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  1. Yes, it works both way.
  2. It's like every other game with a free upgrade. You get both the PS4 and PS5 versions if buying digital. And with a PS4 disc, you get the digital PS5 version. The ONLY two exceptions that give you downloadable PS4 versions with a PS5 disc are NBA 2K21 (assuming you purchase the $100 Kobe edition), and Hitman 3 (iOi included a digital PS4 code in every PS5 case since the game has a VR mode, but since the PSVR isn't native with PS5 games, they gave everyone the PS4 version to experience it in VR if they wanted.)
  3. Considering the game doesn't have cross progression (outside the specific console family), no. There's only cross play.
  4. You don't need internet to play Avengers though. And servers aside, this game *almost* makes up for Avengers, almost. It's pretty fucking great, when it works of course.
  5. Yes, just be aware that you can't transfer saves backwards, so no going from PS5 to PS4 in hopes of stuff popping in reverse.
  6. So then don't transfer your save, problem solved. Lmao
  7. Just did the save transfer and nothing autopopped for me. Ughhhh. Edit - On a whim, tried to delete the PS5 save file, re-upload the PS4 save to download on the PS5 version again, and tada, worked a charm!
  8. It's an in game save transfer, not PS+ cloud related.
  9. lmfao same console? Spoken like someone who doesn't have a PS5.
  10. Everyone shitting on the $10 upgrade for Standard owners, meanwhile the PS5 version will be the DELUXE edition. That right there is WHY Standard folk are paying $10 in the first place. They aren't going to give you the Deluxe DLC for free on top of a free upgrade. lmfao yeah it's Activision but it actually makes sense why the people who spent $50 on the Deluxe PS4 are getting a $50 PS5 version for free. Technically there is a Physical Deluxe, but it's with the CE. It brings the Deluxe code in the Standard case. lol I sure hope so.. I don't wanna go through Level 100 again.
  11. I never did try Sh0wdown, that bad huh?
  12. I'm not being sensitive, bud. You acknowledged your mistake, kudos because not everyone would. And I will enjoy the online experience to a game I've actually played and enjoyed, unlike yourself.
  13. No trophies thankfully.. at least not at launch. It would be dumb of them to add them later on, but fingers cross they don't. So then go play those games instead of focusing on being negative about a game you don't even own.
  14. It's still March 9th for the multiplayer on console. It's a delay for the Tactical Ops mode which is now releasing March 23rd on console. As for the update in general, only the PC version is delayed indefinitely. Losing your shit over nothing, and you don't even have the game. lmao
  15. I haven't gotten it to work all week. Annoying at this point. About to just say screw it.