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  1. meh...
  2. Really liked the platinum image. 😄
  3. Speed run trophies, the perform a XXX number of moves, and the missable trophies.
  4. Confused but still intrigued. Kojima you *******
  5. Any Detroit Become Human Cover Images? I'd like some specifically of these two pics of Chloe 😍: Chloe 1 Chloe 2
  6. Well... at least the music is catchy. Gonna buy it whenever it is on sale. Thanks for the guide.
  7. It IS worth it with the good amount of exclusives it has got so far but I'd wait a little bit until this year's E3. Who knows, they might announce a price cut or something.
  8. Play Time: 324 Hours Crowns: 56/56 ...and with that, I finally got that platinum. Oh boy! What a ride it was! Still playing the game to craft and test other weapons.
  9. How to farm investigations for a specific monster? i'm trying to farm both Jyuratodus and Kirin investigations. All i got so far from collecting their tracks in their respective missions are investigations for other monsters. Is this also luck based just like the crowns?
  10. Any tips for hunting a mini Jyuraodus? They all look the same to me.
  11. So, did the addition of Devilijo messed with the Crown trophies? All i gathered here is that it did mess up with the monsters research trophy but not with the crown ones. I hope not. I still need 6 more crowns for the plat.
  12. Raining coins? hahaha... I swear games these days truly have ridiculous titles. What's next? "It's Raining Men, Halellujah"?
  13. Any tips regarding measuring Large Pukei Pukei and Small Jyurtadous?
  14. You couldn't even plat the game!!! lol.