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  1. If you have three trophies sitting at %0.78, they are all equally rare. The platinum is not any more rare than the two golds, in other words in the TC's profile the number 3, 4 and 5 rarest trophies are actually sharing a third place. This is not about information not displaying correctly, it's a matter of personal preference.
  2. Do you sort your shirts by colour? Maybe you alphabetize your book collection? We all have our neurotic tics but this thread is just stupid
  3. A bit off topic but who's the broad in your avatar?
  4. Don't understand why people think they could level up to 40 without buying the DLC. Defeats the whole purpose of buying the expansion in the first place
  5. Actually I think there was a big petition for FIFA 13 or 14 where they re-opened their servers or made adjustments to challenges so people could earn trophies, something like that Wouldn't stake my life on them doing that again though
  6. What do you mean wont show up on this site? Theres a big fat scorpion on your trophy card bro
  7. I know nothing about remote play but I do know some games allow both players whilst playing on separate accounts on one tv earning trophies simultaneously. Also it was about time you added MKX to your list because that game is the bomb!
  8. Let's hope this time around people are actually getting what they've paid for
  9. Aside from Danganronpa, what Vita titles are we most anticipating folks?
  10. Awesome banner!
  11. Alien Isolation 0. Phewww

    1. Jak


      How you enjoy.. How are you enjoying it so far?

    2. Goekie


      Typo, I have 100% now. It was more tense than I'd imagined

    3. Jak


      Hehe, good!

  12. While I kinda want to play it, do you really want to pay $60 for it? Sure the graphical upgrade is nice and yes there's 3 games in the trilogy but holy moly I bought the ps3 trilogy for $7.50 this summer
  13. Maybe you can dl another trial on an alternate account and try connecting again