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  1. Thank you very much! I guess I will waiting for few months or not.
  2. Ok thanks, only I saw list of games support Vita games so make me wonder about this game. Let's see how it going when I get it from EU store
  3. Hello I am curious PS TV will be support this? I don't have Vita anymore. Thanks!
  4. Just got platinum. Did worked with clip mode for last level of first episode for damn I'm so good trophy. Keep shoot at boss wall to wall. Only you need turn on via different difficult then new game with damn I'm so good...you're good. Surprise it's pretty short and easy platinum....
  5. Yes, I tried cheat and no problem. Wow I'm surprised about 8 hours. I will take my time to play. Haven't got platinum for few months so I'll back on track for now.
  6. Thank you for reply, I guess Damn i'm good difficult is disable cheat I think, it's been long time I played
  7. Long time no post. I am wondering does cheat affect the trophies? I know about one trophy which is you use cheat but use cheat for whole story will be affect?
  8. Might be overload server? I got lagged out first time in this morning.
  9. I noticed those drift is pretty easy to me but take it time. One million drift is bit tough and always patience and learn until I got it after 10 tried. Only I have to do multiplayer trophy left.
  10. Ah right, I will keep in my mind about this. Cheers.
  11. Just want to double check, it is rubberband is missable? for some story?
  12. Jeez, I am hard time to think if it's worth to get tomorrow or wait for price drop.
  13. Yep I already knew Australia haven't been on list, I don't mind to buy it off via UK Store or bit later for sale drop first.
  14. wait what? What did I miss about cheat?
  15. Got my copy arrived today, I'll see how it going with this game compare to WRC 5 and yes I am own Logitech G29. Hopefully it's good...to kill my times before Dirt Rally arrive.