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  1. No it isn't. It was given early as a "Memorial Day" treat, but it's one of the two June games.
  2. As if price determines how many trophies there will be or should be. Be happy you get any at all. Tons of games don't get dlc trophies at all, currently feeling that burn with DBZ Kakarot lol
  3. I bought this on PC when it released last year and enjoyed it. Yeah, a strategy game for the John Wick IP isn't what someone would expect from it, but it's a good game. Not a bad list at all.
  4. It literally says it, single player.... why would co-op count?
  5. Darn, thanks. Guess I’ll wait for a possible sale.. thank you!
  6. Anyone who bought it that can confirm if the save from the original release is compatible or not? As much as I want to triple dip (Original, Link Evo for Switch), I don’t wanna start over a third time.
  7. If you’re talking about game share, then no it can’t be, least on PS4. Ubisoft confirmed its shareable on Xbox One but not PS4. Each season will be FREE to all Warlords owners, the Premium track for each season, however, will be $10 (Like every other Battle Pass, ever) So no, you don’t have to pay a dime to participate, only if you want the most out of each season.
  8. Technically they don’t *have* to do anything, I’m just hoping they do.
  9. It's 2020, games breaking street date has been more and more common within the last decade. It's actually more surprising if someone *doesn't* have a game early.
  10. I'm sure they will. It's just a matter of when at this point. They have a lot to fix with the Warlords expansion right now and that's a reasonable priority over a measly trophy. But they've done it in the past so that gives me hope.
  11. You got all upcoming content, as promised in Year ONE. It's not any different then say a fighting game where if you get a Premium Edition day one, you get the first season pass and then if they release another, you have to pay for that second one as well. You don't have to be kissing Ubi's butt, it isn't rocket science to do research before buying a product and looking at what you exactly get. Unfortunately they haven't yet.
  12. Yeah, the trophies got added when XL released. And with Injustice 2, the trophies got added when the Legendary Edition (last character release) dropped.
  13. Well business standpoint, and just their track record from MKXL and Injustice 2.
  14. Yeah, calls for back up and matchmaking are difficulty tied. So if your world is Challenging, it calls for other Challenging players. Same as when you match make a mission, it matchmakes for the specific difficulty you’re on.
  15. They very explicitly explained what the Gold edition gave, so that is definitely on you. It definitely was a rip off but people really don’t know how to research these days and it blatantly shows.