almost all of these games, in particular, Power Stone Remake ūüėć. Please make it true, Capcom.
  6. Seeing this masterpiece among the popular games on PSNProfile made me shed manly tears /S
  7. Kudos to you, sir. Someone forward this to the morons at Sony. Their current web store is atrocious as f***.
  8. How hard is getting 100% in Genshin Impact without paying a single penny?
    For a Free-to-play game, this looks really interesting and I'm eager to playing it but I'm also afraid i'll end up paying a ridiculous amount of money just like what i did with Plants vs Zombies 2 on mobile and I honestly regret that decision.

    1. Mike13858


      If by 100%, you mean all the trophies, then you can do it just fine without spending any money.

      But go in expecting to not be summoning characters very often if you don't spend a single penny.

    2. NERVergoproxy


      You can get 100% with not paying a single penny.

      But do expect to grind dailies everyday for he next 6months, maybe more....but all depending how much you play but eventually youll be out of resin, so you either wait for it to accumulate or spend money to speed it up.

      Ok okay not 6months :P but atm im Adventure rank 42, to hit Adventure Rank 50 to get the last phase for trophy, and by playing casually free, doing 2000exp a day, It would take me about 82 more days before I can 100% game.

    3. mecharobot


      Afaik the whales are more about paying for wishes to get more characters and weapons, which just slows things down if you're going to level everything up. It needs the daily grind, which is why I dropped the game. I just don't find this activity addicting like it is supposed to be. The level system is convoluted and I don't find the resin activities to be part of the natural gameflow.


      In any case I'd wait until the game is more meaty, maybe it is easier to level up stuff in a year or so.

  9. SPEAKING SIMULATOR? Really? What's next? Walking Simulator? Oh, they already did that haha
  10. Waiting for a deep, deep sale on this one. I bought the super deluxe version, why should I pay more?
  11. That Astro robot thing should be Playstation's Mascot from now on.

    1. KingGuy420


      Playstation has a mascot




      Come on now, he's just so iconic lol.

    2. milanbarca82


      But he's more relevant in Japan.  I do agree he's iconic haha

    3. ShonenCat


      There can be only one


  12. I had a blast playing the main campaign; collecting the trophies for the base game and thus, earning the plat. All went downhill once I started playing the DLCs, that's when I had felt exhausted and got bored with the game and wanted to 100% it ASAP.
  13. Doesn't sound bad IMO. It just needs to raise the notification volume a bit.
  14. Slayaway camp clone? It's from the same devs! Smh. Anyways, loved Slayaway Camp and I can't wait to get my hands on this one.
  15. Got platinums in FF VII Remake and FF VIII which bring my total to 9 Plats in FF series. Update my position, please. Thanks