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  1. Glad to see you have your PS5! Have you hooked up an external hard drive to it by chance?
  2. Hey there! Not sure if you remember me, but I wanted to see how you've been!

    1. Revvie


      I kinda remembered you and I'm just fine and busy.

  3. I just recently bought this for myself: Dwyane Wade has been my favorite basketball player since he started in 2003, and I have never owned his white jersey. So I am happy to now!
  4. My girlfriend and I. She is from Chicago and I am a huge basketball fan, with the great Michael Jordan being my all-time favorite player. So, we bought these matching Chicago exclusive Jordan All-Star jerseys when we visited back last year and wear them from time to time nowadays. Here is my son and I! He is 6 years old, and recently got started on the same console as his daddy (Nintendo). When I started, I was four so just a year younger than his start but my first console (although shared with my sister) was a regular Nintendo, so in true family tradition, I got him a Switch for Christmas this last year and he is well on his way in Super Mario Odyssey and Minecraft!
  5. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Pond ScumDestroy a total of 5 Vodomjerka during story mode. Interestingly, this is the trophy that also got me to PSN level 10.
  6. It's been a while! Everyone here looks so happy Happy third anniversary, @Phil! Here is a picture of my girlfriend and I from last week at a special ice cream place in Chinatown in Chicago. Here we are at Bonchan chicken Here is me from when I killed my beard a couple of days ago I miss it but also am glad I got rid of it!
  7. So sorry for being late with this, guys! A lot has happened over the last 7 days that has kept me off of the computer, I finally snuck some time in before going back to the doctor to enter everyone into the drawing, and announce that @KingGuy420 was the lucky winner from the online random picker! Hope you enjoy the Expansion Pass content PM Incoming.
  8. Hello again fellow PSNP members! Some of you may remember a few months back I did a giveaway for a copy of Deus Ex Mankind Divided (Deluxe Edition), which @Stevieboy won! This time, in celebration of the launch of the new Expansion, I am giving away... This code will grant you access to both expansions for Destiny 2, as well as the Exotic Weapon Coldheart, and the premium digital content (legendary emote, legendary sword, and Cabal-themed emblem). All you have to do to participate for an entry is reply in this thread and mention what your favorite part about Destiny 2 is! Users Participating in Drawing All entrants will be placed into a random generator and one lucky winner will be selected on Sunday, December 10. Happy posting! 😍
  9. thank you for your input! This sounds like something I need to get my hands on, even if the bosses aren't as memorable. I loved the bosses in the first game. I appreciate you letting me know! These were the elements I was most curious about Same here! GT3/4 were so good! Honestly I started becoming worried that Forza was going to continue reigning in the racing world, and despite the fact I like the series, I've always wanted GT to make a really strong entry again. I enjoyed 6 I just didn't play it much. Sport sounds it is a good time to get back in, so I will pick it up Thank you for your feedback! +1 for your username! Looks like you have some entertainment for a solid few weeks!
  10. @Gamma how is Evil Within 2? I am thinking about getting it, I'm a huge Mikami fan and also liked the first one. Also, @Rose Amicitia Can you let me know how you like GT Sport when you get to play it? I'm not big into racing games anymore, but I've always had a place in my heart for Gran Turismo. The consensus I'm getting is that it's so different yet still good, but some people feel the GT charm is gone. I hope only part of that is accurate lol. Here's my pickup from yesterday!
  11. I really enjoyed this game. I wound up losing all of my trophies for this on PS3. Didn't plat it or anything, but it has been creeping up in queue for RPG's so now I can push it back further to play the remastered version on my PS4 Pro
  12. Well thank you! Oh wow, that's a long time! I got my ears pierced a while back (forgot how long ago lol), but that's it. I've always thought about a chin piercing, but never really thought it would fit me. I'm debating on getting a second set of piercings in my ears, but I don't know yet haha. Do you have any tattoos in mind or planned out yet? I am thinking on some as well, and have one already drawn out by a few people but I feel like I haven't gotten someone to fully capture what I'm looking for yet I am glad to hear they are healing well! You have very attentive, pretty eyes. I actually had two types; vision correction and also muscle repair. I had a lazy eye since a very young age (the embarrassing part is, it seems like no one knows if it was since birth or not =x ) but that particular surgery worked for maybe a year and then my eye was basically like "yeahhhh screw this" haha
  13. Do you mean it makes the beeping noise even when there is absolutely no battery power? Nonetheless, the beeping in Apple products (at least while I was still using them lol) typically means a hard drive signal. It could be just simply reading it, or having trouble reading it. How long have you had it?
  14. Gaming Related: Non-Gaming Related: I am actually a big basketball fan, haha, and have a plethora of jerseys.......