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  1. Except you aren’t forced to do it, outside of a trophy. No one is forcing you to platinum the game.
  2. Technically it did, the trophy list was put out yesterday, it released today.
  3. .29 cents in NA; why the hell not? Just bought it. Lol
  4. Ah, I merely knew of the PC versions price at $30, I assumed it was the same for consoles all around mostly because even the CE pricing is the same.
  5. Now that’s just being cheap. Lmao majority of budget titles go for $40 USD so that’s fine.
  6. It’s $30, and two months is that much of a big deal to you?
  7. No one has the platinum, people on PC however, may have all the achievements as it’s been out for a month for them.
  8. And yet the option is there.
  9. Oh I know PS4 has been hackable for a while. But there have been cases of developers getting trophies prior to everyone else and it could've easily been possible in this situation is all.
  10. Everyone always jumps immediately to blame possible hackers. Lmfao it’s called Devs playtesting the feature, therefore them unlocking the trophy/achievement before the public.
  11. Same here.
  12. May you clarify how to do the cheats for Lion King? My inputs go through on the S version, and it allows me to see the level select, but when I start the game, it starts on Level 1.
  13. Yup. lmfao I was like "oh shit they finally did it............oh..wait.."
  14. They do, in a positive way. lol
  15. Oddly enough, this trophy unlocked at 6 for me. Unless 2 of them I managed to find by merely “discovering” their locations while in the helicopter.