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  1. Job searching is a pain in the ass.

    1. eigen-space


      Here's some tips if you don't have a college degree or a college education:
      --Find a temp agency. They'll definitely find you something because it's in their best interest to do so as they will be getting money either from the company directly or out of your paycheck. A lot of companies will also hire their temp workers after the contract is over if they've done a good job.
      --If you want to gain skills, find a trade school/program. A lot of trades will put you to work while you're learning the trade so you'll be earning a paycheck while also learning the skill.

      If you do have skills or a college education:
      --Get on LinkedIn. Network. It really helps; my past two jobs came from connections I made there.
      --Find a recruiting company. These are typically free for the job seeker as the recruiter gets paid a head hunting fee by the hiring company. This is especially good for people who are in the tech/IT industry.

      (I'm in the US-- I don't know if these things are relevant if you're in another country)

    2. PermaFox


      So true. First posting the CVs, then going through the whole meet and greet process.  Gets to a point you get tired of smiling. 😐

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