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  1. You couldn't even plat the game!!! lol.
  2. I'm sure people will find a way to complain lol
  3. BAZELGUESE. Damn that fu**in intruder.
  4. Another question regarding MHW.  Could anybody share a Roadmap for its platinum?  I am pretty overwhelmed with this game :( .  I am confused at what to focus on first, the story missions or the optional stuff.  Still a really good game and very addictive at that haha.

    1. Redgrave


      It can be either or. But optional stuff gives you more stuff to work with like extra Botanical Garden slots or upgrading the Canteen. Either way though, there's no wrong way to approach the game.

  5. Agreed. Some of his "questionable" scores for games: No Man's Sky 5/5 (He replied to each comment using an anime pic, so childish) Doom (2016) 2.5/5 Horizon Zero Dawn 3.5/5 Lost Sphear 5/5 Almost every Warriors style game gets either 4.5 or 5/5 Almost every Neptunia game gets either 4.5 or 5/5 (I don't think Neptunia games are bad but, come on!) It seems he's pretty biased in favor of Japanese games. And, yeah, I understand everyone has his/her own opinion regarding games but resorting to hijacking, altering, then deleting comments that dare to challenge your opinion is borderline ridiculous.
  6. Tried to comment in that website in a friendly manner but got my comment hijacked, altered and then deleted by the author/owner of that website lol. It seems he wants his comments section to only be an echo chamber for his opinions, not to mention his meltdown on Twitter, my God! XD.
  7. May I request Dynasty Warriors 9 PS4 cover images? Preferrably, Wang Yuanji ones 😍
  8. Uhm... how does Multiplayer work in Monster Hunter World?  I want to play story mission in coop with my friend but, for the life of me, I couldn't figure it out. I thought it's a drop in, drop off kind of multiplayer like Destiny, Borderlands... etc.

    1. Redgrave


      You first have to unlock being able to after a couple tutorial segments. It will tell you when. But otherwise you can use the quest board and try and join your friends quest once they post it assuming you are both in the same session.


      Though the other thing is you might not be able to join a quest right away since story quests want you to see a certain cutscene first and then it will let you fire an SOS Flare. Once that happens and if you or your friend have already completed the quest they can join.

  9. Ni no Kuni 2 Dragon Quest 9 God of War RDR 2 Kingdom Hearts 3 Ace Combat 7 Soul Calibur 6
  10. No Co-op? Is this the new trend of Musou games?
  11. I'm more concerned with the framerate. Is it really that bad on OG PS4?
  12. Yeah. I forgot about that but if i'm not mistaken, wasn't Mass Effect 1 published by Microsoft but got released on PS3 eventually? Or was it a different case?
  13. GBA had some Crash games so why not?
  14. Same. All I did in free mode was alternating between (Right, Up, Left) while watching a movie or an episode of an anime lol.
  15. Is the online portion of this game still active? What about the daily challenges?