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  1. Uh oh... A SIXTH difficulty level will be added. And to think I still need to finish 6 more stages in the "Insane" difficulty (sigh). I guess i'll kiss the plat goodbye for real. lol
  2. More like "One Punch Man: A Game Nobody Asked For"
  3. I got it by poking (used R2) the toad and made him stare back at me for 8-9 seconds, held up its fist, hit it and the trophy popped up.
  4. Umm... How do you feed the big toad for the "bug for dinner" trophy? I don't see any dragon flies around or am I missing something? EDIT: Just got it. The bugs are hidden in the red, rose-like plants.
  5. Borderlands 2 - PS3 & PS4 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - PS3 & PS4 Tales from the Borderlands - PS3 & PS4 Saints Row IV - PS3 & PS4 Uncharted 1,2,3 - PS3 & PS4 Sleeping Dogs - PS3 & PS4 Far Cry 3 - PS3 & PS4 The Walking Dead: Season 1 - PS3 & PS4 The Walking Dead: Season 2 - PS3 & PS4 Assassin's Creed IV - PS3 & PS4 The Wolf Among Us - PS3 & PS4 Back to the Future - PS3 & PS4 God of War 3 - PS3 & PS4 Resident Evil 6 - PS3 & PS4 Final Fantasy X - PS2 & PS3 The Last of Us - PS3 & PS4 Final Fantasy VII - PS1 & PS4 Resident evil 4 - PS2 & PS3 & PS4 Life is Strange - PS4 & PS3 Murdered: Soul Suspect - PS4 & PS3
  6. To get my money's worth.
  7. PLAYSTATION VR WORLDS 22 hours, 48 minutes, 46 seconds 0.67% Rarity It's my rarest plat, it also made me suffer from a terrible headache for almost a week lol.
  8. Need someone to lend me the rainbow colored gears for the "Painbow Connection" trophy PSN: milanbarca82
  9. Any tips for the current "Insane" playthrough? What class should I play as? What skills should I use? ..etc
  10. Just sent them a tweet about the absurd difficulty, I hope they would address it in the next patch. I'm starting to hate this game after the latest update, it has become more frustrating and annoying than fun. I like some challenge in my games but not something that is impossible to complete!
  11. It's so disheartening now hearing they have increased the difficulty. I guess i'm gonna kiss the plat goodbye then lol.
  12. Question to those who have the plat. Just finished my first playthrough on normal. What is the most efficient ways to shorten the time obtaining the plat? In other words, what was your road map to platinum for this game?
  13. The Saboteur. The number of collectibles in that game is scary.
  14. I hope the EU "Golden Week Sale" would be better.
  15. Glad I haven't rushed out and bought it.