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  1. No, but if you look at your map while in the mission, the undiscovered locations are automatically marked for you.
  2. There are 33 areas in Dubai, not 22.. you sure you're not looking at the Discovery Tab under challenges where there are 22 Discoveries? That isn't the same thing.
  3. Considering the Ultimate and base share the same list, that wouldn't mean anything. The main difference is the Ultimate has the free upgrade.
  4. I've limited myself to Dubai and Dubai only, just because I refuse to lose THAT much progress when they decide to make the crossover feature go live. So until it does go live, I'm just going for different challenges for Dubai so I can get a tad of a headstart when my save gets wiped. That being said, they couldn't have chosen a better opening mission. Dubai is incredible. The level design alone is fascinating. There isn't much that's new in terms of gameplay, aside from 47's new camera gadget, and the new unlockable shortcut paths (once you open one, they stay open on every subsequent run!), but the sheer volume of what you CAN do in a level is amazing. Exactly my thought, I was under the assumption they'd let us at LEAST get a headstart and connect the profiles. While all the Hitman games show on my IOI account, the crossover is linked to another website (profile dot hitman dot com), and that's the website that isn't live which is just dumb.
  5. I've had the physical for days, but unfortunately the carryover won't be live until the game is "officially" released. I can understand not letting the Access Packs be available early, but this whole crossover shit is a mess. Now when I DO crossover, I'll loss any and all progress I've made in Hitman 3 because they wanted to make everyone wait.
  6. Each version is 59GB, prior to day one dlc from HM1+2. With the addons from 1+2, its expected to be roughly 90GB least on PC. No they aren't, the access packs aren't yet available and there will be content to download day one. They show in game, yes, but you still have to download some stuff. Was the same for the Legacy HM1 stuff in HM2.
  7. It wouldn't be duplicate games in the case of Hitman 1 and 2, as they're just dlc in Hitman 3. Unless you're talking about both versions of Hitman 3, in that case, I understand.
  8. Only if you've owned them prior. It's a legacy thing, you get to play whatever levels from 1 and 2 that you own in 3.
  9. They must've changed it pretty recently then. When they announced it, they said the upgrades were digital only. I even checked like 2 weeks ago when I went to preorder it and said digital versions upgradeable only.
  10. Yes, the PS5 upgrade is exclusive to the digital PS4 version. It's the retail PS4 version that doesn't include the PS5 upgrade.
  11. Well their season passes for the most part have been more than worth it, so that's fine.
  12. Depends how long it takes you to grind to 1300+ Power Level for Grandmaster Nightfalls, it's all RNG in terms of getting better and better gear. Ya know what.... lmao
  13. Its free regardless, the game has been free to play for a while now. Yes.
  14. Not harder, just longer.
  15. That's after the patch. Though they said there is another patch coming soon.