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  1. Great findings. I'm just wondering if we might get flagged for obtaining the trophies of this game in a very short amount of time.
  2. Don't mind playing these great games again. I hope Bioshock Infinite follows suit as it was my favorite of the trilogy.
  3. Ghost Recon Wildlands Ultimate Edition for $35

    Good deal?

    1. Deluziion90


      Liked the main game. first dlc is kinda shit. Second DLC is good. Overall for that price it's a nice deal

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Dlc's are recycled garbage imo. One is west side and other is east side of main map. They use same locations from main game and even layout of enemies is identical. You get few new gadgets and vehicles, but you can't use any of them in main game. I can't recommend dlcs, but i did enjoy game overall.

  4. Tales of Symphonia. The game is fine but its plat requirements are ridiculous, specifically having to complete the game multiple times.
  5. Oh, really?! That sucks. I bought it specifically to play online with my brother. Do you think it is still safe to play online coop but having only myself collecting the collectibles? Well, My brother and I have 2 PS4s and play in the same room, so i can tell him to never touch the collectibles. If not, I would go by your advice of playing the game offline until the collectible trophies pop up. Thanks for the tips.
  6. Thanks. I did the 1cc with a friend and it wasn't that bad, I assume it could be harder if you're doing it solo. But since you already got the S rank trophy, I believe you'll manage just fine.
  7. Finally got my plat. 😁 My scores are: 01 - 27865 Blaze (SoR 3) 02 - 30099 Axel (SoR 3) 03 - 21496 Blaze (SoR 3) 04 - 27787 Blaze (SoR 3) 05 - 33496 Blaze (SoR 3) 06 - 33501 Blaze (SoR 3) 07 - 15129 Axel (SoR 3) 08 - 27561 Blaze (SoR 3) 09 - 23500 Blaze (SoR 3) 10 - 23954 Blaze (SoR 3) 11 - 28606 Blaze (SoR 3) 12 - 37835 Blaze (SoR 3)
  8. Just bought this game off the current PSN sales. Just wondering, is this trophy still glitchy?
  9. FF 7 Remake. I already have the game but i'll play it later to make its platinum my 25000th trophy.
  10. Previously, it was Persona 4 Golden. I really adore that game to the point I didn't feel its plat was tedious 😄. But currently, the honor goes to Streets of Rage 4, I just love everything about this game and i'm willing to playing it for years to come.
  11. #554 Streets of Rage 4 My Work Here is Done Obtain all trophies. Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 7.5/10 One of my favorite gaming series from my childhood. They really did a very good job crafting this game for the new generation. I just love everything about this game, the art style, the music, the combat... everything! On the contrary to what the title of the platinum is, my work with this game is not done and I will still be playing this game for years to come, trying to improve my scores and getting S in all difficulties. Here's hoping they would release DLC soon, I'll buy it in a heart beat! As for the platinum itself, getting S in all stages in Hard mode is what makes the plat difficult but with persistence, practice, and a bit of luck, you'll get the trophy eventually. Highly recommended!
  12. It's a good action game but it's a bad RE game. Enjoyed it the most when playing coop. Good times.
  13. Little Adventure on The Prairie, no contest.
  14. Looks really good, but as with all my AC games, i'll buy this one later when its gold edition goes on a deep sale.
  15. Haha. Yeah. I hope so. Phobos with pegasus skin was not enough for me because it couldn't fly lol.