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  1. Act 3 is the best from Crimes. I got Crimes almost immediately after finishing another one.
  2. I will never be getting this platinum. I can't even get past the 5th fucking tutorial. The timing for grapples are absolutely fucking inhuman. Imfuckingpossible. Impossible. I don't care what anyone says. I'll do whatever trophies are outside of the tutorial/mission mode, and then have the CPU do the 1000 matches for me, and then after that I'll sell this shit and be done with it. Unbelievable. EDIT: So, a tons of hours later. I kind of sort of got the timing a little down. One thing I noticed is there happens to be a little noise cue when the characters stomp their foot down while linking up. You have to press whichever button you want to use when you see your characters feet hit the mat. It's still pretty damn wonky at times, but it's something. I still don't see myself getting the platinum, but that's fine. I'm enjoying the game regardless. Definitely not worth the $49.99, seems more like a $29.99 game, but I'm glad I got it for $8. For the average consumer, they'll probably feel burned IF they didn't know what they were getting into, like myself.
  3. A lot of people are apparently, it's the one trophy that hasn't been obtained, platinum aside.
  4. The list just isn't loading up, I doubt it has anything to do with my hidden trophies, those are tied to a single game that I have played in years. Either this specfic trophy list isn't the NA region and the NA region list isn't on the servers yet, or it's just buggy in general. I even see people who have US accounts on the leaderboards, but who knows what country they bought it from. I'm just confused at this point.
  5. Hey everyone, so I just bought the game about an hour ago, and just beat Ione, and noticed when I went to to XMB to check my recorded clip, it didn't show any trophies under the tile nor did it show the list in my trophy collection. Is this a known issue? Or is there a NA list that hasn't hit the servers yet? Thanks.
  6. Cant find you on psn for some reason. Send me a friend request for red faction.

  7. You got lucky. I keep doing that exact method and keep getting fucking Triples...
  8. It was delayed until April 24th, unfortunately.
  9. Why would it be free to previous purchasers? Whoever bought 1000 Top Rated can still download and play it freely whenever they want.
  10. Difficulty based trophies, with VR. Eww..
  11. Anyone know how to unlock the "Oh Hi Mark" trophy? Nevermind, it randomly popped for me. I have no idea what triggered it either.... Well then.
  12. Game sharing is different as both players have access to the full version of the game. With the Friend Invite, the second player gets a named "Trial" version.
  13. Deep Silver only dealt with distributing. They had nothing to do with the actual development considering they literally joined the project JUST for distribution purposes. In fact, they're mostly just a Publisher in general and that's it.. it's not that "their" games are specifically buggy. The devs who make those games are really to blame. Also, Deep Silver and Killing Floor 2, much like Kingdom Come, it was only for distribution. Tripwire self published and developed it. And for Homefront, you can't even blame Deep Silver on that one. That game was DOA before Deep Silver even picked up the Publishing Rights.
  14. The same reason regular game lists are added when the games aren't available?
  15. You are most welcome!