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  1. I'm more worried about not having enough time to finish all of my backlog across PS4, PS3, and PSVita systems. I haven't even started most of the 2017 big titles i.e. HZD, Persona 5, Nioh, Nier: Automata...etc.
  2. Saved me some bucks as I already have it on PS3 but never got around to playing it.
  3. Same. Sometimes I use Maxthon as well.
  4. Did it fix the loading times for Comrades dlc?
  5. Is it available to download off PSN store yet?
  6. what game isn't repetitive?
  7. Are they going to fix the atrocious loading times in the Comrades DLC? It is really irritating when grinding for the 999999kw trophy.
  8. Best RE 7 & Crash Trilogy Remstered I've bought Persona 5, HZD, Tales of Berseria and Yakuza 0 but haven't gotten around to playing them yet. Worst It's a tie between The Book of Regrets (lol) and Butter & Friends: Babysitter Sim
  9. Chocobo? FF Reference?
  10. Can the online ranked be boosted for the 10 consecutive wins? 😕 If yes, Is it as easy as inviting a friend and beat him up or pushing the "search" button and praying that you end up playing against your boosting partner?
  11. From the US PSN Black Friday Sales:
    Nier: Automata $36
    Yakuza 0 $30

    Dragon Quest Heroes II $30
    Buy or wait?

  12. From the current US & EU Sales: