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  1. The good news is that it's fixed on Steam. Bad news is no ETA for other platforms.
  2. A mix of Sonys lack of quality management, and the devs just not putting one in.
  3. I wouldn’t say “very specific”, it’s just down+square in the air. However, it’s dumb that it specifically has to be down through the ground level, and ricochets don’t count. Should’ve been any level considering a spike is still a spike. As for the matchmade wins, yeah they do count on customs, which is odd considering it specifies “matchmade” lol customs isn’t matchmade. 😂
  4. I can’t wait. Played the demo on Steam a few months ago. Trophies look like your typical Soulslike list.
  5. A whole 3 months later. 😂😂😂
  6. Is this not popping for anyone else? I’ve done 200+ at this point and still nothing. Getting real worried I’m gunna be stuck with this one at the end. Edit; just popped like 10 sets after making this post. Sheesh.
  7. No, as that’s not considered a party. On the main menu, you’ll see the orange plus box next to Wonder Woman that says 30% XP+Gold for playing with a friend. So you have to have a friend. You can then, however do coop vs AI matches.
  8. The fact this works even when the trophy specifies “matchmade”. Nice find, but you may as well have a friend join to also work on the 500 party matches, kill two birds one stone.
  9. It has to be a friend, seeing as how a party has to be formed in the main menu before finding a match.
  10. I can second this. Just unlocked Taz and went to customs and I got the 10 and 25 double ring outs, along with the 10 spikes.
  11. Aside from party and matchmade wins I assume then. Nice though. I tried doing the Spike one last night but wasn’t popping, or at least it felt like I did more than 10 lol I’ll try again later.
  12. You can do the ring out trophies in custom match?
  13. @Daveid here ya go
  14. Considering there are 6 badges..
  15. Jesus H. I adored the Alpha so much, but damn this is one S H I T T Y trophy list. The 300 matchmade wins alone is gunna turn a lot of people off since it more than likely won’t be boostable. Lmfao