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  1. Yeah they showed it off on one of their deep dives months ago and it was amazing.
  2. Fucking yikes.
  3. Because Smart Delivery is magic and Sony needs to catch up with their asisine upgrade paths.
  4. Do we know if the Main story trophies pop if we purchase the story skip on the Mog Station website? I wanna get to the expansions already, but making sure before I spend $10 to skip the main story.
  5. I owned a few of the games on PS3, and I've had to repurchase them each time. So for me, it isn't bullshit. You need to calm down. It isn't that serious. I'm speaking from personal experience.
  6. Because it's not cross buy with PS3. lmao none of the Classic Games are and it's been stated countless times that they wouldn't be. You either have to purchase the new versions which ARE crossbuy (PS4/PS5), or have a PS+ Premium Sub. They didn't. lol
  7. Shame this is being given free on multiple platforms due to the delisting but still have to buy it on PSN. Lmao
  8. Why would it? The retail version is only $20, while the season pass itself is $20. That makes zero sense.
  9. I see it, but it’s showing unavailable cuz I own it, meanwhile it doesn’t let me download the PS5 version. It let me claim the upgrades for the DLCs though…. Typical Sony, always botching upgrades. They need to learn something from Xbox’s Smart Delivery.
  10. If it’s like other Bandai titles with autopop, you’ll have an option in the main menu to convert your save file, simply don’t.
  11. Best part of the new update for me, Adepts going back to N O R M A L. They NEVER should've changed it. It's why I didn't bother going for the PS5 Platinum when I saw it didn't autopop. Now I'll continue and do it again.
  12. Considering the other BL titles don't, didn't see why this one would.
  13. It's not even a contest, OW2 is leaps and bounds harder due to the RNG/luck nature of half the trophies. Paladins has one mere hard trophy.
  14. Why is anyone surprised? Even Chaosbane didn't have a free upgrade and if you wanted that again, you had to pay $60, again. It's a nonissue. Just wait for a sale, or PS+. While it would be nice for us, not every game is going to get a free upgrade and that's okay.
  15. "this time" lol it only worked for COD4.....