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  1. Well that sucks. Guess I'll be playing the PS4 version then since it'll mostly be for the kiddo. Thanks for clarifying.
  2. Awesome. Thank you! Just got it done! I enjoyed the game on PS4 but did not wanna go through it again.
  3. I thought Maneater didn't allow save transfers or autopop? Did they change that?
  4. I hope we can fabricate all the new stuff out of the gate.. otherwise I'll suffice with the autopop and stay with 3 missing... While the game was beautiful, I found it to be an utter bore... the best part was the soundtrack for me.
  5. Typical LiS list, now with some side stuff added on top of collectibles is all. Can't wait. Digital unlocks in 25 minutes.
  6. It was always Timed.
  7. On Switch, I have like 20 clears PC, I have 2 or 3. On PS5 so far, I've made it part way into Styx.
  8. The games been out for a year, it's the DLC that's new. Also I wonder why the PS5 DLC is all Bronze, but the PS4 DLC has one Silver?
  9. LRG already did one for Switch, they would've done a PS4 version at the same time and not almost 2 years later.
  10. It always was.
  11. That's insane to think about then. Wow. But nice to see confirmation. Legit the first game (that isn't online) I've seen do that.
  12. Well the initial release was March 2020 on other's just now coming to PS4 for whatever reason.
  13. No, different versions so different saves.
  14. It was announced a while ago that it was $20 USD, so for other territories, most likely 20*insert currency here* since companies suck with conversions these days. If you pre-ordered digitally, you can. If you're waiting to upgrade, you have to wait for release day (same goes for every upgrade).
  15. Hopefully ALL the trophies are gunna autopop. There are some games that only autopop a few trophies. That shit is annoying, like why bother having it if it's not gunna be for everything? Just have your disc inserted for the upgrade, simple.