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  1. Just tried this for myself. It's interesting to say the least. It's also boostable in Private Matches so that's a huge plus.
  2. Yes, it also has a free Celeste Pack download for PS+ users.
  3. Off topic kinda, but anyone else get a trophy glitch with the Blaze of Glory trophy in Miami? I've done the requirements and it hasn't popped, yet 2.9% of people have the trophy...
  4. Think you can make a video for that one, if you don't mind of course?
  5. If only that were possible on PS4. Turns out though that it was a developer for both RDR2 and Black Ops 4.
  6. Well shit, yeah I just looked it up. Apparently February of 2018. I must've mixed it up with another game that unlike all these recent ones, actually delivered day one. My bad.
  7. Origins had NG+ day one, just no trophy for it.
  8. For the Focus Finishers, hit L2 when you see the blue flare, then spam square and/or triangle on an enemy, it will ALWAYS be random, so getting 10 different ones may or may not happen. For beat downs, when an enemy is on their knees, L2 for Focus and spam square and then you *should* perform a series of punches, at least that's what popped the trophy for me. For Environmental Takedowns, I have no earthly idea. I saw a video on Youtube (there's literally only one single video on this trophy lmao) and they didn't even explain how to do it. I give up on this game though. I completed NG+ for the sake of TRYING to understand more of the story, boy am I glad they added a DLC trophy for it. This shit should've stood quiet. It's so bad it's hilarious.
  9. It's only got 22 trophies cuz all the Golds, lmao the Platinum was a given regardless. Considering Battle Royale won't be out til March, I'm glad about that.
  10. If not a cheater, could be a developer, just like how there are "achievers" for the Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2 Platinums that aren't obtainable yet.
  11. I doubt there will ever be dlc, unlike the first game, this one didn't even have a season pass. The first game had a season pass on launch. If anything, I'm more surprised they didn't add a DLC trophy for the newly added Akumu difficulty.
  12. How do you explain the 0.1% rarity then if it isn't?
  13. Date is finally fixed. lol
  14. I used the main Advanced Suit, and the Suit Power that regenerated my Focus meter so I can always heal no matter what. Only time the Suit Power changed was during the last boss fight, but it's still so easy.
  15. It was so easy. Enemies do significantly more damage, but it's never too much to handle. I did my first playthrough on Spectacular and had some issues. On Ultimate, I only died on Scorpions poison sequence, and the Rhino/Scorpion boss fight. Focusing on just the story, and skipping all skippable cutscenes (some are forced), it only took me roughly 7 and a half hours (adding up my Youtube videos as I streamed the whole playthrough).