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  1. On my second pass it didn‘t work anymore, so I had to use your method instead. Thankfully it didn‘t take hours though. 😅
  2. Careful with chapter select! Make a separate manual save before using it, because your autosave will go poof!
  3. You can find the flying fox in that same water ring, may have to save and reload to spawn them in, but that‘s where I got mine.
  4. So now after getting the plat (and collecting everything twice), I can say that absolutely nothing came across as missable. The one combat related trophy can easily be gotten in chapter select, the Shredder trophy as well. Everything else persists through til endgame.
  5. It‘s on one of the small islands near Uma (the island you start on).
  6. The sequence in Chapter 8 worked best for me. It‘s not overly complicated and I didn‘t notice any input lag to speak of.
  7. Rockpapershotgun has a list with rough locations.
  8. Make sure to make a separate save of your main playthrough before you do anything in chapter select! The game will overwrite your autosave the second you start a chapter up. Byebye to my almost 100% save that was missing a single animal. I‘m done with this game.
  9. I guess Energy Saver is technically missable, if you clear all camps before you get it. I did this in one of the smaller camps with 4 enemies, as they‘re easier to bunch up.
  10. Simply saving and reloading fixed this for me. Don‘t waste your time, folks.
  11. The hat comes from a claw machine (not the one in the main city, the other one). To jump into the hand you need to finish the story first.
  12. While your character itself isn‘t all that fast, you can possess a variety of animals to get around quick.
  13. You‘re absolutely missing out man, it‘s definitely worth playing even at 30 FPS. 👍
  14. A chill collectathon that borrows some BotW elements coupled with some mild challenges. Cool artstyle and setting too, definitely worth playing. Edit: don‘t expect complicated gameplay or mechanics though, the target audience is definitely more family and casual gamer.
  15. Surprise, it isn‘t.