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  1. Bought these:
  2. The first Need for Speed
  3. To those who already have and played the game, how is it? Worthy of purchase now or wait for a sale?
  4. I've always wanted to play these games but never got around to doing so, Pokemon got me busy haha. Here's hoping they will consider releasing the DS and the PS2 castlevanias too.
  5. Playing it on my brother's X1 and it sure is a fine Tales game. Can't wait for my PS5 copy to arrive.
  6. 10 from both IGN & Gamespot?! Color me intrigued.
  7. The girl's outfit is kind of Egyptian, reminds me of AC: Origins. With them confirming the end of the Norse saga, does this mean it's Egyptian Gods next?
  8. Good showcase, I'm most excited for GoW;R, Spider-Man 2, and GT7. Pity there were no Final Fantasy 16 trailers or anything JRPG related 😒
  9. Never cared for Wolverine but since it will be made by Insomniac, I'm more than interested now 😁
  10. Time to get frustrated again with the Brutal difficulty haha
  11. This and GoW Ragnarok are my picks from that Showcase.
  12. The platinum image gonna look nice in my trophet cabinet. Can't wait ^^
  13. More of the same but I like it. Gonna buy it, the Gold Edition, when it becomes $30 or less.
  14. How would you guys compare this game to World War Z in terms of gameplay and plat difficulty? I've immensely enjoyed World War Z, and I was wondering if this one is anything alike.