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  1. Been playing Zelda, so not a lot of PSN activity happening lately. Having a good time with them though.

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    2. ShonenCat


      Same question. Ocarina of Time is amazeballs :D

    3. Iron_Tallican


      I just finished Phantom Hourglass, and I am about half way through Majora's Mask. Got about 3 more to go to finish up the whole franchise ( Not counting the PC Games). They are Skyward Sword, Spirit Tracks, and Breath of the Wild. My fav is still Link to the Past, but I think that its because nostalgia haha. Glad to see so many Zelda fans! Oh and my g/f is playing Hyrule Warriors. So very Zelda'd out of here ha.

    4. LucianaRosethorn


      Toon link is my favourite so Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks and Wind Waker are very high in my favourite category but Hyrule Warriors is also up there. ^_^

  2. Thanks for help from everybody! No more friends needed at this moment.
  3. That is correct I had to RE-do all of it, as I did NOT have PSPlus at the time. I have the callus on my thumb to prove it. lol.
  4. metallica0717 Street Fighter IV I had the the game almost done quite a few years ago, but the my PS3 broke, I then had to re-do everything as I didn't have PS plus at the time for a backup. Edit:I just looked at it, I see what you're seeing. The last thing I ended up doing again after all the Character Trials was go back and do the Survival/ Time Trials that I had already done years ago before my PS3 went down.
  5. Going to see Metallica in June!!

  6. I was helping my girlfriend get through the God of War 1 challenges, I finally got through them after a lot of frustration. Trophy didn't pop. I was still on my account.
  7. I like using a controller, playstation exclusives, and now a phone for a keyboard.
  8. Yeah I agree. We need to shut the F*ck up.
  9. Echo Night Beyond on ps2 is my favorite scary game. Its not too scary to me now cause I played it enough times, but its a fun one.
  10. Shawshank Redemption Batman Trilogy The Punisher (Thomas Jane) Rocky, all of them The Warriors Predator(s) (Schwarzenegger and Brody) First Blood The Shining The Grey Django Unchained Inglorious Bastards The Prestige
  11. The Darkness, still one of my favorites. Wish they would patch it with trophies.
  12. Batman: Arkham City, Storyteller trophy. I brought my ps3 on multiple trips to get this trophy. Then for some reason in May it didn't want to recognize that it was a holiday. Until the next day saying that I missed a day. So I set the last 3-4 dates I had left on my ps3. Wasn't gonna wait another year.
  13. Kratos....Enough said
  14. Attack on Titan.
  15. PS1:Spyro/Need for Speed (both came with system I think) PS2: Grand Theft Auto 3 PS3:The Darkness or Turok PSP: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core