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  1. I've seen lots of people talking about boosting the characters. As I bought BO4 for zombies and multiplayer, I really don't want to have to sink time into the blackout trophies. Anyone able to tell me a little more on how they can be boosted? Thanks
  2. Hi, I have two remaining trophies - the difficulty ones! I absolutely loved playing this game the first time and really want a fun experience completing it. So...advice? What should I focus on and what strategy would be advised? I've played Skyrim and am familiar with alchemy etc. but tried Bloodborne and wanted to die, so any advice would be really helpful based on this. Thanks so much; really excited to re-play this beaut!
  3. I've heard lots of reports this trophy is glitched, and I was wondering if anyone had anything concrete they could tell me. It seems that for some people playing solo works, or playing with another or as a group of four. Others have said it needs to either be a ranked online match or a private unranked match. Someone else said you don't need the 5 rounds or 10 rounds bonus etc etc. I've attempted it in a variety of different ways and achieved it in under 30 minutes but still no trophy. I've done the five minute challenge and nothing came up as I have seen on other people's videos saying 'Time trial' blah blah. Does anyone have any others ideas that could work or is it likely that I need to wait for it to be patched? Cheers for any help.
  4. Thank you so much, that has literally cleared up all my problems!
  5. Hi, so I'm just posting because I've done quite a bit of the game and DLC and I'm just not sure what I should do next and was hoping for a bit of advice. I'm at the point in the Hunger Pangs quest where you need to do the King's Fall raid, and just have no idea how you go about it. I haven't done any raids, so I want to get a bit of practice in with easier ones first. But, I have no idea how you initiate one? Is it a playlist or do you have to invite players, or...? For the actual King's Fall raid should I make a team on here? Also, when doing the Court of Oryx stuff, some of the enemies I just can't seem to damage, and they are always immune. I've searched it but it's really waffly and I feel like there's probably someone really clued up on this who could explain it succinctly and smoothly if asked. So, i'm asking: what should I do? I'm Light 284 and lvl 40 but don't know if I can get any better without doing the King's Fall Raid (even though I can't do it because i'm too underpowered?) I kind of wish there had been any tutorials on the game, but anyway... Any and all help would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. Does anyone know it this means they will stop releasing DLC? New DLC for Bikes came out just last week? Thanks
  7. I borrowed the game from my brother and he already used the code, but I thought the season pass would cover it. I've bought a code on ebay for it now because I don't want to be stuck without it. Thanks anyway everyone! There's a couple more going if anyone else has this issue. Mine was only £3 but they might disappear soon? Good luck!
  8. Cheers, Hopefully it'll become available one day, it'd be annoying if I couldn't achieve 100%.
  9. Hopefully somebody can help me out here; I'm using a friends copy of Arkham Knight but I bought the season pass myself and have access to all DLC except the scarecrow missions. - It doesn't show up in the playstation store (I've checked in the related items on the home screen of PS4 and in the store and nothing is there) - It doesn't show up at the main menu in the downloadable content section I know that there are some issues regarding playing the DLC, but I can't even find a mention of this DLC anywhere, either in-game or on my PS4, never mind a download link. Can anybody shed some light on this? I've submitted a ticket to WB but I haven't heard anything yet.
  10. Yeah, each time it gave the little notification, but then they didn't show in the list. A post said something about Griff being patched out and some of the other ones so I wonder if this affects it. Are any of them time-specific? Thankyou!
  11. Hi, I've been trying to do the 'Humans of Los Santos' trophy and have talked to almost all of them but only 4 appear when I go into Director mode. Does anyone have any ideas why this has happened? Do you have to talk to each of them with Trevor, Michael and Franklin? Because I've only used Franklin so far. Also, the character 'Griff' won't appear? I think I've gone at all different times of the day, but don't know what else could affect it? Thanks!
  12. Does anyone know how many of these they are going to bring out? Seems endless... 100% is going to be lownggg
  13. Just got this trophy with a mixture of massive luck and perseverance! It was the last for 100% too! I actually just left all the intel, did the 10 monster kills first and then Branded Ugakuga to do all the riots. I heavily used saves and this did make it easier, but its still luck based on what monsters will spawn where, i.e. graug locations. I ended on like 15,000 points, and didn't really try to kill extra grunts along the way, but dispatching the branded uruks AFTER re-commanding Ugakuga to start a riot was definitely a help. Also, killing any mounts after riding them is good. Thanks to PhilNya, Matticus182 and Monk746 for the info above!!
  14. 'kid'? who exactly do you think you are, hard man? You are literally such a loser. Besides, I don't believe the world is as bad as all that. If you have such a bleak world-view maybe you should seek professional help you sad act. Anyway, I can't really be bothered with you anymore so bye.
  15. You were a jerk and you know it, in his first post he said he had got the idea wrong himself and he was annoyed. You didn't have to reiterate again and again that he was wrong especially when stormracer seems a really nice guy. Haha, It's kind of ironic that a game about friendship and loyalty gets this response, lol. Not very Sora of you...